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It's the perfect decoy for us; we can make it look as if opportunistic Blood Raiders hit the Serpentis facility, and there was little more to it all than that.

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We just need to sell the lie. There is an old Blood Raider compound not far from here. Inside it, there should be a transmitter system we can use. All you need to do is secure the area and deliver my people safely to the Communications Tower so they can send out a fake transmission.

The CPF should pick it up and follow the signal down to Delve… if they're feeling suicidal, that is. Rumor has it the place has long since been abandoned, but I've come to distrust intel I don't get first-hand.

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Besides, any time those Sani Sabik cultists are not making noise, you should be concerned. The quiet ones are the very worst. I suggest you go in expecting exactly that.

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A place to rest It is not unheard of for Blood Raider vessels to stray into State space. Having something of a relationship with the Guristas in the north, the Covenant has erected various safe havens for members who make the long journey up to Venal through Caldari space. Tip: Warp to km and lead the initial group out to to km range.

The Crimson Decoy

Keep at least 30km range from the 7 Corpus battleships Neut. Destroy the 2 Dark Corpus Harbinger Battleships last to trigger spawn. For fast delivery you can create a bounce BM as you land, warp to the bounce BM and then warp to an asteroid near the container. From UniWiki. Jump to: navigation , search.

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I invaded their space and prioritized my desire to perform allyship over their need to build community. Fast forward five years, and I no longer identify as a straight ally. When I attend queer events now, my main goal is to join a community where I feel safe and accepted. Another key function of queer events is to build solidarity and support for the queer community, and sometimes that comes from other queer people, and other times it comes from allies.

How can allies show support without taking up queer spaces?

Just as in any movement, allies should be careful about the role they play and how they take up space. This means that if you are a queer person, do all you can to make your voice heard.


One way that allies can be mindful of space is by being thoughtful in deciding which queer events to attend. Pride parades are probably the most inclusive, and allies should feel free to participate. Similarly, events that are centered around activism and education on BGLTQ issues are also usually open to allies. But allies should be more cautious about attending queer parties and social events, such as Queer Prom or Hotspot.

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For many queer people, these events are a great way to meet other queer people, as they can interact with cishet people at every other social event. And, undoubtedly, with niche affinity groups or anonymous support groups, you really should be queer to join. Allies should also consider why they want to go to a particular queer event.

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Obviously, if their queer friends invite them to attend as a friendly plus one or as a partner , no further questions need to be asked; go right ahead. They might want to bring a cishet friend for support. When unsure, allies should ask someone who is a part of the community.