Manual Seated in Empowerment: A couples journey with cerebral palsy through life, marriage and success

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He was tired of delaying his goals, and bodybuilding was top priority now. After hearing what Washington had overcome the past few months, Chandler understood how serious he was. He started taking himself seriously and he wanted to be there for his family. It broke my heart. Washington emailed everything he could find about his condition to Chandler. With more knowledge, Chandler formulated his diet and training routine. Ducena recorded trainings while BJ, who also has cerebral palsy and scoliosis, cheered her husband on, which inspired her enough to begin working out as well.

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Meanwhile, Chandler scoured the internet for competitions. Chandler noticed the adaptive divisions , where contestants with a prosthetics device, loss of limb or a disability could compete. With a little more research, Chandler discovered the Formulation 1 Nutrition Classic and was elated to learn there was a category in which Washington fit the criteria.

Washington received the news that he would be competing in the classic, his first bodybuilding competition. They began a rigorous training routine at least two to three times a week, and adjusting the way Washington ate. As the competition neared, Washington added classes that would help him learn to pose like the professionals. When competition rolled around, Washington was ready.

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He confidently walked to center stage in front of thousands who cheered him on. By the end, he had taken home the medal and achieved his status as the first bodybuilder to win in his division. Since then, Washington has become more confident in his abilities. Because the organization is a newer federation, the chances of Washington earning pro status have increased.

I want to prove that people who are disabled can do anything they want to do when they work to do it. Maya Jones is an associate editor at The Undefeated. She is a native New Orleanian who enjoys long walks down Frenchmen Street and romantic dates to Saints games.

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Up Next. Up Next From The Uplift. By Maya A. Jones mjay Twitter Facebook Email. Bring it on. Do it.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In the last decade the concept of neuroplasticity has gained momentum in the scientific community. Scientists are developing new ways of helping brain-injured children and adults recover lost functions. This book is interesting in its own right and applicable to improving the health and well-being of all people beyond just the special needs communities.

It offers a history on Ms. She includes several case studies and testimonials about children with special needs and their families who she has worked with at her center. I appreciate the humility and care Ms. Sumar took in putting this resource together so that it is easily understood and relatable. There is good information and descriptions detailing how you may start a home program with your child.

I think it would be helpful for the parent or person who wishes to pursue a home-based program to at least take a series of introductory yoga classes. There a few contraindications listed for beginning a home program. In those cases she states that it is imperative to consult with an experienced practitioner since there are some yoga poses which may exacerbate certain conditions. I value this work for the information it offers about the broad range of effective treatments parents do not typically hear about for CP.

I also appreciate the honesty with which it is written. I think it makes it easier for other parents to express their own insecurities, fears, and challenges when they hear a powerful parent being candid about her own. Many people may not have the financial means to participate in the world of alternative treatments to the degree found in this book. However, it still creates awareness and offers an alternative path for approaching healing and treatment programs for children with CP.

The more parents who demand treatments be made available for their children, the more likely it will occur. Just a decade ago it was almost unheard of to have acupuncture covered by insurance but now many policies will cover it because it was working for patients.

Unique Me Magazine : A magazine for families with both typically developing children and those with special needs. Ability Magazine : A leading magazine covering health, disability and human potential. Maxinne also has a wonderful facebook page. These Broken Vases : Writer Ellen Stumbo details her journey with her three children two of whom have special needs.

One of her children has Down syndrome and another has cerebral palsy. Her easy to be with spirit, along with her honesty and humility shine through her writing. Outrageous Fortune : Blog of a former journalist, writer, and mother of twins one of whom has CP. This mom is intelligent, creative, resourceful and humorous.

She writes about aspects of interpersonal interactions and life that make me laugh and cry. I find her posts honest, fun and pertinent. She has a huge following and is privy to lots of good information and resources for special needs parents.

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  • The Little Life : a completed year-long daily blog of a single mother with three children who have CP. My Left Foot: A great film base on a book by the same title.

    This is the story of Christy Brown who was born with cerebral palsy in Ireland in He was the 1oth of 22 children and though his parents were urged to place him in a convalescent hospital, they decided to raise him at home a rare choice for parents in those days. He had debilitating spasticity throughout his body but was able to use his left foot which he relied upon heavily to accomplish most tasks.

    Despite the odds against him, he became a painter and novelist using his foot for both activities.

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    I found this movie uplifting, yet also painful as you watch the character struggle through the most simple tasks. Darrell Pone says:. Hello, My name is Dr Darrell Pone a physician with cerebral palsy. I admire the list of books written especially the one about Fathers by Don Meyer. I have also written book. Since retiring I spend most of my time speaking to Groups of children and parents sharing the love and patience I received from my Mother, the late Annette Pone.

    I also speak about marriage to my lovely wife Gloria. Hello Dr. Thank you for your message and making me aware of your book. I will be sure to check it out! Brian Wright says:. My book can be an inspiration for individuals who suffer with cerebral palsy. Trinity says:. Deandra says:. I certainly hope they keep the lounge area, because it sounds like a terrific option for a great evening.

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    If it survives the remodel, it will deeiintfly be part of my plans for the next visit! Rich T recently posted. Tawny says:. My experience with processing grief is that it often happens in stages, and that — especially when there is a sense of having lost the usual sense of control, and perhaps more importantly, continuity — the process involves confronting and overcoming anxiety and resentment as well.

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