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Thank you for your review. Kids thought the bumper cars in Thomas was awesome The venues have lots of play zones so they burn up the energy Don't bring your husband or your boyfriend here, because most of the activities here are for children and for girls. I tried to visit this place with my brother and I know he didn't enjoyed this place.

I'm bored with this place because i'm not a fan of hello kitty. Thank you for your review and highly appreciate it. Its indoor game and suitable for kids especially for girl. They have cafe. My girl really enjoy with the game. Near Traders Hotel. I think it is overpriced for such attraction. Good for young children below 6. Above will find it boring. Its pretty fun to join family activities organized by Hello Kitty Land.

My kids did have some fun and quality family time together. However, there isn't anything worth taking note of besides the few activities. The place is small for a theme park. With not much crowd, we spent 2. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Cart 0.

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Bad Kitty! by Nick Bruel - Children's Book Read Aloud - Storytime With Ms. Becky

Log in Join. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. Book In Advance. Cherrie T. Huge Indoor Playground. Review of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. More Show less. Strap a ladder to the roof of your car, drive across town, break into his house and sneak into his bedroom there, too? I want a divorce. He paws at the windows of nursing homes and whispers " Soon.

Just wow. That's so balls-out crazy stalker-core that even your mentally imbalanced son's bizarre Bed Rodent is trying to escape that mise en scene. So remember: Sleep soundly, kids, because the bellowing furnace of Mommy's uterus will smother every bad dream inside your head Based on the cover art alone, we would have guessed at a much darker story.

Kiddie book mack daddies Stan and Jan Berenstain have sold hundreds of millions of Berenstain Bear books over the decades. With roughly a blazillion titles in the series, the Berenstains were bound to throw in at least one blood-soaked reboot full of violence and retribution, if only to keep the series fresh for their ever-maturing fan base.

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The Berenstain Bears and the Bully is that book. This is a face-eating time.

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  8. After getting beaten up by a playground bully named Tuffy, darling little Sister Bear nurses cruel revenge fantasies that are a bit excessive, even for the hyperbolic imagination of a slighted child. We hated bullies, too, Sister Bear, but most of our fantasies involved either whupping their ass in front of our karate mentor a proud Jean-Claude Van Damme or else besting them in some kind of ski race in front of our ski mentor also a proud Jean-Claude Van Damme. But Little Sister ain't no punk: She's going to stab the bully with lances, bust her head open with morning stars, crush her with tanks or just straight up kamikaze a plane into her furry ass.

    Jesus, when your kid starts fantasizing about suicide-bombing the local bully, don't run to the crayon box to turn it into a heartfelt children's book; call the therapist and start putting locks on the scissors. But that's not on the Bear family's checklist when they find out about Little Sister's Inigo Montoya-caliber revenge vow. The family instead breaks into two factions: Mama Bear in favor of mealy mouthed avoidance, and everyone else in favor of physical confrontation -- and nobody in favor of contacting school authorities.

    Because even in the Bear universe, snitches get stitches. So naturally, Brother Bear's next move is to set up a scrappy Rocky-style training session in the basement with a bag of beans standing in for Tuffy. Remember -- shame is half the battle. When Sister Bear shows up at school the next day, she finds the bully doin' what bullies do mostly bully stuff , and immediately pops her in the face. My father does this all the time when he's drunk. Sister Bear's punishment: A warning from the principal.

    Tuffy's punishment: A loss of recess privileges and twice-weekly visits to the school psychologist. The parents aren't even notified. So Sister Bear gets off scot-free, all of her problems solved by good old vigilante justice. Now toughened by the streets, she takes to the shadows and unleashes her own brand of justice. There's no discipline, no talks about pursuing other means besides violence and certainly no retaliation from the bully.

    Because you see, kids, no matter how weak you are, it's always a good idea to sucker punch the kids with a history of kicking your ass -- they're sure to back down and not put your little bear muzzle on a curb and American History X your little pink hair bow into the pavement. Get used to that lobotomized stare; you'll be seeing it quite a lot. This here is an award-winning book that subsequently became an HBO Family animated series. In the most fabulous study of loneliness this side of a Liberace biography, the beautiful but vain Rainbow Fish cannot seem to make any friends, because he's just too proud of his bright, shiny scales.

    Don't feel sad. Three seconds later he was fine. But then the wise old Octopus teaches him about sharing. So now he shares all of his scales with all of his new friends, of course!

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    Unfortunately, those plain fish "friends" of his don't give two squirts of nitrogenous waste about the Rainbow Fish. They never asked if he wanted to swap scales or hang out or anything -- they only asked for his skin, because they thought it was pretty. And the kindly old mentor, the Octopus, didn't step in to stop the Rainbow Fish from sharing the wrong way -- this is exactly what he meant.

    He doesn't urge the Rainbow Fish to be nice, or take an interest in others, or help out his fellows -- he just hops right to "buy their affections. Really, Octopus? Disfigure yourself so your beauty doesn't make them feel insecure? Give them the only property you have to make them like you? Look at this pathetic slice of pan-fried, crispy, lemony, we've forgotten our point.

    He may as well have said "If the other girls are jealous of your looks, just put an iron to your face! And giving away all of your assets for feigned affection quickly sets a precedent:. Kids: If someone compliments your hair, immediately tear a handful of it out and force it into their pockets. You have now made a friend. Did we learn nothing from every episode of VH1's Behind the Music? It's all about a cartoon dad who is the patron saint of patience and loving support.

    In case you were wondering how much of a jerk this awesome dad isn't , the story helpfully contrasts all of his loving reactions with the petty, impatient thing he could have said but didn't. In fact, Dad never once says "No," or "You could do that yourself," or otherwise actually teaches the child any self-sufficiency in the slightest. Sure, it starts out harmlessly enough, with Dad not being a total dick about story time:.

    But soon he's carrying her around like Cleopatra on a palanquin with basically no provocation And if you wake up frightened of the dark, he doesn't reassure you that those are just dreams -- after all, they scared you , and you're the super-importantest in the whole world , so Daddy is going to take your bad dreams very seriously and hold your hand until you nod off safely. You know who else likes pens? Oh, the fascination that goes along with the printer. What is it with cats and printers? Looking equal parts confused and full of awe, she watches each piece of paper slowly emerge from the magical machine.

    I grew weary of having tiny teeth marks on all my documents. So much to find in an office wastebasket — especially wadded-up paper and snack wrappers. A tipped-over wastebasket is goldmine of goodies. Another cool part about sitting on top of my desk is that it provides a nice lookout tower. Cat love piles and consider all of them perches and beds. In fact, she scolds me when I remove the item from underneath her. Really, this is usually beneficial because it gives me the opportunity to observe her playing with the item and grab some photos for the review.

    If she did, she probably would ignore the thing.