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Though their union has been more peaceful than passionate, she and the earl have spent ten happy years together. But his health is quickly failing, and unless Maris produces an heir, Kelby's conniving nephew will inherit his estate. And if the earl can't get the job done himself, he'll find another man who can. Captain Reynold Durant is known for both his loyalty to the Crown and an infamous record of ribaldry. Yet despite a financial worry of his own, even he is reluctant to accept Kelby's lascivious assignmentuntil he meets the beautiful, beguiling Maris. Incited by duty and desire, the captain may be just the man they are looking for.

But while he skillfully takes Maris to the heights of ecstasy she has longed for, she teaches him something even more valuable and unexpected. Pinterest Twitter Facebook.

Captain Durant’s Countess (London List #2) by Maggie Robinson – Caz's Reading Room

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One of the many ripples caused by The London List : Reyn Durant saw an ad in the newspaper and decided to answer it. The money being offered was good and would help Reyn take care of his ailing younger sister. But the job he was hired to do is most unusual: he's been hired to help the Earl and Countess of Kelby produce an heir.

The London List, Book 2

The Earl of Kelby is old and he doesn't want his nephew David to inherit -- he has asked his younger wife, Maris to help him secure the Kelby Collection and legacy. Maris's love and devotion to her husband compels her to agree to his scheme -- but when she meets Reyn Durant, he makes her think twice about her complicity. Reyn hadn't wanted to push through with the agreement and was willing to return the advance he received for the job -- but, upon meeting the Countess of Kelby and hearing her plea, he decides to accept the job.

What was supposed to be purely business becomes utterly pleasurable as Maris experiences the bliss of being with the perfect lover for the first time in her life. And Reyn is stunned at the innocent passion he receives from Maris -- and realizes what it means to "make love" for the first time in his life. In Maggie Robinson's new series, she seems to be pairing off very unlikely couples and putting them in very challenging circumstances: Maris is married but needs an heir to help her husband protect his life's work.

She's scholarly and reserved, country-born and bred.

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Reyn is a man of the world and had just sold his commission. He's worldly and isn't at all interested in books and such. But, as I read through this book, somehow, the two of them just worked well together -- like yin and yang, they complemented each other nicely.

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  • I think this is what makes the story work for me, the conversations between Maris and Reyn are very equal: each one gains something from the exchange. Maris didn't hear the crunch of Reynold Durant's boots on the stone path until he was right above her, thrusting a handkerchief at her face.

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    She took it gratefully, wiped the wet from her face and then blew her nose with all the grace of a trumpeting elephant. Just another reason to be mortified. Take your time.

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    Oh, that was absurd. She'd allowed him into her body for the past two days. The handsome stranger who sat beside her knew more about her than her own husband did after ten years of marriage. A limited knowledge, yes, but a profound one.