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The lows personally, and as a couple, can get low. So knowing that on those days, those weeks, or even those months, when the lows seem like too much to bear and you rather not get out of bed, there is someone who is waking up, still wanting to share another cup of coffee with you, it matters. Don't get me wrong, butfirstcoffee is also woven into much of the fabric of our happiness. It's the high point of our daily routine. Walking our dog Oliver to the coffee shop is something we try to do every day.

It is also the starting point when we explore any new place together.

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  • Always first on our to-do list is finding a local coffee shop where can sip on a latte and people watch. Yet I must say, the moments I hold dear to my heart are still the lows. The time when he suddenly interrupted me the middle of a pivotal argument, with the excuse that he just wanted to buy me a cup of coffee before we said anything more.

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    This year I am all about gifts that will help manifest some fun goals for the coming year. He was witty, he was wicked, he was the best kind of friend to have. He was incredibly generous and incredibly kind. I was sitting there reading all the obituaries in the British papers and international media, and there was a very un-fashion-type gentleman next to me — checked shirt, probably a businessman — and I suddenly started to bawl, I mean really bawl. He was so lovely.

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    I feel like the whole world felt the same way. Karl was just this force. In another poignant moment, Wintour and Brown discussed how they had once gone to lunch together with Princess Diana, just six week before she died.

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    • Brown recalled how Princess Diana spoke of feeling lonely and of her love for her boys. I think part of her popularity was that Princess Diana really was so good with media, was so in tune with them, and welcomed them rather than standing back. She was certainly the first person in the royal family to understand the benefits of that. She also praised New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on her handling of the recent mass shootings at two mosques.

      For last year's inaugural edition, Mario Bellini decked the corridors, Antonio Citterio revamped the graphics office, and Patricia Urquiola pulled out the Yves Klein blue carpet and curtains to create her modern office fantasy. And the office is more imaginative than ever—all outfitted in lighting by main partner Nemo Lighting, whose CEO Federico Palazzari says, "The link between design and fashion represents a cultural contamination essential for the development of creativity. On a sneak preview the day before the opening, New York—based Alex Proba was filling an acrylic vending machine with San Carlo potato chips their limited edition packaging advertises "Milano, a Bite of Style" and one-of-a-kind sculptures in the snack room.

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      And in Jonathan Anderson's office, the perfect canary yellow of a stately British home a paint color Anderson has been trying to get just right for years was being applied with precision to the moldings. Milan-based Storage Associati took a similar approach, bringing in their own office furniture and pairing it with more daring designs. He even brought in stacks of the periwinkle blue boxes he keeps in his own studio.