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Since there was no longer anywhere to spend it, money became worthless; people would barter anything from batteries to services to protection for daily necessities.

No Man’s Land

It seemed the only person to have any use for cash was the The Penguin , who had nightly events where those few with cash left spent it all on such rare and simple items as an apple. The Penguin, despite his riches and implicit opportunities to flee the city, instead opted to stay.

He had his own mysterious link to the outside and apparently enjoyed taking advantage of the dire situation in Gotham. With Batman being gone for so long, and his very existence debatable in the Gotham underworld, the Huntress was able to pass off as not Batgirl, but Batman himself to many of the criminals she faced. Following the example of the gangs in town, she even tagged by graffiti her territory with the bat symbol. She went back to her Huntress costume when the Dark Knight confronted her after her failure to hold territory against Two-Face 's forces, without any pleasantries.

The third Batgirl, Cassandra Cain , estranged daughter of assassin David Cain , made important contributions to the effort during this time, as well as starting a lasting friendship with the Oracle. In an effort to redeem herself, the Huntress went to the aid of a church that was open as a hospital and sanctuary to anyone desiring it in Gotham. Having no protection because of their benevolent intentions, the church and its kind staff were sitting ducks.

The Huntress' desires to use her expertise to protect them was seen more as an unnecessary and warlike show of force than as help, even when she was trying to halt the Scarecrow 's machinations to sabotage the church's efforts.

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The weaker gang-leaders fell first, mostly to Batman and or James Gordon's officers. Street by street, battles were fought, with deaths on both sides. Eventually Gordon's forces split, with half the squad following the more violent Billy Pettit, who believed that the only solution was to meet violence with more violence rather than Gordon's more peaceful methods. Two-Face became a major warlord, acquiring and losing territory every so often, and caused major problems for the police.

He kidnapped Jim Gordon, killing two of his guards, in revenge for breaking a previous alliance, although in the subsequent trial Gordon was acquitted by the defense of Harvey Dent, Dent concluding that since Gordon had been essentially blackmailed into the alliance the agreement was void.

Wonder Woman (2017) No Man's Land Scene

The Penguin, as previously mentioned, remained in the city and was approached by Mercy Graves , acting on behalf of Lex Luthor , to begin a rudimentary clean-up of the downtown districts for Luthor's eventual move-in. Poison Ivy took over Robinson Park. She ended up caring for numerous orphans and was left alone by Batman in return for providing food. Zsasz owned his own territory, as did Mr. Bane , too, was involved indirectly as a strong man for Lex Luthor; he notably destroyed the Hall of Records to fulfill one of Luthor's goals. He also drastically reduced Two-Face's territory in the process, making him insignificant.

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Despite his status as a supervillain, the Scarecrow was welcomed into a church filled with refugees and manipulated various factions in a plot to send the church's refugees spiraling into fear and despair. The Riddler , strangest of all perhaps, actually fled Gotham and spent the year barely noticed.

The Joker made the most of his rare appearances. He spent some time as the ruler of an apartment building filled with supplies. This ended up, naturally, with lots of dead people, many from his own gang. He later re-formed and attacked Pettit's territory. During the attack, he captured several of Pettit's men, dressed them up to look like him, and forced them to walk in front of Pettit; the now-insane cop shot all of them without even confirming whether or not they were the real Joker.

After killing an officer who was going to go to Gordon for help, Pettit himself was shot by the Joker. Huntress subsequently faced the Joker and around twenty of his men all by herself, suffering near-fatal wounds in the process before Batman and Nightwing showed up to help her.

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When Lex Luthor's money illegally brought in an army of construction workers, the Joker tried to kill his share. Bane, employed by Luthor now, appeared again, protecting the innocent workers from death, maiming and worse. Near the end of the saga, as a statement to murder hope with the news that the No Man's Land was intended to end on New Year's Day, the Joker decided to kill all the children born during the No Man's Land storyline.

Sarah Essen , Commissioner Gordon's wife, ended up confronting the Joker alone in Gordon's police headquarters. While saving a baby from a dangerous drop to a hard floor, she was shot and killed. Gordon restrained himself from killing the Joker, opting only to shoot out his knee. The Joker, quite naturally, found this unspeakably funny, since it had been he who crippled Barbara Gordon. Eventually, thanks in no small part to the financial and political machinations of Lex Luthor — dipping his hands, as ever, in both legitimate and illegal means to achieve his goals — Gotham City was released and rebuilt, and rejoined the United States.

However, his plan to own the city is foiled by Batman, after the Dark Knight recovered the original documents from Gotham's archives which would prove Luthor's attempt on fraud with his forgeries. Luthor left Gotham after the discovery.

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Much of the story line was narrated by Oracle, as she used her resources to become a low-tech version of herself. She used paper to document events and the passage of time, operatives and emergency phones knowing which ones were still in operation to gather intel, and maps colored by pencils to keep track of who controlled which portions of the city at a particular time.

Her maps were frequently shown in the comics to help the reader follow the progression of territorial disputes Gotham City maps in the current series are based in large part on Oracle's maps from this series. Oracle remained one of the few people in the city with the ability to contact the outside world.

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Although it was a dangerous enterprise, during the war, some artists engaged in the practice of documenting the modes of battle in their art. One of the most dangerous ones is the Zone Rouge, a small area near Verdun in the centre of France. It is a virgin forest that is around square miles. Although historically it is one of the most interesting places that has witnessed the fierce and bloody battles of World War I, it remains to this day horrific, deadly and dangerous. In fact, its access is restricted, and whoever manages to enter this abandoned soil is not guaranteed an exit alive.

Therefore, also the areas surrounding the Zone Rouge are highly dangerous and poisonous. Moreover, numerous accounts can be retrieved in various books, journals, and memoirs.

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He found himself in a low and narrow tunnel, revetted with rotting timbers and half-blocked with falls of earth. The whole place was indescribably dirty and had a musty, earthy, garlicky smell, like the lair of a wild beast. International Encyclopaedia of the First World War. School History is a growing library of premium quality history worksheets, teaching resources and online history courses for use in the classroom.