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Martyn V. Halm

To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. We want your feedback! Click here. Halm Author Fundamental Error--A Katla Amsterdam Assassin Series Martyn V.


Microchip Murder--A Katla Halm and collections are available to download. Halm as your favored e-book.

Fundamental Error - A Katla KillFile

Halm by on-line in this website can be recognized now by visiting the web link web page to download. It will certainly be very easy. Why should be right here? Halm offers its outstanding writing from the writer. Halm turneds into one of the most needed books lately.

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Halm is a best seller or not. Every book will still offer finest resources to obtain the viewers all finest. Nonetheless, some individuals will certainly seek for the best seller publication to check out as the very first recommendation. Halm is presented to satisfy your necessity. Halm because of this popular publication, however some love this due to favourite writer. Halm because they truly should read this publication. It can be the one that truly enjoy reading.

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Halm , you could not consistently go by walking or using your motors to guide stores. Get the queuing, under the rainfall or hot light, and still hunt for the unidentified publication to be during that book store. Halm as well as you could locate it. Halm as your very own soft documents publication. Halm in soft data only as well as save it as yours. Halm right into your bag everywhere. Picking the wrong pocket might prove fatal…Nomadic pickpocket Wolfgang gets blackmailed into teaching his craft to the mysterious Lilith, a young woman with no aptitude whatsoever to become a pickpocket.

Halm, the author of the Amsterdam Assassin Series.

Follow Wolf as he gets entangled in a possibly fatal web of violence and deceit, where nobody is who they seem to be and everyone has a hidden agenda. Halm revolves around freelance assassin and corporate troubleshooter Katla Sieltjes, who appears in In Pocket as Q.

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Under the name Loki Enterprises, Katla specialises in disguising homicide and providing her own brand of permanent solutions for both individuals and corporations, often using unconventional methods. All e-books in the Amsterdam Assassin Series are stand-alone novels and short stories. Blessed with an almost non-existent conscience, freelance assassin and corporate troubleshooter Katla Sieltjes, expert in disguising homicide, regards murder for profit as an intricate and rewarding occupation.

Her solitary existence seems more than satisfactory until a blind musician wanders in on her crime scene. Katla only kills for profit or to protect her anonymity, and Bram Merleyn seems harmless and unable to identify her. By sparing his life, she breaks one of her most important rules--never leave a living witness. A decision Katla might not survive to regret Peccadillo Assassin Katla's legitimate business becomes the target of a hostile takeover The potentially lethal situation quickly becomes untenable, when victims fall on both sides, and a Hong Kong sniper arrives to team up with a mute enforcer from the competitive 14K Triad.

Amsterdam might prove too small for Katla to play hide and seek, when her enemies match her skills in search and destroy Rogue Assassin Katla kills the wrong target and draws attention from combined intelligence communities Freelance assassin and corporate troubleshooter Katla Sieltjes runs her business of disguising homicide below the radar of law enforcement, but when her latest target is a judas goat intended to draw her out into the open, the hunter becomes the hunted. Fooling local law enforcement can be challenging, but hiding from intelligence communities aiming to enlist Katla for their dirty work might prove impossible.

Ghosting Assassin Katla's sabbatical year turns out to be her biggest challenge yet After her narrow escape from the intense investigations by combined intelligence forces, freelance assassin and corporate troubleshooter Katla Sieltjes takes a sabbatical to thwart the relentless scrutiny by the authorities. But there's no rest for the wicked. Ebooks and Manuals

An unexpected pregnancy, a brother in peril, a secretive consultant, and an assiduous infiltrator conspire to force Katla to renege on her vows and once again do what she does best: solving problems in her own unparalleled way. Each KillFile features freelance assassin and corporate troubleshooter Katla Sieltjes, expert in disguising homicide, executing one of her contracts. While not mandatory reading, each KillFile provides insight both in Katla's work methods and skill, and additional background information in her character and personal history.

The KillFiles can be read out of order, as the contracts are random samples from Katla's past. The Locked Room KillFile 7, words follows freelance assassin Katla Sieltjes executing a contract on a physician responsible for the death of her client's wife. Using an updated version of a lethal puzzle that astounded forensic scientists at the end of the twentieth century, Katla recreates a diabolical killing method that became a landmark in the forensic sciences.

Thwarting forensic scientists is not her only hurdle in fulfilling her contract, as her target has to be killed in his home, an opulent penthouse in a fortress-like apartment building Microchip Murder Assassin Katla has to kill an industrial spy and retrieve the stolen item The Microchip Murder KillFile 8, words follows freelance assassin Katla Sieltjes executing a contract on an industrial spy, who is in the process of selling a stolen microchip with valuable software to the competition.

Katla's client wants the stolen microchip and research materials returned to him, but her target is wary and the unscrupulous buyers are prepared to kill for the stolen software. Fundamental Error Assassin Katla is hired by a client whose brother is planning a terrorist attack The Fundamental Error KillFile 9, words follows freelance assassin Katla Sieltjes on her most dangerous assignment yet.

When Peter Brandt watches his brother Roel convert to Islam and turn into a domestic terrorist, Katla needs to enter into the mind of a fanatic suicide bomber in order to thwart a mass-murder attack in the shopping mecca of Amsterdam. Aconite Attack Assassin Katla finds a devious way to get a target to poison himself The Aconite Attack KillFile 10, words follows Katla Sieltjes on her first foray as a freelance assassin and corporate troubleshooter, when she gets herself hired by the CEO of a modelling agency to permanently remove his playboy partner draining the firm's resources on his downward spiral into self-destruction.