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For everyone interested in the art-making process, we've lovingly put together 14 unique art tutorials from our featured artists: these tutorials have been written especially for the book and can't be found anywhere else!

Take a look at some highlights:. In their Enchanted Forest tutorial, Eli Baum highlights the many ways you can use color theory to enhance your images, draw attention to certain aspects and tell a story with your art!

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Have you ever wondered how digital illustrators create such crisp, perfect images without using line art? Viv Tanner walks you through the process from start to finish, with tips on how to apply color gradients, flats and texture. Learn how to prepare your sketch, transfer it to art board and complete it! Learn how to complete a traditional painting in ink, watercolor and marker - Nati's tutorial contains a full list of her favorite tools and tips on how to use them! Anndr reveals her top digital painting tips to help speed up your creation process, adjust colors effectively and use Photoshop's tools to create great special effects!

Using your own 3D models as reference can save a lot of time! In this tutorial, Cashile details her creative process from start to finish, and how to set up reference models of your own using free software. Exclusively for Kickstarter, all of our reward tiers include a downloadable PDF copy of all 14 tutorials , so you can read them on your phone, tablet or PC!

Not only that, there are three unique videos showing the creation process of various illustrations from start to finish, so you can watch and learn how our artists create their works! To celebrate the launch of the book our artists have designed a beautiful collection of Gold Foil prints! These will be printed on heavyweight stock, finished with delicate gold hot foil stamping and presented in a custom card case.

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The full set is available in the Deluxe Tier alongside a whole range of other art goodies! In addition, this stunning variant of our cover art by ELK64 will be produced as a Holofoil Art Print and will be included free in all book pledges as a bonus 'thank you! If you'd like a range of wonderful art goodies with your book, you can also pledge for a Deluxe tier! This special Limited Edition book set contains over 30 different art prints in various sizes, a signed copy of The Enchanted Forest and a full set of gold foil prints - all presented in a beautiful foil-stamped gift box.

Each box is signed and numbered by the author and is exclusive to Kickstarter! We have a variety of rewards to choose from - whether you'd just like to donate or would like a copy of the new book, take a look at what we have on offer! If we can hit our initial target, a whole range of exciting goodies will be available at certain milestones!

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All stretch goal bonuses are added to the campaign completely free of charge , so please spread the word as much as you can to ensure everyone gets the most out of their pledges! After the Kickstarter has ended, book tier backers will be able to add extras to their pledge via the add-on store. Here you can add upgrades and extras such as:.

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Items from the add-on store will also be upgraded depending on your initial pledge - so for example if you have a Golden Early Bird tier and wish to add extra books, these extra books will also come with the Gold Foil prints and other Kickstarter items. Thanks so much for your support! Simply choose your reward on the right and enter the total you'd like to pledge. Please note, Kickstarter will not take payment until the end of the campaign , and you can always change your pledge later if you need to!

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You can upgrade your pledge to include tracking after the campaign has ended via the add-on store. As soon as the funds are recieved, we will go into full production. With the help of our Backers, in we brought our fashion-themed artbook ' Threads ' to life and shared it with the world - it has been sold in multiple countries since publishing and we've had nothing but positive feedback from our buyers! We hope The Enchanted Forest will delight fans of Threads in the same way, but with a brand new theme, new artists, new tutorials and an exciting range of Kickstarter-exclusive goodies!

So, the entire project is ready to go as soon as we have the funding. As Guy Kawasaki notes, we trust people who are knowledgeable and competent, and whilst we may trust our friends to tell […].

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If not, […]. Digital wellbeing covers the latest scientific research on the impact of digital technology on human wellbeing. Curated by psychologist Dr. Paul Marsden marsattacks. Social Commerce. Written by Dr Paul Marsden. To enchant customers, be trustworthy — that is, show yourself to be knowledgeable and competent. Trust is one of the five key obstacles every sale faces — no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust. Few people have ever experienced a pitch or a presentation that is too short.

Enduring Enchantment happens when your customers internalize your brand, your product and your values, and make them their own. Enduring enchantment requires paying it forward; surprising and delighting your customers by giving — rather than taking. To enchant your boss — re-prioritise your efforts to make them successful ; drop everything and do what they ask — make them look good.