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The 20 Richest Drug Dealers Of All Time

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Top 10 Richest Drug Dealers of All Time

Leave a Comment. Load more. We are an organisation of people dedicated to the propagation and the dissemination of news and information relating to, and of importance to African Peoples worldwide.

Our main objective is to provide an online portal where people of African decent; African heritage and friends of Africa can liaise and exchange knowledge and information. Jul 8, Frank Lucas Frank Lucas had a unique business model. He would procure heroin directly from opium king Khun Sa in Vietnam. Lucas hid heroin in coffins and flew them in from Vietnam to the United States. She was best known for her ruthless contract killings.

The 10 Richest Drug Lords In The World

Ironically, she was recently shot by a contract killer in Medellin. Dawood Ibrahim Dawood Ibrahim allegedly orchestrated the Mumbai bomb blasts in Starting off as a small time hustler, he has now become a global player in the terror network. He is said to have close ties with terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda. Xie Caiping Xie Caiping ran a gambling racket in cahoots with several government officials.

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She is currently serving 18 years in jail. Semion Mogilevich As an economics graduate, Semion Mogilevich has a diversified portfolio. His financial crimes include wire fraud , mail fraud, money laundering and securities fraud. He rose in the ranks of his criminal organization after killing a driver who allegedly stole a shipment of cocaine.

After being caught and convicted for the murder, he was sentenced to more than years in prison. He was eventually killed and his body was found on January 28, , a mile away from where Rich's body was found and less than a month after Rich's murder.

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The film Paid in Full was based on the life and death of Rich, and his involvement in drug dealing along with Azie Faison and Alpo Martinez. His character was portrayed by fellow Harlem native Mekhi Phifer.

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