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It was super runny. I just started on the Paleo road and one thing that I missed was Mayo. I tried this the first time and it worked. It is so much creamier than store bought mayo. I will get some extra light tasty olive oil and a lemon next time to try it out. Very excited about this. Love it. A touch of Dijon also does wonders in this. Once you emulsified it can you add anything else to it or will it ruin?

Can I add another egg or spices to make it better? Perhaps your best bet would be to make another batch and mix both batches to try and tone that flavor down. God Bless You!!!!

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He was impressed, then borrowed a jar Thank you for your awesome blog! Check that the immersion blender actually fits inside the mouth of the jar before you add your raw egg. Great recipe! Thanks for sharing, always love your posts! After trying three other recipes for mayo and failing I came across your web site and this very easy recipe. It turned out great! Trying to get away from the soy that they put in everything and this was perfect.

We had Thanksgiving yesterday due to work schedules. The devil eggs were so much better. Thank you for such a great recipe. Going to keep coming back for more recipes. I cracked in two freshly laid eggs, one from my mallard duck and one from my bantam chicken… Two teaspoons each of red wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar I keep the white for cleaning and figured I had to use up last of my grapeseed oil so it went into the one cup measure and topped up with EVOO… I have a Bamix brand immersion mixer and used the aerator attachment… Yanno, it has like four half domes in the circular blade???

I used half the mix in a salad dressing between the two of us tonight???? Thank YOU. So happy to hear the recipe worked well for you, Jessi. Many people have made that mistake before you. Glad you were able to save the mayo, though! Next time, definitely go with the light olive oil, or avocado, walnut or macadamia oil.

They all work very well! Damn delicious and sooo easy! I may of gone a bit OTT with the garlic though… maybe only one clove next time! Thank you so much! I have just been eating paleo a few months and started my first Whole 30 today. So easy and came out yummy!! I made it in a 2 cup pyrex measuring cup because none of my glass jars would fit my immersion blender. Thanks to you for the great feedback, Amy! Good to hear that a 2 cup pyrex measuring cup will do the trick, too! Thanks for the tip! I am so happy I found your site!

I just tried the immersion blender mayo and it turned out perfectly! I tried this twice and it failed both times. I followed the directions exactly. I mean exactly. Yes, I used a wide mouth pint jar. I did everything exactly how you said. I tried adding another egg after it failed, as others have suggested, and it did nothing. I am an experienced cook. If this is fool-proof for everyone else, then something must be wrong with my stick blender.

It is about 10 years old. Maybe they have changed since then. Am I really the only one with no success here? I also noticed that the technique in the video you provided does not match your instructions. But I followed the written instructions and left the blender on the bottom for 20 seconds. It appeared to be working and a thick emulsion rose up about an inch. Then it stopped and ended up all liquid.

I will just go back to using the food proccessor. Thanks anyway. And I find it really strange that you got an emulsion at first, which then collapsed into a soupy mess. This same prob Me happened to me several times this winter, after having successfully used your post many many times. I tried everything to save a few of these adding an egg in a new jar then putting the soup on top was one, or adding just another yolk, or another white, since I have farm fresh eggs and wondering if the yolk had been too small, etc.

Maybe you could add a note for people who live in colder climates or who store their oil in cool places to allow the oil to warm to room temp or heat gently until runny. The temp of the egg made no difference. The type of oil or vinegar or juice or spices added made no difference. Hope this helps one or two people out there. Interesting… definitely something worth noting. Thanks for sharing your experience, Bebe. I tried it with my new cuisinart stick blender and it didnt work.

Played with adding another egg yolk and then a little ACV. Tried to run it thru the vitamix and still soup. Also wonder if different blenders have motor differences. I really doubt that the blade could be the culprit… these things are usually pretty standard. And so long as the opening of the jar pretty much matches the size of your stick blender, you should be find. Tell me, did you add any kind of liquid at all, like lime or lemon juice or vinegar? I just made this for the first time today. It worked perfectly. In fact, the mayo became so thick that it started to slow the blades of the stick blender.

It is lovely. I tried the drizzle method before, and it worked, but the mayo was very thin. I prefer yours! I thought i followed yr recipe using juice of one small lemon, but i did prick the egg with a fork before i put the blender in, maybe that was the problem. Later after reading what others had done to correct their failures i added a tsp of acv and another egg yolk.

Then a third egg yolk, probably too far gone at that point. My blender also was getting really hot even tho i ran it in 20 second intervals. I had it on high speed- you never said what speed yrs was on. I really wish I could be of more help, but unfortunately, I have no idea what went wrong. Hopefully your next try will be a success! They sure do have different speeds. Mine has 2 speeds and from what you wrote above, the highest speed is what is needed. For those who had trouble with their mayo, it could be that your oil was rancid.

Even a tinge rancid will make it inedible. Ingredients at room temperature are also best because they emulsify more readily than cold ones. That was an incredible experience for just making mayo!!! I have done the slow drizzle method with and without success, but it was never thick and creamy. This stuff is just awesome! It was so good, and it really tastes like mayo.

Well, thank you for choosing to leave a comment, Julie! I always appreciate when people tell me that a recipe has worked for them, no matter how many people told me before them! It just makes my day every single time! And I get the feeling you have as much fun making it as I do. Hey, kudos on taking the Whole30 challenge, by the way. My mayo kept turning out all runny.

Finally got a stick blender and I am so happy I did!!! My arm and my paleo ranch dressing thank you! Thanks for letting me know it worked for you! And tell your arm the pleasure is all mine! Thank you so much for this fast and healthy recipe. I just whipped this mayo up in under 5 minutes. I am never buying store bought again. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing. One of my great loves in life is chicken salad.

I love it with mayon, celery, onions, grapes, and almond slivers. After starting the paleo diet 4 months ago for health issues, I mourned the loss of my beloved chicken salad. So, many blessings to you, and thanks again!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this comment, Brooke.

You just made my day. And SO glad to have brought mayo back into your life. Hi Sonia — I just came across your site while looking for a low fat mayo recipe. The miracle of the blender and the jar happens exactly right every time. And who can eat without mayo? To stop the jar from spinning just place one of those little rubber mat type thingys underneath it the kind you line drawers with. Problem solved. Living in Ecuador, it is impossible to find a decent mayo anywhere.

Question though. What is the shelf life? Thank you so so much for this recipe. We are doing Whole30 and I just wanted some mayo. After three fails with my blender, despite pouring the oil in a snails pace, I was feeling discouraged and really in need of some naughty comfort carbs. Oh my, Cait, this is music to my ears.

Avocado Dressing sounds like a very tasty inspiration to me! Sorry Sherry, you absolutely need the stick blender for this technique to work. Very well worth the investment, though, if you ask me! Sadly, this does not work for me. This is my third time trying and it always comes out watery. I wasted a cup of oil and for eggs this time. I wasted food and money on a stick blender.

Made this as directed and yummo! We dipped our carrot fries in it, put a dollop on steak, made tuna, used it as a salad dressing, and more. Will definitely make again! Lucky you! Even after all this time, I will enjoy the process as much as I did the first time I made this. I just made your mayo. Usually for a recipe I collect the ingredients one day, put some ingredients together the next and then make it. I read this, this morning, pulled an egg out of the frig. Just made this. It took me longer to read this recipe than to make it. Always thought it would be hard to make this.

It did not make a lot live alone , and took maybe at the most 30 seconds. Made it in the container that I will store it in. Thanks again!!!!! Welcome to the world of delicious home made mayo, Nancy! Now have fun experimenting with different flavor combinations. Careful though, this is highly addictive! Oh, my goodness! I just made this tonight. Stuck to the rest of the ingredients as written. Family liked it but said it needed something.

Could be they are just used to store bought. It was so easy to do and whipped up just as you said. Thanks for a great post. Never even imagined homemade mayo could be that easy. Now you need to make it your own and add all sorts of herbs, spices and aromatics. Hey just a quick not on coconut oil.

Earlier on you mentioned that it becomes solid at room temperature. While this is true, you can also purchase fractionated coconut oil which is your more typical oil, supplied as a liquid and stays a liquid. After reading through comments, I realized that the two fails probably occurred because I was using too wide of a container.

Also, I feel my blender is slightly faulty — it sounds as if the blade gets stuck on something sometimes, causing me to move it and break the emulsion. So tonight I took my second failed batch and tried what others have done to revive it. Has anyone ever tried to double the recipe? I just tried to and failed twice! But I tried the drizzle method.

If anyone had doubled successfully somehow, could you post? But really, this take so very little time to make, you could also make 2 batches back to back. It would only double the fun! This was super awesome! Thank YOU for taking the time to share this, Tanishia. And there can never be enough success stories. You are so very welcome, Chriscilla! I have been making my own mayo for about 2 yrs, since I got my thermomix. I have had many failures!! Right on! Everyone should have a stick blender, if only to make mayonnaise!

So much cheaper than a thermomix, too! And really? You can make mayo in a thermomix? Pure gold, I tell ya. Thank you so much for putting a huge smile on my face. Is there such a thing as too many exclamation points? I think not! Especially when one is dealing with something as exciting as making their own mayo. I myself turn into an exclamation point every time I make a new batch! Followed your directions to a T and Ta Da! I have mayo. Yippee skippy!

You helped me salvaged two failed attempts. I just dumped it in the order you described and it worked beautifully. Thank you for saving me from having a total melt down in front of the fam. High Five, Leslie! Now you can make mayo with your eyes closed and impress the fam, instead!

I LOVE this recipe! Thank you sooooooo much! I tried making mayo with the Whole 30 recipe and failed miserably the last time. This worked beautifully! To address one of your earlier comments, though, there are immersion blenders with multiple speeds. Mine has two speeds.

I used an old Ghee jar for mine, too, which is a little more squat than a ball jar. Again, no issues. Wow, thanks a bunch for sharing that information, Lynn. I am guessing since you got this to work on the lowest speed, then for sure it would work with any immersion blender. Thanks for recipe — going to try it now.. I honestly have no idea, Kristen. Best way to find out is to try it, I guess!

I think I would mix it in after the mayo is done, though…. I tried it with Safflower oil and a tsp of ground mustard — very good! I added the whey in after I made the mayo — whey actually keeps fermented and homemade foods longer; which is why it is added to lots of fermented foods we are following the GAPS diet to heal us ; so lots of fermented foods here. I am always looking for healthier foods with no preservatives and this Mayo was a complete homerun.

The taste is unbelievable! Thanks for another addition to my collection of healthy stuff. Pleasure is all mine, Ryan! The more people add this to their collection, the happier I am! I have made the paleo mayo where you have to pour the cup of oil in for three minutes…. I am thrilled! Your recipe says 1 egg. You made this using the whole egg, white and all? Mayo usually is made using the yolk only. All other recipes I have looked at use the yolk only. Is there an error on the recipe list? I would imagine this would not emulsify using the egg white.

Just wanted to update you Sonia!! Happy happy happy! I wish I would have found your recipe before my last attempt to make mayo. My husband came home and every kitchen cabinet was open and every type of conceivable blending appliance had been used: Large and small food processor,a whisk, and the blender. I now have a stick blender. I had attempts that remained separated and one that separated right at the end. But once I finally got it right… it was delicious. In order for my blender to work, I had to make a triple batch. I had mayo coming out the wazoo. Your recipe looks foolproof and I am ready to try again!

Your comment really cracked me up, Rene. I certainly hope that you have more success with this recipe. I just know you will. Your mayo recipe was the easiest thing. I had it in the jar and whipped up in no time flat. I added a little Dijon and I look forward to trying it again with different additional flavors. He thought it was delicious. He becomes more intrigued every day with my delicious food and shrinking waistline.

I just tried this method, using 2 eggs instead of 1 after reading the reviews, and it turned out perfect! Will never buy it again! Thanks for such an easy method! Good to hear, Christin. Just make sure you use a large or extra large egg. I finally gave this a go a few weeks ago. It was just like your animation—magic! Made everyone who came in the house look at it. Yeah, they thought I was crazy! Prior to this the only successful mayo I have made was using the whisk and all by hand. WOW, This is amazing!!! Thank you for putting this up!! But the important thing is it worked just like your video shows!!!

I hope it is OK to have a link to this on my Face book. If not please let me know. The more people know about this super easy technique and convert to making their own healthy mayo at home, the happier I am! Thank you thank you thank you! You totally just changed my life! This was like 30 seconds max to make from start to finish as opposed to a few minutes! Thank you again! And you just totally made my day! Thanks so much!

I made it and it worked wonderfully! I am not a mayo fan so I was never really interested in making it. However I have had some great mayos in my lifetime and my husband is a mayo fan. I hate to buy the stuff and never will have to again! I used a muscovey duck egg and it worked perfectly. Sooooo good with homemade horseradish.

Duck egg and horseradish? That sounds heavenly! That stuff is nasty!!! Over the past week, I have had 4 crash-and-burn attempts at making mayo in a regular blender — drip, drip, drip…. I am licking the spoon. I am stunned at how delicious and amazing this was to make. I used a slightly wider jar, so after the first 20 seconds, rather than using an up and down action, I ended up going in circles. Still worked beautifully. And now you can have fun adding slightly more ingredients! Herbs, spices and aromatics, different vinegars, as well as different kinds of oil.

I think my own personal fave so far is avocado oil. Enjoy playing with mayo, Gail! Hi, I tried this with the handheld blender it is was a watery oily mess. HOWEVER I did start the blender on highest speed, maybe that was the issue, do you do this on the lowest possible speed of the handheld? I made this, but it turned out runny and tasted like oil. I even added two extra eggs with little improvement. What do you mean, one beater on a hand mixer, Jo Ann? Do you mean a hand mixer like this one? This technique specifically works with an immersion blender like this one.

Yours works great though! For anyone worried about shelf life, I make up a pretty good sized batch then divide it up into ice cube trays and freeze. Whenever I see the fridge jar is almost empty, I toss a handful of frozen mayo cubes into a mason jar and stick it in the fridge. You freeze mayo, really??? Thank you so much for the tip. Next time I make a batch, I will definitely do that! I made this today with such high hopes because every one else who made it, it appeared to be fantastic.

Sadly, I ended up making salad dressing. This never got thick like mayo for me, which is completely bumming me out. It tastes delicious, but I need mayo for my paleo challenge. Sorry to hear, Katie. I have made this several times and love it if I need mayo immediately.

Any thoughts? Thought I could get away with using regular olive oil I know, I know and it was of course too olive-tasting, but I salvaged that batch with some course-grain dijon mustard to turn it into a dijon mayonnaise. No need to be patient for your mayo anymore. It all happens in the blink of an eye or almost… And seriously. How cool is that process to look at? So I kept experimenting, with less and less olive oil…. I used too much salt and had no mustard available but tomorrow I shall buy some mustard and create another batch.

Thank you for this great technique! Now, does anyone want to buy a bottle and a half of olive oil? I will have to try making mayo with coconut oil sometime. My concern is that, given the nature of coconut oil, it must become really, really hard when you put it in the fridge? Have fun experimenting! It was fine, soft and creamy straight from the fridge. Alan, Thank you for the info re using less avocado oil!! I was about ready to throw my bottle out the window. The immersion blender is the only way to go. Having Mayo adds so much versatility to the Paleo way.

OMG can I just say how amazed I am with myself. I have been wanting to make my own mayo for ages mainly for coleslaw as the supermarket stuff is so overpowering. Thanks ever so much. Ah but you can use all kinds of oils, Ivonne. My fave now is avocado oil, but you can experiment with others, too.

Definitely stay away from that peanut stuff, though! Olive, avocado, macadamia, walnut, even coconut apparently, are all very good choices. And have fun experimenting with flavors and spices, too! Careful though. It can almost become addictive! Thanks so much for sharing! I tried thos recipe with Ripple Milk. Best recipe by far. I adapted a little and used normal milk and butter as I am only allergic eggs but the dough was so fluffy still.

Thank you x. Thank you. So easy to make. I used the dough hook on my mixer rather than by hand. I might try brown sugar in the filling next time, but it was still delicious. Going to put on the cream cheese frosting next time to. This was a trial run before I made them for Easter! Do you know if you can make the cinnamon rolls a day ahead, refrigerate over night and bake and glaze I n morning? If I want to freeze them, do I let them rise after the rolling and cutting before I freeze? Or or roll and cut, put into pan and then freeze immediately without rising? Yes, cut and place in a dish, then freeze immediately.

Then let thaw in the fridge overnight, covered. One question — can I use oat milk in place of almond milk. We have been making the switch to oat milk since almonds use sooo much water. Thank you! The bobs red mill gluten free flour works magic!! This is my favorite cinnamon bun recipe yet! I followed the recipe as is, and the amount of sugar listed is waaaaaaaaay off. Hello, I would like to make this for a weekend breakfast.

Is it possible to make the dough Friday afternoon, and once risen 0lace in refrigerator until morning? Then, roll out to place filling and bake? To prepare 1 day ahead- once the cinnamon rolls are formed and in the pan, cover and refrigerate. The next day, set the pan on top of the oven while they rise and double in size.

Then proceed with baking as instructed. I made the recipe as posted and this will definitely be my new go to cinnamon roll dough. It baked up beautifully and even after refrigeration and a quick reheat that dough stayed soft. So many others get extremely hard the next day. I made this as specified the first time and it was absolutely fantastic. More melted butter, more sugar, and more cinnamon.

Sounds good right? Folks, when I rolled this thing up the filling started to seep out the sides, the front, all over my counter top, and even down my cabinets! Does it need to be cane sugar? I have a whole bag of coconut sugar in my cabinet and want to know if that will taste relatively the same.

Some other commenters have done so successfully. Most excellent!! We had become addicted to the cinnamon rolls in the freezer section of the grocery store, in a plastic bag, not vegan. As we embraced our plant based and eco friendly diet, the premade rolls had to go. I made this , and put on a baking sheet in the freezer, the in my own container. The night before I placed in a pan and overnight thawed, then baked as directed ,.

Big hit with the family who said they were even better than the ones we use to have!! I will definitely make again soon the same way, so that they are ready when we want! Also, I used my bread machine to make the dough while I ran other errands, and I used flaxseed milk as I am not a fan of almond milk too low on protein.

Very very good recipe!! Thank you for making vegan eating yummy! Delicious and easy! Only major departure: I had to leave them in for 45 minutes to get them baked all the way through, perhaps because of a lazy oven. Fabulous recipe for a decadent morning. Now after the th time making them I know exactly how to place them in the dish to let them expand evenly, and to wait at least a couple hours both times and they get soooo big and maybe a dash more ferment-y but I enjoy that..

Absolutely fantastic!! Husband loved them. Only needed 2. I grow stevia. And our mennonites make a liquid stevia with real plants. My husband and I were fully raw vegan, then moved to a cold climate n became steamed n raw vegans then went broke n ate cheap pizza. We are mostly vegan but we now get the best fully raw organic milk, butter, cheese,n yogurt from our local mennonites. Anyways I looked up an organic recipe and found this one.

Unless I go ahead and try it with cane sugar or organic honey or sorghum maybe. Oh and Messiah ate curds and honey. This recipe is fantastic! I pulled them out of the fridge, let the oven heat up and brushed the melted butter over top and baked them 30 mins. So good, thank you! This is my second try, and after an hour, it remains the same tiny ball! Butter and milk at recommended temperature, yeast is instant at recommended proportions, covered, and stored in a warm spot. I have made the dough, but 3 cups of flower were to much! The dough was very though.

Not nice and soft. Maybe I did something wrong. Hope you have the answer. Sorry to hear that, Angela! Every dough reacts differently, which is why I suggest to stop adding it when it gets too dry. Only add as much as it takes, which may only be 2 cups! Ok, these are awesome! And they are delicious! I cannot find vegan butter anywhere around here so I use odorless coconut oil and it comes out really great. As a topping I mixed tahini with water and date syrup Silan. It was super delicious!! I make these all the time and love them! The only difference is instead of brushing the top with butter before baking, I use some more cinnamon mixture cinnamon, butter, sugar and it tastes amazing!

Based on other recipes I have made, I was quite surprised to see that there was not brown sugar in the filling. I went ahead and used brown sugar, earth balance, Cinnamon and flour to help it bind. I also found the 2. Came out great. I made these tonight for Christmas Eve. They were wonderful! Absolutely delicious!!! Nothing at all was lost from them being vegan. I used the cream cheese frosting recipe that you linked and it was really good, as well. Next time, though, I will cut the frosting recipe in half.

It was definitely way too much although I enjoyed eating a lot of it out of the bowl, heehee! What a wonderful way to wake the family on Christmas Day! Yes, that will work! I have a simple, non-controversial question: can you prepare the cinnamon rolls and place into the pan the night before you want to bake them? I was hoping to be able to pop them in the over in the morning without all the prep!

I have a simple, non-controversial question: can you prepare the cinnamon rolls and place in the pan the night before you want to bake them? I was hoping to be able to pop them in the oven in the morning! What a great recipe! I have had to go gluten and dairy free for health reasons. I added a teaspoon of cardamom and a teaspoon of matcha. Am I able to make these the night before? Would like to prepare ahead of time and bake in the morning.

Has anyone ever made this with Rice Flour? I tried making a batch for the first time today and I think the dough was a little moist. I made this using vanilla hemp milk. Followed ingredients and instructions and added some brown sugar to the filling. They turned out great, however, tasted very yeasty though. Could the sweetened milk have contributed to this? Or possibly too warm of environment?

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I placed a towel over the bowl and put on top of my stove off of course. Some doughs are called to set for an hour, others hours and some overnight. Any clarification or helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!! I was wondering if I could prep the night before by making the rolls and leaving them in the fridge then bake in the morning.

I would like to do the prep work the night before and bake them in the morning to take to work. Should I put them in the refrigerator? Or can I leave them covered overnight, wake up and preheat the oven, and just pop them in there? Yes, that should work but I would honestly just bake them the evening before. Hardest part was rolling up dough into a log without it breaking. Put cut rolls onto cookie sheet that had melted butter and crushed walnuts. Also walnuts inside roll.

Please, people, stop asking dumb questions. Be adventurous. Take some risk. Try something new. Think outside the box. Use the brain God gave you. Have you ever prepped these the night before but baked them in the AM? Hi Liz! I would probably go ahead and bake them at night, then reheat in the morning. Thank you for all of the fool-proof recipes, they never seem to fail :.

I have tried this recipe, and several other vegan recipes for cinnamon roll my yeast is frothy so activated but my dough will not rise!!

Up your BBQ IQ

I was a bit unsure how they would turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely be keeping this recipe handy. I highly recommend this recipe!! I have made these SO many times! My dad, who is an avid meat eater, says these are the BEST cinnamon rolls he has ever had! For this thanksgiving I wanted to make two batches the night before and just stick them in the oven in the morning.

How would you do this? Or is it even possible? Thank you we use soooo many of your recipes as my at home staples, as a mom all your quick and easy recipes have saved me! These vegan cinnamon rolls are awesome. I followed recipe exactly and even used vegan ingredients because this IS a vegan blog.

Made this exactly as it is. Except that I used regular milk and regular milk. It took longer than I thought it would but it was Delicious!!! I have been vegan for 20 years and made these Cinnamon Rolls for the 2nd time and they come out good every time. I follow the recipe usually like written, because I always believe that someone already tried it out.

Works for me! I do change the milk sometimes and this time I used oat milk, since I had it and the rolls came out great. I ate three that same night lol I scaled back the amount of oil though because it seemed like a lot when I was putting it on and they came out just fine! I have others in the freezer and they serve as a nice winter snack when I come home from my long cold day at school lol. Is there a vegan alternative to vegan butter which is not coconut oil or margarine?

A mixture of sunflower and almond oil, maybe? Absolutely a hit, I made double batch using olive oil coconut oil to grease the pan , soymilk and brown sugar all organic instead of the suggested ingredients and I added vegan chocolate chips in the sugar-cinnamon filling and on top of the rolls and they came out amazingly fluffy! Thanks a lot! The first time was so good and I was dying for more!

Also made more frosting because I am obsessed haha! I absolutely love these! I made them a couple of times and they are a real crowd-pleaser, especially with the frosting. It was really good! Oy turned out nice and soft, went really well with the cream cheese frosting. I did have to add extra liquids though. I subbed coconut oil for the earth balance and used powdered sugar because I made these trying to get rid of the stuff in our pantry lol.. They came out great! I think I might have accidentally portioned out an extra cup of flour because I had so much leftover.

Anyways, they still turned out lovely! Probably a bit more bready than if I had not goofed. My non-vegan parents liked them but they may also be just saying that to make me feel good! Hi Dana!!! Question: can I freeze them?? And then thaw slightly and then bake until fluffy and golden brown. Scan the comments above for tips.

Good luck! I made them twice now. First time, was a bit unsuccessful but the second — YUM! They were perfect. Thanks Dana! Everything one could ask for! Unsweetened almond milk is crazy expensive in Lima, so I used the cheap sweetened soy milk and worked just as fine. Everyone non vegan at home loved them! Thanks so much for the recipe!

Got all the way to rolling them out before discovering I was out of cinnamon whoops! Update: They turned out amazing with the jam! Super easy to make and so delicious. I am so tempted to eat them all at once. They are also super budget and student-friendly. I only got to 1. Also, I only used 2 Tbsp to brush the dough when adding the cinnamon sugar and only 1 Tbsp to brush before baking. More would have been excessive. This recipe is a bit time consuming, but easy. Oh, also, I used plain, unsweetened soy milk.

I followed the recipe exactly and they turned out perfectly. I did rush the icing a bit and it just melted into the buns which turned out to be a good thing. I will be making these again for my vegan children. The only downside is that they only make 9. These turned out great: moist and fluffy, just as described. I subbed dairy-free milk with water. And I used coconut sugar instead of cane sugar. Tasted just like French bread with a cinnamon filling to me. I would probably add more sugar to the dough next time.

I also regret having used brown sugar for the filling, but was all I had.

Eating Keto? 30 Low Carb Recipes We LOVE!

It imparted its own flavor and kind of masked the cinnamon-ness of the rolls. Very easy! Whipped up the dough and let it rise while we took our daughter to swim lessons. When we got home I quickly rolled them out and popped them in the oven. So great! And the house smells so good too! You need to triple the cinnamon filling amount to have any taste, otherwise its pretty boring.

Dough is a great base though. Sounds wonderful! But I was wondering if oat milk would work as well instead of almond milk as I am allergic…. This is my go-to cinnamon roll recipe. I love everything about it. So delicious and loved by everyone who eats them. Can the dough be made ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen to be baked later? Maybe even a couple at a time instead of the whole batch at once? Super straightforward and so tasty! Definitely making this recipe a part of our Christmas morning tradition — thanks!

Took about 90 min to male with rising, baking. Seriously awesome! Made it for Christmas brunch. They were just as delicious! This time I made them with bread flour and I have to say these are by far the fluffiest and moistest ones ive done so far. They are all gone.

The next challenge for me is to try and double the recipe. Dana if you read this how do I go about going that. Thanks for this amazing and delicious recipe. Merry Christmas! Christmas morning, The dough is rising for Cinnamon Buns. My granddaughter specifically asked me to make these again. Unreal, these are so sweet and gooey. Thank you for the recipe! Dumb question from an amateur: when it says to start rolling from one end, does that mean roll from the shorter side of the rectangle, or do I roll from the long side? Can I make today and freeze them?

How do I go about it? Hi Brooke! Yes you can but they are definitely best fresh. That way, they are super fresh but still made-ahead. Hope this helps! Right on, Lisa. Unfortunately only some people get it. These look fabulous! I was wondering if I could make them the night before and let them rise in the refrigerator overnight like you say to do in your Overnight Honey Wheat Cinnamon Rolls?

In the morning, take them out, let them warm and rise for a while with rolls you can usually tell they are ready when they all squish together , then bake. Do they keep in the fridge? Or do they freeze? I am horrible at baking.. Could I use baking powder instead? If so would you know how much I should use in place of the yeast.

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to making them for Christmas Morning Does anyone have advice on what to use to make them gluten free? I cannot have gluten but would like to make these for Christmas morning. Do you think that the cinnamon rolls could be put in a dish and kept in the fridge for a day or two before baking them? I was thinking of making these in advance before christmas and bake them the day of.

If yes can you please tell me exactly what to do to keep them fresh overnight until I bake them. Thanks in advance! Do you think that would be okay? Should I only make the dough the night before, then roll them out the next morning? Or could I make the entire dish the night before and put it in the oven the next morning? Made these tonight…knock out of the park delicious. Dough is soooo soft and melt in your mouth.

Underestimated the cinnamon but otherwise a dream of a cinnamon roll experience!! These cinnamon rolls were amazing! I made them yesterday evening, and all I had to do when I woke up on Thanksgiving morning was to pop them in the oven! They were so delicious! My one advice would be to double the filling recipe because their can never be too much cinnamon!

Any advice for making these the night before, so I can just pop these in the oven the next morning? I tried looking through the comments for any tips, but there were sooooo many. Any advice would be wonderful! How long will the cinnamon rolls keep in the refrigerator? Like say the night before and then pop in the oven before work to bring to girls at work as a treat? Thanks for your help! Is it possible to make part of this recipe ahead of time? For example, could I do most of the prep the night before then do the baking in the morning? Substituted the almond milk for soy milk.

He loved them! Made this for my husband and kids they loved it! Thanks for sharing. The recipe that turned me onto your blog. Then I saw this one that contained… Almond milk? I always have almond milk! Of both the rolls and your blog. I also tend to share a lot of your recipes with my friends. So, thank you so much for all you do!

They smell so good and look amazing! I will let you know how they turned out taste-wise in the a. My other flatmates all non-vegans demolished them as well, and said they were really good! I also found a nice glaze — if you use soy milk and brown sugar, then the glaze goes kind of caramel like which goes really well with the cinnamon. Will definitely be making these again! I was wondering if these could be prepared the night before and kept in the fridge overnight to be baked first thing in the morning?

I made mine with soymilk instead, and they turned out even better than when I used almond milk. Such a treat! Thank you for this wonderful minimalist recipe! Hi Rico! Hello, Minimalist Baker. I love what Farm Girl wrote in June and wanted to say thank you. She made my day. This recipe is awesome, even if you substitute milk and butter. I like to make the recipe in the evening all the way up to putting them in the pan and then cover and place in the fridge overnight for the second rise.

Then, in the morning, I take it out and put it on top of something warm while the oven heats up. Im making these this weekend for a brunch, so excited. Or how do they hold up the next day? Let me know! I made these for a potluck one day at work and everyone loved them, thank you so much! I also made them for Thanksgiving and my nieces and nephews enjoyed them as a treat while we watched movies.

Every time i followed your recipe exactly- just added a different amount of yeast so it would equal to yours. However, I want to make them again with instant yeast that can be mixed with the other ingredients right away. Do I still need to let them activate for 10 minutes the second step?

Or shall I just skip that and add everything to the bowl at once? Thank you very much for this recipe, it is my favorite so far. I hv made these several times and they are a big hit. I make them with real ingredients though, not vegan. After baking how do I store them? Should I leave them covered and an air tight container on the counter or in the fridge? Easy to follow and the results were great. Cinnamon rolls have always been one of my favourite sweet treats and now I have the perfect recipe to use for them. Will it be fine if i use gluten free flour?

Some have tried it with gluten free flour and although the flavor was excellent the texture was quite stiff and flaky. The trick was not overworking practically NO kneading and to use less flour than you think you need. Read some of the other comments to get tips from others who have tried it!

Hello, Would it be possible to use unrefined coconut oil instead of the vegan butter for this recipe? It already comes with the yeast packet and the texture is spot on:. Thank you for the recipe. Easy, simple, fast and delicious. I used regular milk and it turned out great : Thank you! Does it matter what plant-based milk you use? Could I use soya milk?

Thankyou so much — these were delicious!!!! Looovvveeee these!! I followed the recipe step by step divided by 2 changing it by a gluten free flour mix that I made with my grinder :. I am in heaven right now. Thanks for sharing your good ideas A guy from a vegan family in France. I am obsessed with this recipe! So easy, so delicious! Hi Michelle! I also used coconut milk from carton. I clearly strayed too far… im giving this 5 stars bc it was very simple and easy and I have no doubt it will turn out delicious next time.

I will definitely give this another go! I Just loved it I made it and it was my first baking dish still it turned so awesome an my house is smelling like bakery with sweet cinnamon smell…!! Hello, great recipe By the way! I am doing this for a science project and was just wondering how long you can keep it before they go off?? X thankyoooo Ellie xxoo P.

I would love it if you checked out my site! Hey Allie! I made this recipe and absolutely loved it!! The rolls were flaky, buttery, not too sweet, and a great texture! Will totally keep this recipe on file. But since we had Sunday brunch plans, I got up early on Saturday and started working on these delights. They came out at least as good, if not better than I had hoped! In the future, I would likely forego the rapid rise yeast and let the thing proof overnight so that the only thing I would need to do in the morning would be to roll it out, flavor it, roll it, cut it and bake it!

An hour will be way more palatable next year when my daughter and I undertake this special tradition for Mom. Thanks for all the hard work, and making an utter novice, such as myself king for a day from a baking perspective as I attempt to recognize the most important women in my life! This is literally the easiest cinnamon bun recipe I have ever came across!! So yummy!!!! I did half with cinnamon and sugar and the other half with chocolate Ferrero Rocher and nutella… It came out soooooo yummy.

I used unsalted grass-fed butter in place of the earth balance, coconut milk in place of the almond milk and coconut sugar in place of the cane sugar and they taste legit like something I would buy at Cinn-a-Bun! Thank you so much for this amazing recipe. Can you make this and leave it in a pan in thr fridge overnight to cook in thr moening or does that mess up the recipe? I just made these and followed the recipe exactly. They are cafe quality! Spelt has Gluten. All wheat has Gluten. Please be safe. If I want to make these ahead of time, at what step should I make them until?

I need them for tomorrow. I would recommend making them up to the point before baking! They are best fresh! I made mini cinnamon rolls using half the recipe. I used a mix of spelt white and wheat flour along with coconut sugar instead. I love them, and a coworker of mine asked for seconds so that was reassuring. My mom-vegan family thouroghly enjoyed them and were suprized when I told them that they were vegan :. When melting to spread over the rolled out dough I only used 1tbsp. I also used organic coconut sugar instead of the cane sugar.

The rolls were light, fluffy and absolutely perfect. Just made these for Easter and they turned out so good!!! I made the rolls the night before and put them in my fridge overnight, took them out in the morning to proof for hours and baked them with success. Hi Telma! I would just recommend making them, covering them and refrigerating them and then baking them first thing in the morning.

I used oat milk and coconut oil and they turned out really great. I only had Pastry flour on hand so I kneaded it a little longer and it took about 1. I also made a vegan frosting.. I heated the milk and flour together while stirring making sure not to boil and then when the milk thickened I let it cool. In a large bowl I mixed together the coconut oil, sugar and vanilla and cinnamon and when the milk was room temperature I mixed it all together and iced the cinnamon rolls right out of the oven. Love love LOVE this recipe. Heaven in rolls haha.

They are perfect! I just over-oiled the bowl when rising the dough so it was too moist, but taste and texture were perfect however! Thanks for this recipe! I love how simple this recipe sounds. So, I am gonna bring those cinnamon buns to the potluck dinner tonight. Also, as I roll up the dough, I brush another layer of melted smart balance. We made these last night, using milk and earth balance. We let them rise the second time in the refrigerator overnight and baked them in the morning. Do you have a similar recipe for raisin Danishes? Having tried twice before to make these and being sourly disappointed and annoyed time rape I had given up.

But then after waiting around for the bakery to open having avoided the traffic I thought I should give it another crack! I tried your recipe and it worked!!

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A big hit, healthier and uncomplicated. High five you!! Thank you for awesome deliciouslyness and an amazingly smelling home!! I used oat milk which worked just fine and in a second batch I used nutella with the sugar and cinnamon. HI there, is it possible to leave these in the fridge overnight and bake them in the morning or will that cause them to rise too much? Please please please correct the gluten free part — spelt and whole wheat are NOT gluten free!

Is there a specific reason you use that vegan butter? Hello, we are gluten and nut free has anyone tried these with oat milk and gluten free white flour? Going to give it ago tomorrow. Will comment with results. I wanted to prep them on a Friday and baked them off to serve them for breakfast on Sunday. Thanks SO much for sharing this recipe. I made these and everyone in my house love them! The last time i made them i added a little bit of light brown sugar and used maple syrup on top. These recipes never disappoint, always making us question why anyone would make this with dairy and gluten if it tastes this good without it?

I made these, OMG they are amazing! And without too much effort winning! Gosh, you are good minimalistbaker? I just made these for the first time first cinnamon rolls since being vegan for about a year and they turned out absolutely fantastic! I subbed Coconut Oil for the Earth Balance and used a little less for brushing on 3.

I also subbed quinoa milk for almond milk, and it worked fine! I did the icing sugar to top it, just with a mix of veggie milk and icing sugar and they are fantastic! Thanks for the awesome recipe, I will definitely be making again! I mean if you want to a cow to spend the rest of her life having her babies stolen away and hooked up to a machine the rest of her life just for her to have her hanging down while people slit her throat just for the sake of profit, go ahead.

Use real plain milk. Hi there! I am so excited to make these today on this snowy day. They are best fresh, but you can freeze them! Check out this article! I am so happy these came out perfect, with no eggs or butter! They are fluffy and very tasty. I added more sugar to the dough and removed some from the brush-on part. Had anyone tried making these with a liquid sweetener? Agave, maple, honey? Let me know, thanks so much! Thank you so much for this recipe! My daughter and I made these.

They were light, fluffy and delicious! Your recipe gave me confidence! I made it exactly as the recipe but multiplied by 1. They were light, fluffy, and rose perfectly. This will be my go to cinnamon roll recipe for now on. This recipe is delicious! The cinnamon rolls came out of the oven looking scrumptious! I made my own icing by combining a cup of powdered sugar with some soy milk.

I had to add extra soy milk to achieve the right consistency. I also added a tablespoon of earth balance and approximately a half tsp. Of cinnamon to the icing. It added a delicious cinnamony flavor to the cinnamon rolls. Thanks for the awesome recipe, Dana! SO excited about this recipe! Which would work best? Just made them, they are dope and so easy to make, dont think its possible to mess them up! Thanks for sharing the recipe :. Oh good lord!

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Subbed with plain milk and butter but followed the measurements and recipe as written and they have turned out lovely BOTH times I have made them…. Oh for sure…. Thank you for this brilliant recipe x. I used whole wheat flour and non- vegan ingredients. Does anyone know why this is happening? This was a great recipe. These were easy to make and tasted delicious!

This is a beautiful looking design and the content is so clear and well written. Great job and everything here! Thanks for the recipe :. For the love of cinnamon rolls — make a double batch of these! So easy I see alot of these in my future. We made these cinnamon rolls when we woke up. We had to substitute cane sugar for coconut sugar and used a separate icing recipe. They turned out delicious!! We were amazed that we could make such a lovely, vegan dish from such a simple recipe!

Thank you, Minimalist Baker! Thanks again for another wonderful, easy recipe! We replaced all sugar with maple syrup and it turned out great, also used spelt flour. Kids loved them: Thanks. Could I make the dough in my bread machine? I do understand I would have to remove it to let it rise the second time. You sure can! Do I have to use the specific brand of butter mentioned here or can I use any vegan butter that I have?

Would it work to let the second rise occur overnight in the refrigerator so they can be more ready to go? Has anyone tried this? I made these with half almond flour and half regular organic all purpose flour and they rose beautifully and tasted delicious. These look amazingly delicious and easy peasy! Can you help me modify the recipe using a blend of coconut flour and garbanzo bean flour?

Do you think they would work? This is a wonderful recipe! I am vegan and refrain from artificial sugar, thus I made these with papaya puree. I simply substituted the coconut sugar with papaya puree. About a quarter of a large papaya will do with about a teaspoon of xantham gum added. Perhaps because I used active dry yeast? They were delightful without the applesauce, but for sweet tooths, I think it would be better.

Great job Dana! It was amazing, and everyone loved it. I added more cinnamon though. Hi, I hope someone can enlughteb me on the type of yeast required fir this recipe. Hmm I am not sure if either of those will work for this recipe. You can purchase it online, so if you cannot find it in store, that may be your next best option. Happy baking! Came out fabulous. Came out really nice. It tasted good though. These were amazing! This was my first time making cinnamon rolls, and they came out very well.

But you say it serves 10? I beg to differ — my bf and I ate almost the whole pan! There goes the vacation diet… :D. These are the BEST cinnamon rolls! I replace half of the flour with whole wheat pastry flour and it works out great. Thank you so much for this recipe :. The second time I let it rise a little bit longer as my house was cold and it came out even better!

This is much easier and just as delicious! Do you think that I can juste do the cinnamon rolls, but cook them the next day? And how long can we keep the cinnamon rolls after there cook? Are there gonna be as good the next day? Thank you so much for this wonderful and easy recipe.

My daughter and I have made it twice—so far, and found that by placing the bowl of dough by our small gas fireplace, we cut the rising time by about half…which is great as we can hardly wait for these buns to be ready. Again, thanks so much and happy new year! Thank you for this recipe.

I found that the flour amount is VERY generous. I also substituted brown for white sugar and was much more generous with the cinnamon and margarine—I mean, if youre gonna eat this stuff, why not make it decadent? The first time I made it, I went exactly by recipe and it was good but the sweetness was shallow and didnt have the depth of flavor that brown sugar has along with generous margarine.

So appreciate who you are and all you do! Thank you for this fabulous recipe! I am on a very low fat vegan diet, so I subsituted apple butter for oil based butter in exact amounts and the result is perfect! I am in heaven! And being vegan now felt like I was limited. I made this for Christmas brunch. I tweaked a little and added some brown sugar to the cinnamon mix. The cinnamon rolls are perfect. Firm on the outside, gooey in the middle. Great recipe, easy to follow and turned out fabulous.

I added some walnuts but am sure they would have turned out just as good without. Made them for Christmas morning and they were a success with all. Made these with cream cheese frosting for Christmas dinner. I was surprised what a huge hit they were! Thanks for all your amazing recipes! Two successful batches. One for my neighbors for holiday gifting and one for my Christmas morning breakfast. I cheated though and had to sample one roll on the Eve! Let me know how it goes!

You can generally make cinnamon rolls the night before. Cut the rolls, get them in the pan, cover and refrigerate. The next morning take them out and let rest on the counter or warm stove for about an hour or so before baking. Piece of cake! Or… roll. Happy Christmas! Any idea if these would bake at altitude?

Have you ever tried making ahead of time and freezing the unbaked rolls? If not, do you think that would work out ok with this recipe? Did anyone make these GF? I am trying to find a recipe for Christmas morning. Have you tried buckwheat flour? I note that in the instructions! Long time vegan but not much of a baker. Everything you claim is true: easy, fluffy, cinnamony, etc.

Perfectly fabulous, really!! Thanks so much. Thinking about making these on Christmas morning so my son with milk, egg, and peanut allergies can enjoy them along with the rest of the family! Would it be possible for me to do all the prep the night before and bake in the morning? Loved these, made them, followed the recipe since im vegan. I didnt have enough flour so cut the recipe in half. By accident i forgot to put the sugar in half too, but it tasted wonderful, so maybe i just like a lot of sugar lol. Thank you so much! Does anyone will happen to know a vegan replacement to it? Thanks, have a lovely day.

It was super easy to make and they taste nice, but were a little dry. Hi the recipe is amazing! The one part that i have trouble with is the size of the rolled out dough. Could you please provide the dimensions of the rolled out dough. Many many thanks for the many many hours you give to test and perfect your recipes! Signed, A grateful beginner Baker.

I see some tips on making the night before and keeping in fridge. What about freezing the dough? Would I prep all the way through placing in pan and then freeze? Any tips on going from freezer to oven? Would you thaw dough ahead of time? Just trying to simplify prep for Christmas! Thanks for the yummy recipe! I made these for Thanksgiving yesterday and they were a huge hit! Everyone was very impressed and surprised they were vegan. I was really nervous about working with the yeast, but your recipe got me through it and everything worked out well. Is there a step I can stop at and store overnight in the fridge?

After I roll and put in the pan? This recipe is amazing!!! So tasty and straight forward to make. I first had cinnamon buns on holiday in Denmark and these definitely rival them! Topped it with unrefined cane sugar for an extra sweet kick! These were lovely. Tasted great and looked beautiful. Even so, is there a way to make the dough more dense?

They came out very light and fluffy…not unpleasant but I enjoy the doughy texture of traditional cinnamon rolls too. Any input is appreciated! If you need the dough a little more it will make it more dense. Oh perfect! Thanks for the response. I love your blog…. This recipe worked perfectly, and it was very easy. Great little recipe!! I substituted soy milk for almond and half brown sugar for half the regular.

I also added raisins. I wanted to try this as a slow rise, so I refrigerated them overnight and then baked the next morning, and they came our pretty well! I already followed a few of your recipes and I found them deliciously tasty to eat, and easy to follow instructions. I love this recipe! My husband has been searching for the perfect recipe and is so thrilled with how these turned out. Thank you for posting! The recipe works great and quickly as written, though I usually use instant yeast and so throw all the dry ingredients together first and then dump the liquids in.

This time, though, I tried something new and it was pretty great and I wanted to share. I added 2 flax eggs in place of part of the non-dairy milk. Any idea why? Thanks Vicki. Do you think I could use the dough recipe for savoury scrolls or is the dough recipe itself quite sweet? Thanks :. I think you could actually, yes! Use this recipe for rolls. You can make them up until baking, then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. In the morning, set on the oven and drape with a towel while the oven is preheating. Then bake as instructed! Can i make this dough tonight and do the 1 hour rise and then refrigerate it tonight and bake it tomorrow morning?

See previous comments about other readers who have tried this, a few have shared some great tips! This was my first time making cinnamon rolls and they turned out perfect! Very soft, sweet, and sticky, just like cinnamon rolls should be. I did change a few things to use what I had on hand. I teach FACS and we only have 48 minute classes. Any suggestions on how to keep the dough til the next day so they can finish them? Hi Rachel, other readers had success making them the day before and then baked them off the next day! Amazing recipe! Hey Dana. Absolutely love your blog and am a complete sucker for cinnamon roles myself.

I have been a runner for the past 25 years and can baloon up in weight on my time off. I usually run between 50 to miles a week training for marathons. My wife knows my sweet spot is cinnamon roles. Of all posts to land on hahahaha Have a great day and continued success in your blog and writing. Oh no! Hi Dana. Great cinnamon rolls.

FYI the symbol for degrees can be found on word by going to Insert, then select Symbol far right hand side of tool bar , then scroll through the symbols until you find it. Once you use it, it will remain handy every time you use it. I think I have the solution for gluten free soft cinnamon rolls. For the butter, I used half real butter and half coconut oil. Flour was one cup less somehow as the dough was done even before I managed to add in the 3rd cup. Then I added the salt and followed the recipe for the dough kneading just a little until it became a smooth ball.

Pre heated the oven to c, turned it off and then let the dough rise in the oven. In the meantime , I mixed brown sugar, powdered cinnamon and nutmeg to thinly sliced apples and left aside. Brushed it with the remaining butter and leftover juices from the apples. Baking time was 25minutes with a fan assisted oven. Poured icing 1tbsp cashew milk and 3tbsp powdered sugar over it when it came out of the oven. It tasted even better the next morning when the flavours seeped in.

These are fantastic! Thank you for this great recipe. I made them even easier for me by putting the ingredients in my bread machine in the order that the bread machine likes, so the liquid first, then salt, sugar with flour on top and make a little dent in the flour for the yeast. They were great! It was the end of our month, so I was out of few things.

As my sister has a severe egg alergy it was good to find this recipe. I used milk and normal butter. As the weather was very hot I had to use a dash more milk. And as I was feeling lazy, I used a hand blender with a dough hook before giving the dough a light kneading by hand. I also sifted a tablespoon of cocoa in the cinnamon and finished it off with a light glaze of icing sugar mixed in vanilla extract and hot water. The end result was absolutely yummy, not to mention the glorious aroma wafting around in my kitchen!

BTW, this was my first attempt at cinnamon rolls. Is it possible to prep this recipe the night before? I want to make for a group of college kids but will only have an hour to cook and set up the dining area among other things. It would be perfect if I could just pop it in the oven in the morning. Another reader, Simon, had success making them the night before, check out earlier comments for more information! Hello MB, Thank you for dedicating your time and energy to making these awesome yet simple recipes.