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Kat is ready to refuse, but in order to save her sisters from Sir Neville she has to learn how to use her magic, and her wits…. Especially the other two Kat Incorrigible books!

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The characters are memorable, likable, well-written about, and just plain entertaining! Kat was so adventurous, fun, and lovable, and she has to be one of my favorite main characters! Angeline was very clever and funny, and she was just so…interesting and fun! Elissa was very sweet and caring, although I wish we saw more of her, like we saw of Angeline. Finally, Sir Neville and Mr. Collingwood were complete opposites, so it was so surprising that they were brothers.

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Collingwood was so nice, and kind, and Sir Neville was so mean and evil, and um…evil!! Anyways, this was a wonderful book that I give five out of five stars! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Sign me up!

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Where Awesome and Random Meet. Review written by Jocelyn Koehler.

Katherine Ann Stephenson or Kat is the youngest child of a sweet but clueless clergyman. Her mother died giving birth to Kat, so she has been raised by her older sisters, and now by her stepmama, who is VERY proper, and who hates the idea of magic.

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Why, yes. Burgis has created an alternate England where a few people have magical talents.

Nevertheless, when financial circumstances force her older sister Elissa to consider marrying Sir Neville, a creepy older man who may have murdered his first wife , Kat uses her occult talents to try to stop the engagement. Most of the action takes place during a month-long house party at wait for it… Grantham Abbey. Which is totally not like Downton Abbey at all. In any case, the story moves incredibly quickly, throwing Kat from one awkward situation into another with no breath in between.


Some situations are awkward socially, some are awkward magically, and some are awkward romantically. The plot is composed almost entirely of twists, making it hard to summarize, but it all works out in the end. I went into this expecting a lighthearted, Regency era girl-meets-world romp with nods to Austen.

The American-edition cover art certainly suggests that kind of book, with its sweet, cartoony figures and cute image of spellcasting loopy tea pouring and flying biscuits and sparkles! However, the story is really not that lighthearted. True, there are some comic scenes, and a few silly characters.

Additionally, she vicariously experiences the nasty side of historic courtship practices, in which women were essentially commodities who negotiated their own sale to the highest bidder.

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I was troubled by how isolated Kat becomes throughout the book. The plot demands that virtually every character she should be able to trust i. What, did everybody in this book belong to Slytherin? From ayvalentine: For my take on secrets as a tired plot device, read Dirty Little Secrets. There are a lot of family issues. However, Kat continually breaks rules and violates conventions and frequently lies.

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Much of the time, she does so for justifiable reasons, particularly to a modern reader.