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My Brother's Keeper

But the thought of Shulem Shtisel on a promotional poster seemed outlandish enough to get them roaring. His living room was small and sparse, adjoined by a sunny balcony and featuring a tidy bookcase: Spinoza, S. Agnon, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Bob Dylan. A low glass cabinet contained the full Mishnah. It might only have seemed small; he is six feet two. Elon sat beside him, squat and solid, with shaggy curls and a large black kippah.

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Indursky, the youngest of five children, was raised in the mostly Haredi neighborhood of Givat Shaul, in Jerusalem. His father studied the Torah, and his mother worked as an accountant at a hospital. The experience was revelatory.

The Ball Brothers (and their kids!) sing Walkin' In Jerusalem

Suddenly, you see someone who takes her emotions and turns them into art. That was my first encounter with something beyond my world. The following year, he dropped out.

While Indursky grew up in the cloistered Haredi community, Elon is part of the religious Zionist camp, which, unlike the Haredim, is deeply embedded in every aspect of Israeli society: the work force, military, Parliament, and universities. He was raised in a West Bank settlement, Beit El, to an illustrious rabbinic family. His father, Benny Elon, who died in , was a government minister for the far-right National Union party. And there are times when those two worlds are in concert—and those times are easier.

But almost as soon as it aired, something strange happened.

James, Brother of Jesus

Episodes were shared illicitly, mostly on the social-media network Telegram. Not the tightly coiled sideburns of many ultra-Orthodox men but long ones, loosely curled. Jewish historian Josephus provides the earliest account of the death of James in Antiquities of the Jews In the wider context, Josephus offers a discussion about the difficulties Rome was having with its residents, which led to the invasion and destruction of Jerusalem in AD The specific passage regarding James allows the dating of his execution to AD 62, since Josephus places his death between two Roman procurators, Festus and Albinus.

Upon the death of Festus, Nero appointed Albinus as the next procurator, but during the brief transition period, Ananus, who was appointed high priest by Herod Agrippa II, seized the opportunity provided by the vacancy in the procuratorial government, to have James, the brother of Jesus, and others with him, stoned to death.

From Russia with love from the tzar's brother | The Times of Israel

While many scholars have disputed the statement by Josephus about Jesus in Antiquities 18, the reference to the death of James in Antiquities And Josephus, who had become a Pharisee six years earlier and was likely serving as a priest at this time in Jerusalem, was in a good position to know the details surrounding these reported events. Scholars in the early twentieth century disputed the passage by Josephus more than they do now.

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Today, most scholars accept the authenticity of this extended passage. The reasons are twofold. First, we have no reason to suspect what would have motivated a possible forgery. Why would a Christian forging this passage invent the death of James without, so to speak, finishing the job? The passage lacks commitment, lacks Christianity —such as a clear and compelling confessional statement? Unlike the English, German and Jewish-run hospitals, where anyone of any origin or creed could find care, this Russian hospital was exclusive to Russian pilgrims, clergy, and the local Arab Orthodox population.

The British took it over when they ruled the country, using it as a prison hospital. It became known as Avihail during the War of Independence when it served as a hospital for Israeli soldiers. In , Lehi member and former member of the Israeli parliament Geula Cohen was in the middle of an underground radio broadcast when she was apprehended by the British and sentenced to nine years in prison. The lower courts are still here, but the Supreme Court moved to far more impressive lodgings in I am sure things have improved by now, but for many years the otherwise unheated building was warmed by kerosene heaters that gave off a horrible smell.

Unfortunately, when the windows were opened to air the rooms, the cold rushed in to freeze judicial fingers and toes. A superb little structure, today part of the Jerusalem Municipal Complex, once served as the Russian Consulate. In earlier years, a Russian flag waved from the top of a two-storied tower. A long, low white building originally served as Russian hospice for female pilgrims. With the advent of the British mandate it was turned into the Palestine Central Prison, holding among its inmates members of the three Jewish underground movements Haganah, Etzel, and Lehi.

James, brother of Jesus

The former prison is now a Museum of the Underground. One side of a very large building is situated on Jaffa Road.

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On March 23, , shortly after Menachem Begin became commander of the Etzel underground movement, 20 of his men donned British police uniforms and infiltrated the massively fortified headquarters of British Intelligence. The sappers were in the midst of setting explosives when a British sergeant caught them in the act. During the ensuing gunfire, the sergeant and one of the Jewish soldiers were severely wounded.

Nevertheless, Etzel operatives — with their injured comrade — managed to reach the sidewalk before a huge blast ripped the Intelligence headquarters apart.