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Tinker: The Art Of Challenging The Status Quo

Why War? Ideology, theory, and history.

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Berkeley: University of California Press, Orbell, J. Social dilemmas, In G. Davis Eds. Progress in Applied social psychology Vol. Chichester: Wiley, Institutional solutions to the N-person prisoner's dilemma. The American Political Science Review , , 72 , Ostrom, E. Collective action and the tragedy of the commons.

Baden, Eds. Plattel, M. Utopian and critical thinking. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, Roberts, R. Social movements: Between the balcony and the barricade. Louis: Mosby, Rokeach, M.

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Understanding human values: Individual and societal. New York: Free Press, Ross, L. Sampson, E. Psychology and the American Ideal. Cognitive psychology as ideology. American Psychologist , , 36 , Sandler, B. Eclecticism at work: Approaches to job design. American Psychologist , , 29 , Shippee, G. Smith, M. American Psychologist , , 27 , Stoehr, T, Ed. Drawing the line: the political essays of Paul Goodman. New York: Dutton, Stroebe, W. Self-interest and collective action: The economics and psychology of public goods.

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Comics Pioneer Challenged Racism and Status Quo of Her Era

Dennis Fox received his B. Fox's primary work considers psychology's role in maintaining the legal, political, and socioeconomic status quo. Currently on leave and living in Massachusetts, Fox also writes an opinion column on local political issues. Much of his work can be found at www. Skip to main content.

PechaKucha 20x20 - The Life andTimes of Dr. Thelonious Tinker, Cosmic Archeologist

As Elms pointed out a decade ago to those interested in improving or replacing our prevailing social systems, many of the most important questions are not systematically pursued: Social psychologists A Need for Utopian Thinking Edney a has pointed out the necessity of including both social values and social structures in any analysis of social problems. Autonomy, Community, and Autonomous Communities It is not just social scientists and utopians, of course, who advocate one kind of change or another. Our evolutionary position on earth: Hinges, not on specialization, but rather on generalized adaptability Resistance to the Dissent Many of the points raised by Crowe, Taylor, and Edney have been supported by experimental data: People in groups tend to cooperate more when the groups are small; when the group members have interacted repeatedly over time and expect to interact again in the future; and when the members can communicate with one another about their decisions.

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Anarchism and the Commons Aronson's point about the possibility of increased independence within the context of an accepting group is echoed, interestingly enough, by Murray Bookchin , who, in the long line of anarchist left-libertarian advocates, points out that individual freedom is only possible within the interdependence of a "free community. Albee points out that: If we were to acknowledge that much of the emotional distress and mental disturbance in our society is due to dehumanizing social influences, such a position would call for widespread and expensive social reform.

The specific proposals he advocates are debatable, but his final words offer some encouragement: A genuine revolution does open a new human story, a story that seeks in each age to find again the treasure of a truly human freedom and autonomy. Allport, F. Social psychology. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Aronson, E. The social animal 3rd ed. Bevan, W. Integrity, image and social action. Calabresi, G. Tragic choices. New York: Norton, Chomsky, N. Radical priorities. Montreal: Black Rose, Crowe, B.

The tragedy of the commons revisited. Science, , , Cummings, R. Proposition Fourteen: A secessionist remedy. New York: Grove Press, Reply to Shippee. American Psychologist , ,36, Comment b Elms, A. Social psychology and social relevance. Boston: Little, Brown, The tragedy of the commons. Science , , , Managing the commons. Katz, D. Milgram, S. Obedience to authority: An experimental view. Newcomb, T. New York: Dryden Press, The nature of human values. American Psychologist , , 37 , , Comment Sandler, B. Comment Shore, R. Artist and philosopher Jose Gomez explains the essence of life through his artworks and other artworks that inspire him.

Chris Gallavin has a great passion for poetry and taxidermy and he presents two of his poems. A documentation of Christchurch's art history and other important collections worth holding on to. Yanjin Jack got out of his comfort zone by moving to New Zealand to study and meet girls. His talk shares his experiences of culture shock and how he has used these to become an ambassador for others who travel to and live in New Zealand. Reuben Woods is an art historian and writer. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on street art and graffiti in post-earthquake Christchurch.

Reuben believes that graffiti and street art have played a central role in the city's recovery and renewal. As a post-graduate in the Art History and Theory Department, he seeks to engage a wider audience with the city's intriguing and evolving relationship with urban art by exploring the various narratives and personalities that form these diverse cultures.

He tells us how street art can have a significant impact on the built environment and how Christchurch is a space for artists to respond and react. The American Institute of Architects is the voice of the architectural profession in the US and the resource for its members in service to society. Through a culture of innovation, AIA empowers its members and inspires creation for a better built environment.

One for kids, where they made and presented their 20x20s in an open workshop. The other for 'grown-ups' was part of Roppongi Art Night, and featured an inspiring lineup of design talent. EU-Japan Fest supports artists and communists in culture and the arts, arranging exchanges between Europe and Japan in this fields. Most of these activities revolve around the European Capital of Culture initiative. Funding is provided through members of the business community and EU member country ambassadors to Japan.

Sheffield Orchard Centre Sep 23, Kelowna heART school Nov 30, We sat down with a couple jailbreak designers who will be attending JailbreakCon to get their thoughts on jailbreak innovation, good design, and why iOS is the best mobile platform on earth. Josh Tucker designs concepts and tweaks that sell in Cydia, the jailbreak version of the App Store.

Why Jailbreak? It’s About Challenging The Status Quo [Feature]

Tucker will be giving a workshop at JailbreakCon this Saturday on tweak design and how to implement a good idea and sell it in Cydia. I am just as much a user as I am a concept artist and iOS designer. Sometimes a tweak becomes brilliant in its simplicity. It takes the experience one step farther. The extension was called MobileNotifier, and with the help of designer Kyle Adams, Hajas made it available for jaikbreakers in Cydia.

MobileNotifier let you dismiss notifications or save them for viewing letter, and you could reorder unveiled notifications in a simple stack view. MobileNotifier may look familiar now because Hajas was hired by Apple shortly after he released his work in Cydia.