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The other main meteorological characteristic and prime reason that most Yankees went running back home was also in effect today. It whipped around erratically, twisting randomly as it came up over the rim of the mesa. Coarse sand and small rocks flew through the air, stinging any exposed flesh and making me glad my eyes were closed. I was alone.

Fiery Red Mage - A Josey Jackson Adventure

There was nothing for miles and miles. The only visible sign of human civilization was the interstate on the horizon. They look like little ants, so small and far away, marching from one civilized outpost to another, ignoring the huge space between. It would never cross their minds someone would be out here in the middle of nowhere, watching, laughing, even mocking them. I love this place. I took a deep breath of the clean air, untainted by the odor of humanity, and let it out slowly, further relaxing into a trance of concentration.

As I relaxed, my aura expanded, free from the usual limitations that had to be maintained in order not to inadvertently affect something or someone, it stretched out to touch the world around.

Table: 1st-Level Red Mage Spells

A sigh of pleasure escaped my lips. It was easy to forget how much effort it took to constantly maintain the separation. Every person has a special flavor of energy. That energy, an aura if you like, reflects personality and deeper things. Teach described it to me as an onion.

A Josey Jackson Adventure

On Regatha, she was surrounded by pyromancers who all understood the nature of fire. If she lost control, there were fewer repercussions than if she unexpectedly blew something up on any other plane. She is clearly supposed to be meditating, but instead is happily creating a fire elemental. Anna Steinbauer did an amazing job bringing this moment to life in her illustration.

You might have to zoom in for that little gem. With Chandra, Novice Pyromancer we wanted her to have a little more edge to her as she sets out to find herself on Ravnica.

Exclusive: See Three New Chandra Cards From Magic Core Set

She is more confident and excited to strike out on her own. We really wanted to visually plant some seeds that would ultimately take her down the path of Chandra, Awakened inferno. Chandra, Novice Pyromancer maintains the lighthearted attitude that we saw in Chandra, Acolyte of Flame but with a little bit more self-assuredness and showmanship now that she is more in touch with her abilities.

She has all these amazing powers and is ready to show them off to the people of Ravnica. You can even see the little elemental in her hand reflecting a similar pose as her. In Chandra, Acolyte of Flame, there is elegant filigree found on the trim of her clothing.

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