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The opposite must exclude the original negative word. Every word you speak is recorded in your cells. Negative, words, statements and thoughts lowers your vibration. When you think positive thoughts, take positive actions and speak positive words you raise your vibration. Separate yourself from negative people and situations. Think of yourself first. Take a stand for yourself.

Treat yourself with the utmost respect. Recognize when others are trying to engage you in their negative creations and patterns, and disengage quickly. Walk talk and be proud. Reward your loving self and stop punishing yourself for negative thoughts your mind creates. Recognize the behaviors you have programmed into you as a result of fears created by your mind. Let go of those behaviors and let your loving heart — the true you before all the bullshit, be the one that participates in and enjoys life and is the one everyone gets to know. I like how anyone who disagrees with you gets deleted.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. From personal experience — I believe suicide is a call from the spirit world when are ego is not happy with the matierial world.

My mental illness grew from delusions of grandeur I my ego spent years cultivating. I do believe the spirits help us on this plane when we are open to the next demension. The Course of Miracles is a great way to see with Love rather than the illlusions of fear. Love is in the air — breathe!

I can be a tad bit cynical. This is like all those people running around trying to get into heaven. What control queen wrote this nonsense? Thanks for this! I now have a huge piece I can make for my office wall! I think I need to copy this and carry it around with me so I can read it daily. Thanks for sharing. This is just what I needed today! Great article, thank you so much. I recently got out of a relationship and a LOT of the above listed were present in the relationship.

It hurts right now very much but I know it was for the best. I see in the post s that there are others out there that are working on finding a happier place, much as i myself am. I would like to suggest that those of us with problems with any of the above should sit and contemplate how these affect us and how each of us as individuals can make them work for ourselves rather than pick them apart and try and make a bad situation out of a well meant and helpful posting. The author is not perfect and would probably not claim to be, merely trying to help there fellow travelers down this often confusing road that we call life.

Thank you Lucius for putting into words exactly what I would tell others. NOT excuses! After self medicating for 15yrs. I knew I needed help. Been on meds never abused them , and in Therapy off and on for almost 30 yrs. I could not count the times I wished, prayed, I was physically ill with something instead of my mental illnesses.

I am still a Christian, and know someday I will get answers for this. I know God heals. I have seen miricles. Just not my time. I also know God did not cause the abuse to happen to me, it was a choice of my parents to do what was done. I know others have been through worse. I left church 3yrs. I know I have to forgive, to be forgiven. God help me as You have all my life. You are not alone. But do seek help. I have seen it work for others. Never give up! Each afirmation makes it that bit closer. Thank you for post such a wonderful blog.

Keep up the great writing! And thanks to this article I can add to my list. Thank You for this article, Purpose Fairy. I remember a few years back when I was just as how you described. Somewhere during that time probably because of my stressful job , I lost my way and became a lot more bitter and upset than usual. A lot of these action steps will help me better myself and bring out the old side of me again and help move forward with my life.

Great list, and awesome insight. Some I have been able to let go, but others are still a challenge. What a great list. I have been working on many of these, and your list brings a few others to mind. I will print this out and put it somewhere I will see it frequently. The loss of a pet is a reason to grieve and to mourn. Those are okay. And, believe it or not, it is also okay to laugh when you hear that someone you loved passed on. Use one suggestion to live into another:. Give up your attachments that say Death is a Negative. Give up living up to expectation, it says.

Give up on the fact that trauma defines who you are. It does not suggest these are easy tasks! They apply to the Big Stuff, too. Be challenged by what you read here; if you need a blog to tell you to stop complaining, and blaming other people, so be it, but that is not what it was written for. But the sooner one is willing to face the past giving it up would be to reject the experiences that formed you, which would leave you without a reference point — why would we want that?

Give up on your fears. Fear is not an illusion. If we create it, then it exists. Thank you Lucius for your clarity, it has been insightful-dealing with lost friendships… Purpose fairy is a wonderfully appropriate name, god bless. Lucius, I absolutely agree to you response. Also, Chrisfer, I, too was hurt when I read comment When someone has a mental illness, they still strive to better themselves.

Many mental illnesses can be treated with medication. Having said that, I must add that when a mental illness is made stable through medication, that person who suffers from it oftentimes wants to feel normal. An article such as this would then target them as an audience just as much as a person who is not mentally ill. Danaadmin, please do not exclude people that suffer from a mental illness. You cannot possibly understand them unless you have been in their situation.

Otherwise, keep writing uplifting articles. Just remember to carefully word your responses to the resonses. There is a few I have to work on. Because of our talk, I thankfully have given up quite a bit. I relied on others for information. NOW I have the only one in me heart to go to and who is the chief healer. I, as we all should be going to the Lord forever. In the world we look at so many different views and have not only our habits, but seem to take on others.

Again, thank you. Previous therapy sessions never touched me as deeply as this piece just did. Although everyone could benefit, this should be required reading for ACoA. Since I doubt anyone is going to disagree with you, while I agree with most of these some of these are not only counter-intuitive but are also anti-motivational and simply put, horrible advice.

Also engaging in short term things that make you happy will have long term consequences. Give up the need for Control: this should be give up the need to control external things. Yes you might be happy shoving your face with ice cream, but ultimately this lack of personal control will lead to obesity and sadness. Give up complaining: in certain contexts you definitely should complain especially when it has impact. If the government is doing something that is going to destroy your life, again complain. There is a certain amount of complaining that is necessary otherwise you will become apathetic.

There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile because you know it will impress people. Putting in more time in the office, or spending more time at gym. While these things might remove short-term happiness they can give you greater long term happiness. This should be available in a large poster format. It would be a perfect constant reminder plastered on my office wall. This post does an excellent job of speaking to all people who, at one time or another, have experienced and can relate to all fifteen items it addresses. I think for people who have been diagnosed with having a mental illness, continuing to communicate with a professional is a helpful solution and should be continued.

However, if you think that this post does not relate to you then you are mistaken. To think that your illness will not allow you to act on these lessons as they are presented is a falsehood. I have been depressed and suicidal myself. I have experienced the transformation first hand of rising out of the darkness into light.

For others in dark places or have had a doctor tell them that they have a chemical imbalance that causes them to act a certain way, it is never too late to change your brain. The human brain is elastic and it can be changed. It can be changed into something entirely different through training and practice. Never give up on hope and never limit yourself or deny your ability to becoming a positive, happy person. With the exception of severe trauma or a physical impairment within the brain, the only limitations in life are self-inflicted.

Our minds can just as easily think positively as it can think negatively. Considering this, the satisfaction of life depends solely on the choices that an individual chooses to make and how they react to those choices. Be well and choose to see life as it is and nothing more. Live simply, slowly and always be aware and observing of the environment. I read this whole article today, and I am so glad that I did.

I have lost who I am, and what it is I enjoy, besides being a Mom, I really have no other joy in my life. My life has almost always been about doing for others…….. I have always thought that it was a selfish act to think only about what I want and enjoy. My life has taken many, many directions in my 51 years and it is hard to stay on the path that takes me where I need to be. Old habits are very hard to break. I literally make myself sick over what to do to change this mindset. I am ever so gratefull for the person that sent this to me right now am dealing with a lot of stuff that was mentioned here ,this has open up a new way of thinking for me ,am happy that i took the time to read it through ,i plan on reading this everyday until i come to the place that am suppose to be at ,thank you honey thank you…..

I will take a mental note of what happened and why, learn from it and move on. I cant just put myself first and be true to myself. I cant, there is too much pain in this world. To Lucius, I was happy to see your thoughtful and eloquent response. I have been dealing with depression all my life and have been diagnosed since the age of It took me many years to understand why I was often moved by something but unable to apply the principles that impressed me in my life.

I could have saved myself years of frustration. What I needed to be reading was works by wise people like you: my kind of normal. Is this what poor people do to pass the time? Happiness is life without worry, without concern over serious problems, and the only thing that fixes that is money. Literally all these issues are alleviated if you have enough money. I would add just one more to this list. And that is to remove the word hate from your mind.

If there is no hate then only true love can exsist. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try. These are interesting and philosophically curious. There is a fine line between spinelessness or indifference and blissfulness. This line is not absense but presense, which often takes a great deal of control—self-control not control of others. But, what do I know. I am facing my second divorce and have spent much of my life soul searching. This is a fabulous post!

Such wonderful, productive and doable thoughts about letting go. I agree! Great list. Might I add, Draw your boundaries. Everyone of these points is golden. If your on the edge of understanding this of want to work this into your life start teaching it. After letting go of the need to control and omnipotence. Giving to others is the way to get back. I always danced to the beat of a different drum. People found me to be weird as a child, but from what I read I was ahead of my time. I am happy with who and what I am. Self-love goes a long way in acceptance. It is hard to teach and even harder to find within yourself.

I do not need someone to complete me. I am happy being by myself but do a lot of charity work for animals and children who have no voice. This article is absolutely beautiful! Like many other readers, I agree that it effectively encapsulates everything that is essential to living a happy life, thank you Purpose Fairy for this wonderful piece of work! Great to be positive and just as good to be realistic.

As I am sure your post is meant to encourage, empower and enlighten. You are being unreal when you say situations cannot make us sad or depressed. I guess you have never lossed a loved one or was never struck with a serious illness. Even the Bible if you believe in it expects us to grieve. They can be helpful to many. This seems like a simplistic take on why our fears exist, and how they are valuable in doing transformational work. The thing you fear may be an illusion, but the fear is real, as is the pain associated with it.

Such a perfect time to come across this post on Facebook. I will be sharing it with my friends. I am in the middle of a significant and difficult transition in my life which has left me looking for purpose. What better purpose than to focus on what really matters in life. Great wisdom, tips and thanks for the sharing. May more people achieve happiness by letting go and giving up on what burdens us and stops us from choosing happiness. I love this list. Will indeed print and post, and share and read and re-read.

Limiting beliefs can be turned into the catalysts for change, the power for action and the fuel to change from ordinary — to extraordinary; just as soon as you recognize, they are YOURS to do away with. Thanks PF. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this article. I found much of it to be intriguing, thought-provoking, and challenging. As you look at expounding on these, you might remember there are those of us who look back at the past which confines us and defines us to a large extent and we only see things that we never want to repeat.

Holding on to that past is the last thing we want to do, yet letting go is more painful than can be imagined. I think your scope of the people you wanted to attract with your list did not include people like me. But today I will let go of any negative feelings about that just as soon as I acknowledge them. I agree that you should never listen to the entire world and try to be what they want you to be, but maybe your loved one wants you to stop lying, stop smoking, stop drinking too much etc.

These are the kind of things you should listen too because they are in YOUR best interest. Remember: Man is a social animal and no one wants to die alone. Use your judgement, keep on loving the people you love and little sacrifices to maintain your good relations go a long way in keeping you happier. Hi, great article, I stumbled on it on Pinterest. These are all things I must work on.

I find amazing quotes and pieces of literature that help me a lot but then I still have a mental breakdown some days. I send out an explosion of sadness and anger and by the end of it all I realize I really have nothing to be sad or angry about. By this point I feel there is no redeeming myself to my loved one and he is thinking I am psycho and it takes a week or so to get over the fact that…gee, what is going on with me? Why do I act like this? And finally, after all this, I am upset at myself for the way I acted and I dwell on the matter of how dumb I acted.

I hope I can learn from this article everyday and start to think before I open my mouth with nonsensical complaints and self loathing. I really need a change of mindset. Hopefully I am not the only one out there who feels like this sometimes. Everything in my life is great, I truly have no reason to complain, yet I still find things to be unhappy about. As much as this stuff does not bother me most of the time, other times it creeps up and really eats away at my thoughts. Anyway…thanks again. This is going to be a learning process for me, as life is for everyone, but this is going to help a lot, I know it.

I am confused as to what you mean about giving up attachment. You say to do this yet you do not elaborate on what you mean by giving up attachment nor do you offer suggestions on how to go about doing so. Just saying that providing some examples would have been a good place to start. Its my personal opinion that this list is unrealistic without the love and purpose of God. If you give up both your attachments and your need for acceptance of people, you will feel extremely empty and alone. This list through scripture: 1. Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.

Proverbs 2. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged. Matthew 4. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Philippians 5. Do all things without complaining and disputing, 15 that you may become blameless and harmless. Philippians 7. Matthew 8. Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the LORD means safety. Proverbs 9. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

Romans Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Joshua For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

Matthew I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians I loved your article! I work on these things every day. The attachment part is tricky and giving up being right or not caring about others opinions of me. Thanks for your succinct presentation of these goals I carry with me daily! Thank you Chris, so very much for your 42 comment and Lucius — the most clearly presented way I feel. Thanks for helping me understand a bit about myself.

Reading peoples comment even makes me more happy.. Like I said,everybody wants happiness ofcourse-its the real meaning of life.. People just completely have forgotten..

LET GO AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE - - Motivational Speech Compilation 2018

Blinded by manipultion through hundreds ,if not thousands of years. I generally enjoyed the article and in so far as learning to let go of our attachments, it is very useful to understand the basic idea. But I do take issue with this section:. Give up complaining…. In the last year, 3 people close to me have died, all too young. In my soul searching, these strong feelings came to me — grief, despair, sadness, and these are all healthy emotions in the wake of a death.

I can choose my actions — I can choose how I react to my emotions. And in my meditation I try to take the role of the observer, watching my emotions as they arise and letting them float by. But the idea that emotions only arise out of allowing — essentially out of a loss of control, goes against 2 there. By letting go of control, I let myself experience my emotions and consider my reactions to them. After all, to be in a state of wise mind, I pair rational thought with emotion, and in that place all emotions are allowed. Thank you so much for this wonderful, sound advice.

It is so simple, yet so profound. Mental hygiene can be helpful if We realize how complex life is and how important to give everything lots of room and a healthy dose of irreverence, humor and tolerance. My partner says it boils down to 2 things: be kind and take responsibility for your actions. Dream big dreams and get out of the way! Stellar advice to those wanting to create their dreams come true and yet, are not, talk about useful action steps. I especially resonate with number five — limitations. I like to limit my limiting beliefs! You know, each one of your suggested steps leads into the next which makes for steady movement.

Does that make sense.? I have come out of a difficult relationship, in which I was manipulated and controlled. I have lost who I was. Perhaps though, it was something I needed to go through in order to discover a new me. I am suffering a great deal from all the above 15 things! And making other suffer too, and caused myself into somekind of depression. So true, but so tough to do it! All of the things listed in this post are situationally useful or good, and giving up on them entirely can turn someone into a carpet.

I think that life is too complex for the recipe to happiness to hold in one small blog post. And I think giving up on this constant need to be kind actually made a lot of people happier; it all comes down to making the right choice as to when to be kind. Not just letting go of blaming others! Fortunately, I gave up most of these things over the past few years and guess what?

I think giving up on limiting beliefs was huge… followed by the need to always be right. I have got to make sure I am right before I say so and I pick my battles carefully now. Saves tons of wasted energy. Thanks for this article.

Great thoughts. Great article. I have been most of my life on a path of self-development — 42 years. To Lucius, I agree that their are exceptions and I am so happy that you voiced them: quite eloquently I might add. Sorry to hear that you are not in the target audience anymore, though. I think 16 is going to have problems finding anyone in the target audience!!

Many thanks again! You make a good aspect. Has fantastic facts here. I really enjoyed your blog! I put it in my favorites so I can come back again. I found it on Bing. This will take me the rest of my life to complete! I have one question — if it is OK to ask a fairy a question? Control as with everything in life is a very broad subject with many emotional overtones. I wonder if one can possibly tread the fine line of just right consciousness, no control and yet accepting responsibility.

I even used a bit of control not much to write this question, to think and even to resist not writing to much. Letting go of control does not imply to let go of your responsibilities, but rather to trust yourself, to trust life and to go with the flow, the current of life instead of going against it. Interesting article. The point about giving up criticism confuses me, though.

A lot of times, if they are angry and frustrated, that is because that anger is already within themselves and they are projecting it on events and people. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, of course. You just have to observe where are they coming from, and go from there. You can choose to engage in a conversation with someone who is blatantly ignorant and feed their flame or you can realize that person is exactly what you do not want to be like and you can grow. The quote by Jung is spot on.

Everything comes down to a choice. Reaction is always within your control. No one can tell you how to think. Be forever mindful and transform negative energy into positive energy. The article is not referring to normal grief, rather chronic unhappiness. Even in mourning there are opportunities to observe beauty and acknowledge that happiness can indeed be intersperced with grief as part of the process. I think it might be a good idea to expand 13 — I need to give up the past, not because I long for it, but because I regret it.

Many things about the past I regret also Chris. I can tell you, each day at least most days the past seems a little further away. I believe that it all comes down to acceptance. They are as much part of us as all the good stuff we want. So the only way to deal with it is simply acceptance. How do I replace the complaining, the blame, the expectations with something that comes deeply from the heart? Love compassionately — this can only happen in the now and only then nothing else will matter. Thanks Lucius for your insight. It is absolutely true. People should seek help when it comes to mental illness.

It is a life long commitment to improve your daily living and deal with the emotion. By doing that you take charge of your life. It is empowerment. Thank you, Lucius, for comment 14, which said exactly what I logged in to say. And 13, which makes some excellent points as well. I guess that I am shallow and not as evolved as the rest of you. This article is the antithesis of my life. I really am doomed. This is a wonderful article and touches the right albeit difficult ways to keep oneself happy.

I am going to have to remind myself of these valuable lessons every day! Finally, to truly be happy, give up your desire to make lists on things to give up to be happy! This is overall a great list, and most of it is absolutely true. Nobody can make you unhappy, no situation can make you sad, miserable, depressed, mad, angry, etc. More powerful and in control? It actually makes me very angry. And if you will put aside your likely indignation at being called out and listen, I will tell you why.

A lot of people are mentally ill. Depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD, etc. People should indubitably try to find the good in every situation, should look for what they can learn, and people should be mindful of their feelings and where they come from. Situations can make it worse, or trigger it, but sometimes it happens for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Nevertheless, we are TOLD to do this, just as if it is possible and will help. Putting it on a list of this kind is. Mental illness is akin to having a broken leg. Would you tell someone with a broken leg and no pain meds to stop complaining, look on the bright side, that you are only afraid and hurt because you are allowing yourself to be?

We just want people to understand that we have a right to our feelings, that they are real and legitimate and not to dismiss them because they are feelings that other people CAN dismiss. There is nothing wrong with being sad or hurt or angry. It almost killed me. Learn to express your feelings in a healthy fashion; even anger can be expressed in a healthy way, and does not have to be turned into something else. Enlist their help if you can, but do not drive them away or hurt them if you can possibly avoid it.

Be mindful of the feelings you have that come from within, from your disorder, and learn to tell them from feelings that come from things that are wrong in your life. Neither is wrong, both are real feelings that deserve respect, but you need to be able to tell the difference, because they demand different things of you. Things outside you demand action, a lot of the time. For the things outside you that you can fix or change, try to figure out how to do that and try to remain calm. For the things outside you that you cannot change, try to limit the power they have over you when you are not having to deal with them right at that moment.

For the things that come from within you, find a safe way to express them, and, without denying that you feel them, try to limit how much power you allow them over your actions. If you can afford help, get it. Seek like-minded people online. That at least is comparatively cheap, and they will understand you better than anyone else will. Learn your limits and then learn to work within them, and THEN learn to push them when you are stable.

Do what you can to make yourself feel better, express your needs to others as clearly and as precisely as you can, give yourself permission to screw up because you will do that occasionally, and at the beginning you will do it a lot, and when things are really bad, yes, buckle down and take it one day at a time. Being open-minded and non-judgmental is helpful in reducing stress from interacting with the outside world.

Be gentle with yourself.

20 Quotes To Read If You Can’t Let Someone Go

You really seem to be in the business of trying to do right by people on this site, and being helpful. You seem to encourage people to be accepting, tolerant, and thoughtful. You seem to encourage people to listen, rather than dictate. Lucius: I agree with basically everything you said… HOWEVER, I think you are missing the fact that this article is not intended for the mentally ill nor for people who have recently experienced a trauma in their life, such as the death of a loved one.

Glad that less than half of the population is targeted here! Maybe you should do more research into how many are actually affected my ANY of the mental illnesses listed in the post you are replying to! Those individuals spend many, many, maany years trying to come back from years of the trauma suffered from people who think that the world is all made of bubbles and happy places!

Surely self expression including negative experiences are healthy, however having suffered from severe depression which hospitalized me I can confidently comment that negativitity can absolutely be reframed and attitudes can changed positively through practice. The exception being one suffers from a disease in which one is deemed legally insane. Well stated. I have numerous self help books and years of counseling and did not really understand my depression as you expressed.

You have made a difference to me. Really, really loved what you have to say here! Hit all the right marks. Just sorry there are so many others here that keep trying to push you around. Wish there was a little more tolerance for these illnesses, like there is in the world now for so many other things. I do appreciate your comment here, because I thought I was all alone when I was reading this. I do not dismiss your perspective only hope to open alternative treatments for you.

I used to randomly have a terrible time falling asleep, generally tied to mental stimulation or lack of physical activity. I read a book called dogzchen:tibeatin dream yoga actually I read only the first 60 pages or so. I practiced saying ahhhhh in my head for a week or two while trying to fall asleep, and I can literally fall asleep at will by repeating this practice for 10 to 15, but no longer have to practice at night. The mind is an amazingly trainable thing, I would hope you look into meditaions, if you prefer to have a western boost you might look into the work of Robert Monroe.

His binaural stuff is expensive, but the books can be found at the library and you maybe able to reproduce it with open source binaural software. Good luck to you. Thank you for this very well written post. I learned quite a lot and every point you make is relevant.

Inspiration when you need it.

I loved your point about our feelings. I too believe you must acknowledge anger, sadness, etc. Anger is usually caused a mistake, whether yours or someone elses, and mistakes are how we learn. Gratefully, Torri. Giving up attachment is very important, else we become a slave to our possessions which robs us of quality time for ourselves and loved ones. Who cares, if it works? Anthony, I sense you disapprove of the post. It appears you are not following Ha ha ha!

This is very good! If people read and followed your advice, they would definitely be happier. God says that He has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, of love, and of a sound mind. Thankful that a friend passed this on at a time it will help. Danaadmin got it right with meditation. One needs to adhere to principles of human behavior and if not the drop out rate will plummet.

By meditating, letting only positive thoughts in, letting go…. One will eventually find that peace and its never too late! Finding oneself to me goes back to my first wonderful memory in life as well as the others which put a big smile on my face. Excellent post! Love the Purpose Fairy! Someone important to me sent me the link to this post a while back. Nevertheless, I will probably post this on my Facebook. You did a wonderful job and I appreciate that you took the time to write this.

The Path to Happiness: Give up Blame! I think that to go back to being you, it is crucial to know that you are not living your life, but the life of somebody else, and who you are in this very moment is not who you want to be, is not who you really are deep down inside. Put yourself first and commit yourself to being true to yourself, always and forever, commit yourself to always do all things in your own way, to always say what you think and feel.

Meditation is also a great way of getting in touch with who you really are, and will also give you a sense of inner peace, helping you to be more present in your life and everything you do. Infinite Love and Peace and good luck on your journey of self discovery, I am sure you will rediscover the real you! Find a small thing. Start with something you used to like to do when you were a child. Pick out pretty pebbles from a stream.

Find a new thing. What did you think you could never do when you were a kid? I wished there were Indians, real Indians, and that they would adopt me and teach me how to make arrowheads out of stone. When I was 30 years old, I went to a rock and mineral show with a friend and found people inside making arrowheads out of stone.

Powerful moment—and I learned how to make arrowheads from stone, just like I wanted to when I was a child. These are the places you begin … the person you were in the beginning is still in there and can lead you to the person you are now, and teach you how to move forward into the kind of person you wish to become. Thank you, Purpose Fairy, for reminding us those important actions!

So bringing it into the light trough your post is very helpful! Would be nice if you encountered like minded people in your day-to-day living, otherwise it is such a struggle. Luminita D. Saviuc 30, May Happiness Most Popular. Not anymore. Tags: be happy give up attachment give up criticism give up to be happy give up your fears how to be happy law of attraction things you need to give up.

Five Steps To Becoming A Fully Functioning Person Carl Rogers, an influential American psychologist and one of the founders of the humanistic approach to psychology, described a healthy and fully- functioning […] Luminita D. David 17, April at am. Great article.. Patrick 16, April at pm. Marcella 16, April at am. Thanks, Papa Soji. T odd 15, April at pm. Noel 15, April at pm. Stop letting bullshit Internet pop.

Marj Tolentino 15, April at am. Thank you for posting this article. I loved it! Krantzstone 15, April at am. Gil Alan 15, April at am. Michael 15, April at am. Anon 14, April at pm. This is basically Buddhism. B 14, April at pm. John Frederick Koshko 13, April at pm. D 13, April at pm. Ingrid 13, April at pm. Sherryl 13, April at am. Terry 13, April at am. But that is so hard to do. Sean Dean 12, April at pm. So, in summary, when you are dead, and able to give up these 15 things, you will be happy?

Liz 12, April at am. Livia Tulis 12, April at am. Bernie 12, April at am. Johnny 12, April at am. Sarah Lawrence Hinson 12, April at am. A great post written for the New Energy! Thanks and I love your site name too. Shall be sharing and coming back to read more. We fight our point and do not try to understand what others are saying. Anna 11, April at pm. It was just in time. Thank you so much! I am shifted right now. MindWarrior 11, April at pm. Its first when you realize that there is no rules when you can start to make progress. Be the creator of your own reality! Yousef 16, April at am. Do you have a different point of view?

I am interested in what you mean. Skeptic 11, April at pm. And as always, feel free to follow me and leave some feedback. Good luck! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I'm walking away and giving up the beautiful house we rented together with her 2 boys and my daughter. This is going to be the hardest walk, but I couldn't continue watching us slowly drift apart because of the kids, however I'm looking forward to the future as I have lots of things I want to do, so little steps but moving forward, no bitterness no contact or social media, I don't need it as this will only cause pain, no one who you love with every inch of you wants to see of hear them with someone else.

This second relationship was way more serious than the first one, and if it took me 2. I feel cursed that i love so deeply because all i get in the end is pain. It hurts. Each break up with someone you love Its like losing someone for real, i mean like a death. Its the same pain and sadness Its a small death And you can never be fully the same after it.

Yes life will move on eventually and so you, but never again you'll be the same. There is no recipe No magic pill Stay strong. I am breaking up after 9 yeas with my best friend, the girl i couldnt and cant imagine not have her and many other people from her side family, friends that are now mutual in my life. I am in pain every day, i cry every day but i have to somehow stay strong. I will accept the fact that nothing is going to be the same, i am not gonna be tha same again and i will try to cherish the old good memories and times we had.

Pain will ease with time but it will never leave. Some separations are like a small death. We will always carry it inside us. Today I'm dropping my wife of 2 months off at the bus station. Been together almost 4, years. Know her for 9. She is my best friend. I love everything about her. But I can't stop her leaving. I'm devastated. I'm hurt. We have a puppy together that is going to stay with me. I hate myself for hurting her, for saying the things I did, and the actions I made. That being said I really needed to read this article.

I have no idea how to recover. We moved away to somewhere I have no one and neither does she. Tried the new place new things same relationship. I hope I can use what I read and better myself. I know it will hurt but this article makes it seem like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

My x said we were over after 13 years,cool,then 6 months latter she says she loves you just wants to be a family. My ex left me for another girl and I gave him everything and now I feel lost and confused because he keeps coming back and I just want to end this in my life he is with his new gf and her name is Sam I swear I'm done. My ex fiance threw me out like a piece of trash To me it was a waste of a year n 7 months This is hard,not only for me but for all of us Our 45 months or almost 4 years relationship ended this june 26th I know it is very fresh.

Any advice for me? But she has no interest on that. Actually she does'nt seeing my messages. Thank you. For this. I know one of this can help me. I particularly like the short breaks and I also got into looking after my body - running sometimes for only 5 mins once a week, but at least that is something On that note, when you are down, doing the tiniest thing for yourself - like making a cup of tea, having a shower, whatever, can be great for you Well I screwed up after 2 years with a wonderful woman a few months away from getting married.

I said I didn't want to ,marry her which I did, call it a panic attack or moment of insanity. She left moved miles away where she has friends of 20 years, we are both I tried to be helpful show remorse and regret apologize but she is holding anger and will not forgive me. She on the other hand found a therapist whom seems to magnify our relationship issues by discussing me and not her problems. She makes impulsive decisions, like buying a house the next day after I told her I didn't want to get married then told her I made a mistake and forgive me.

Next day drained the bank account and left to spend a few weeks with her friend until she house closing was done. That should be a significant red flag and drive me away but we are so good together. Currently on a relationship break and I am doing no contact. Who knows if she will take me back I sure hope so I am now on my own, she has all her family and now my daughter with her. I lost everything, is moving away the answer hmmm.

Just had to leave my 10 year relationship and move back in with my parents in a different country as my ex was becoming abusive due to mental health issues which he denied. Thanks for your article I hope it helps.. I wish I was a strong as you to get over a breakup as quick.. Of a relationship of 15 years ended in Oct and I am still hurt. However he has moved on in a relationship I cant seem to wrap my head around finding someone else. I love him deeply and wish things were different. Hopefully me and the kids will move on pass this sooner than later.

Changing a job may be a major life transition for you, but others reading this may have a job that is monotonous, makes them unhappy, or one they feel unchallenged in, in which case yes a new job creates new challenges, but ultimately provides a sense of moving your life forward towards something new and possibly better.

Again, not all advice is applicable to everyone. And if you're happy in your current job, by all means don't leave a good thing, but please don't hurt someone else by saying it's "terrible advice" if there's even a chance it can help them move on and be happy. I am a week into being left by my wife of 11 years. I am really devastated but know time will heal. Thank you for the points above I sort of new this but it was good to read tem. I know I should get out and go back to the gym and do what I was doing before we split but at the moment am struggling a little bit.

If anyone has any advice on how I can make things better in the short term that would be great. I will follow these steps and hopefully in tie I will recover. What I am really struggling with s the lack of support I gave my wife after serous operation. I really blame myself. My relationship of 4 years ended on 13th Sept and upto now i haven't recovered yet, it has been a painful experience for me, actually this was the lady i never expected such kind of a stupid decision from her only after a breakup is when I realized she was pretending all the way.

I decided to pay her unprompted visit only to find her leaving to a new boyfriend, she never bothered on seeing me, asking her where she was going she showed me the photos she took with the new guy including nude ones! Indeed I paid a price of being loyal to her. I met the father of my 3 children when he was 15yrs old and I was 19 at that time. In June this yrs it felt like our relationship was drifting apart.

I been with him for so long that I know and feel when he is hiding something. We call each other cuz we do the same job. He work for Mazda and that girl work for Dodge its own by one company but not in the same property but they are across from each other so I told him, Oh really even on the weekends and at night you guys talk about work? Look you said you guys went fishing together with your other coworkers how would I know you really went fishing with them all or you 2 went on your own, and not fish instead.

Who know but you two. Arguing and fighting until it got very abusive where he choke me in front of out 2 kids. So he finally made up his mind. He will leave me for good. We still going talk to each other because of our kids. Which everything I did are with him. I love him and will always be. I broke up with my gf after 5,5 years.. We had a great time but latelty she had been distant to me..

We broke up and i am devasted, i hardly fing the strenght to keep going on.. I was trying to get back with her for a month and it was then she told me that she was dating another guy and jumped into a relationship with him and that she is confused It was so quick so sudden it made me even worse I was trying to get back with her , she was saying i am her world and she loves me more than her life and in the same time she was talking with another guy She told me i wanna be alone but it just came up Anyway i dont know anymore i wanna move on but my mind just isnt letting go.

Dont know what to do and i still want her. I just brokeup with my fiancee. This is a relationship of 12 years. We met as undergraduates way back in the university. He travelled out of the country 3. I know we both loved each other, but I guess he could not keep himself. He hurt me real bad by cheating on me and allowing his girlfriend to use his fone to send me messages. I kept ignoring, hoping, pleading and even praying that he should change. I forgave him several tines for peace to reign just because I loved him.

I know he lovedd me, but he just can't seem to stay alone without a woman. I wanted to pretend and see if I could still cope, but the hurt, the betrayal, the lack of trust keeps causing problem and I am the most affected. I do not have anyone to fall back to after a quarell, but he would just not be bothered bcos he has someone over there, I wanna let it go and be whole again.

I hope love find me again. This article has been helpful to me. Good article here. I have always practiced these steps when recovering from a loss or break up. However, when the "leaving partner" hasn't given you closure or officially ended the relationship, it's confusing. For instance, he's stopped texting, calling so much. He hasn't asked you or invited you to do anything with him as a couple, yet still remains in contact via the few texts he sends.

Then he acts like everything is fine. It sends a mixed message for sure. Doesn't attempt any together time, but keeps the lines of communication open. I loved her like nothings else. Please help me to go forward in life. After 4 years our relationship ended. Yesterday was our 4th anniversary. We had a great relationship, we are an older couple and I love him so much. The only problem was that after 4 years he still didn't get a divorce.

He left his wife 4 yrs. He was retired and I'm on disability so we were always together. He had a large collection that he kept in his apartment which took up a lot of room but he stayed with me every night and we had dinner together. He was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and I took care of him on my own every single day through every treatment and operation. None of his family, wife, brother or adult daughters were there for him. His daughters didn't even speak to him.

Since then one has come around but for like one phone call a month. He has been promising me for years that he would finalize his divorce. He never talked about getting a place together he only came over with a change of underwear. He and his wife already have a separation agreement to divide all assets all he had left to do was file paperwork with the court. The wife moved on with her life and bought a condo. He promised me on many occasions he would divorce for our 2 yr, 3rd yr and now finally 4th year together.

When I asked him the other day why he kept promising me he would divorce and then I told him I doubted him he casually said well I guess you know me then. So I guess I should have know he only strung me along and milked it for 4 yrs. But part of me still loves him and I miss the things we did together. Three days ago he is holding my hand going to estate sales together which we both enjoyed and now he is gone because he lied again and disappointed me.

I'm devastated and shocked. I thought we would always be together. We had the potential for a great relationship but this whole divorce thing got in the way and I can't deal with being disrespected after all I have done for this man. After 12 years it finally came to an end. He said he has no feelings for me anymore for over a year and that he constantly imagined a life with someone else. It's sad and shocking how someone can just easily throw away over a decade of relationship. We went through so much together. It's always been us against the world.

I just lost my job and shortly after I lost the love of my life. I dunno what to do. It's all darkness I see Hope breads eternal misery. I just hope I'll soon find a job and myself again. My relationship of 3 years and 3 months just ended! I'm completely heart broken I felt like he wasn't paying attention to me enough, he had so much unresolved issues that I had to cope with. And I was trying to help him but all his problems was affecting me and as a result affecting us. I guess he was tired of the screaming and I got tired of the non chalence from him , so he gave up on us and broke up with me.

I still love him very much but i got to let him go Hopefully I'll able to get my mind of him one day! Three years?! Try 30 with two adult daughters and a house! Three years is not a long term relationship!! My husband and I just broke up not long ago coz he always insulted me and always throw my ex's name on my face every chance he gets.

My bf of 3. We were in a long distance relationship for about a year n a half. During the most recent visit, we spoke about marriage n i was happy n looking forward n working hard towards being with him. Then for a few mths he acted strange and finally called me today to tell me he felt it was too difficult to bring me over to wherever he is financially as i am not allowed to work if i go over as a dependant pass holder , he couldnt plan our future to suit a good situation and decided to give up on us.

I am really very heartbroken as i've never loved anyone as much ever. Stumbling on this email gave me a little comfort to know that im not alone. It is still very painful as i cant get to sleep at all and am unable to focus on work d whole day n this is just day 1. I hope there could be more comments as a support group to pull everyone through.

Luminita D. Saviuc

Here I am, feeling incredibly broken. He almost proposed, we found names for our kids, seriously found on a second date. I thought my life was perfect. Until he hurt me by spending a night with absolutely random girl and saying it was completely platonic. I forgave. He hurt me by way too close communication with his ex, who he claims was just his best friend. But you don't stay over at your ex's, you don't spend hours talking and preferring her over your girlfriend.

I left, but late forgave. He hurt me by being rude and calling me names, hurt by pointing at the most abusive and devastating moments of my life, saing all of that was my fault. I forgave after his sorry. I've been emotionally hurt by his friends and his mother, and that's my fault.

25 True Stories on Letting Go (and the Peace and Balance Bonus Pack) | The BridgeMaker

I've been seriously hurt physically by his drunk cousin, and he didn't believe me, and he even didn't believe doctor in ER. Tomorrow we have to return to another country, where we are currently living, and I can tell, that he is going there only to pack his stuff. He threatened me, that he is going to leave me, if I caused any troubles.

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And I caused, by getting the injury from his cousin. He said it wasn't that bad, and I didn't continue to have fun afterwards, ruining the evening for everyone. He said, that he is done with me, ignoring me after that family party. He even never called to check on me. I know, few days from now I will be left alone in another country, with no friends or family around, left by the only person in the whole world I ever loved.

I wish, Blake J Rudy, you had some advice for people like me, whose life from being perfect went to disaster. Now I know, I won't see our daughter Keira, I'll never hug our son James, I will not grow older with the love of my life. I was hoping that things would change, but now I just know. And I don't know how to use your advices If I ever will get over. Thanks for sharing this tips I'm not sure if I could use even cause I'm just devastated My case is heavier Honestly it really hurts so much.

Now, I'm scared of being alone. Just lost my first girlfriend in campus.. It was my first taste of real dating.. Thank you I decided to end my 15 year relationship with my children's father. He's been cheating. This is pain like I have never felt before.

But after reading your article, honestly it has given me a little hope for the future. Thank you! He decided to end it coz he said its for my own good. We were on a long distance relationship for 1year and it hurts so much. I wish I can do something. I wish I can make him take me back. But I know its impossible now because if our situation. I broke up with my ex after 16 years he was first love and he broke my heart to pieces i ve ever been hurt like this before but the hole realationship he cheated lied disrespect me and i still love him to death and the worst part I'm homeless now and i fill the lonest i ever felt I'm just going to try and stay strong.

I decided to end my 8 year long relationship with my boyfriend. We were fairly young when we started dating. I guess it's my fault for sticking around for so long. He kissed another girl in the beginning of our relationship, he would constantly lie. There were times when he would do so good. Two years ago he gave me a nice promise ring, which to me was very thoughtful and I really thought he had good intentions. I took that as a sign that there would be no more trouble caused by him.

Boy was I wrong. Last year after his birthday weekend I found a hicky on his chest. I was in shock, in disbelief. I broke up with him but eventually took him back after he claimed he had gotten it from a lap dance his friends treated him to at the strip club. I decided to believe him. He started hanging out with a coworker at his new job who likes to drink. Soon after he started drinking as well he would always pride himself over not being a drinker, which is true, he never drank.

Last week I found out he would drink during breaks at work which I was not okay with he's in the medical field. Who wants a potential spouse who drinks on the job risking to lose his job? We made up yet again. I've also caught him lying over being home when he really wasn't.

Last Monday was one of those times. I confronted him and he said he lied about being home because he was actually drinking with friends after a soccer game. I was upset because of he lied to me. It made me wonder what else he lies about. It's been 4 incredibly hard days since I broke up with him. I'm angry that I wasted so much time with him. I'm also scared of being alone since he was a part of my life for so long. I know I need to let go of that toxic relationship but it is so hard. My relationship of three years just officially ended today, and the painful part is that my ex has moved on with someone else I'm so depressed that I can barely breath Although we broke up many times I always fell for his tears and apologies and went back to him.

When he secured everything he needed, I wasn't wifey anymore and that all too familiar disdainful tone in his voice returned as did his passive aggressive comments. That was my breaking point. I wasn't about to go through another cycle of being mistreated and called names. I forgive him but I will never go back to being treated like that. I know in time the hurt will go away.

What's helping me is gratitude; being thankful for the many wonderful people in my life and the ones I have yet to meet. How I feel now is if anybody want to hang out and you live in the state of TN let me know. We can support each other. Even if don't live here. Its always nice to have support from people who are experiencing the same situations you. I was the one who broke off our engagement and 8 year relationship 6 weeks ago. It has not been easy, I feel so foggy, very little energy, sleeping more. I recognize these activities as probable depression.

It scares me because this is what I wanted. I broke it off because it was very boring, never doing anything. And not to bash him, because God knows I have faults, I fell out of love, did not even like him anymore. I pray, journal, call friends, walk my dog to stay busy, but this underlying buzz in my head has me concerned. I would not change it back, but it is the impact a long term relationship can have on anyone. Right now i broke up with my boyfriend for 9 years together..

I have been in a relationship for 18 years come this december! He has gone thru some hard times these 2 years,even losing his job. But not once did i leave his side, a best friend would not do that, a soulmate would not do that.. He doesn't hold me anymore, the sex is so gone that it killes me.. Im so tired of throwing myself at him just to be rejected by. I still get nothing from him. I even picked up a 2 headed dildo so he could do what ever he wanted to do to me. I don't understand what im wrong. I just understand.. He has been diagnosed with ptsd with many other things.

Please help me. Please we have a 13year old son. To the author of this post: thank you for sharing your experience, your steps of getting through a breakup help uplift me, affirm that I've done some things right in this difficult time, and guide me what to do next. To everyone commenting: your stories remind me that I am not alone and that I will be okay, just as you all will.

The future is uncertain and terrifying, but we will survive! My boyfriend of two years texted me saying he wanted to talk. Knowing it wasn't good I tried getting it out of him, he finally ended it in a text. Well the next day we talked it out more and he didn't want me as a girlfriend, but as a friend. I was thinking how could you throw away a two year relationship. Struggling I searched how to deal with this pain and I came across this page.

It put it more in perspective that he wasn't right and what I needed to do. It's going to hurt, but over time someday hopefully I will find someone who will treat me better. My fiance of 6 years broke up with me a few weeks ago because he doesn't want to be tied down at such a you g age and we had our problems. He said he couldn't stand not having the trust and that he just isn't happy. Idk what to do. I have no family to go to and all my friends are mutual.

I also still have to live with him till I save money for a new place. He's out of town 4 days a week but the weekends when he is home is torture. He makes it seem like everything's fine and I'm so confused. I just wish I knew what to do.

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Our siblings and families are friends. Me and him dance together and have since we were 4. Everyone at dance has always said since we were little that we were going to date and get married. We started dating at 14 yrs old but I had a crush on him since 5th grade. He was my first love, first kiss, first everything. We were madly in love, we could understand eachother like no one else could.

We knew more about eachother then we did ourselves. We had the fairytale relationship that everyone dreamt of. But We broke up about 2 months ago because of a couple of reasons, none of which were on a bad note though. For the first 2 yrs we both agreed that we would stay together through college, through thick and thin, get married, have kids. During the 3rd yr, he decided that it would be best if we broke up for college. We would be hrs apart, wouldn't have a car, etc. I didn't want to but I knew that there is no point in being in a relationship if both people aren't as committed.

Ever since we broke up we have still been hooking up. Today was the last day that we agreed we would. Now we are "just friends" I know the article says not to but we still see eachother almost every day at dance and are sharing a house together for a week in July for our national dance competition, so we can't cut off communication. He tells me about how he is trying to hook up with other girls, not date them, just have sex. I know he isn't over me, he has shown many signs, as I am not yet over him. It hurts the most knowing that we ended for no good reason.

We were both still madly in love when it ended, which makes it even harder. I feel so lonely all the time and whenever something happens, good, bad or funny, he is still the absolute 1st person I want to tell. I'm going to try to do what the article says. I hope it helps. I know time will heal all wounds, but I wish time would just speed up. I've been with my ex for over five years and about three months. She was an amazing person till this day. I don't know what happen though.

I think she just got bored of our relationship or she was swiped off her feet. We broke up a week ago. It's been really hard. What makes it harder on me is that I had an engagement ring ready to give her. Now that ring just sits in my safe. I should have asked her to marry me but I wanted to know how this summer was going to work out between us.

The reason why is because for the past four years, every summer she got this distant feeling like she didn't know what she wanted or if she wanted to be with me. Since our first years I always had this gut feeling like maybe there is someone else and every year that I snooped through her phone and found that she constantly search her ex boyfriends and other pilots she works with.

And I'm not saying she searched once or twice but multiple times till this very day. Just recently about two weeks ago prior to going back to work her and I had a great foundation in our relationship including the fact that we told each other how strong our relationship is with all the hoops and hurdles we had to jump through. We told each other every day how much we love each other and how much we miss each other as well.

Well she came back from her trip a total different person. She was not the same person I knew before she left to her trip. It took three days before I asked if something was bothering her and if she needs to talk to be. She said yes but only if we are alone. She broke the news to be that she didn't feel our timing was right, she didn't want to jump into a serious relationship as far as marriage goes, she wanted to travel.

I asked her who did she talk to or if she is getting some kind of a guy crush. She said no there is no one else. I don't know what I was feeling but by gut was telling me that she was not being so truthful since I could not understand how someone can suddenly feel like she did towards me. There I went again and snooped through her social media and there is was her and a co-worker flirting with each other.

I confronted her about it and she said he is just a friend. I asked how can he be just a friend when you consistently searched on social media? Now that we are broken up I still looked at her social media and she said that she doesn't need to explain anything to since we are no longer together. I want to forgive her but I don't know how. Either way she doesn't want to speak to me anymore so I believe she moved on with her life that fast.

I was with my partner for 12 years meet him when I was 18 he was my first bf my first love my all first I loved him soo much still doo have 2 kids with him we were the perfect couple people envy our relationship till he started his new job started hanging round with new workers going out never coming home till he ended up cheating on me how could he do this to me I found msg on his fone on my 30bday in Las Vegas the worst night of my life which should have been my holiday of lifetime I hope I can move on from him I hope I can stop loving him for the sake of my kids I need to move on as hard as it sounds I think no women no mother deserve to happen too.

I loved him a lot. But i know that we wont be getting back together. I really hope I can and pray it works cuz am tired of his lies,cheats,no communication and I dont want him back either I want my old self back on the track. Am really hurting so much. I am in a relationship since I was 19 and now it's a 4 years relationship. He has totally changed in these 4 years.

It was one sided love in start. I still remember how he approched me and invested so much on me that I started loving him for what he was and how he cared for me. He almost did everything to get me. He sacrificed alottttt. That was the time we started having arguments. Well I went to usa he cane there for me. We had a great time. I have so much memories with him. But from past 2 years I am noticing changes in his attitude.

He started abusing me over very piety things,mistreating me. He started being bossy. Now he treats me like a shit. We don't talk much now. We have arguments whenever we talk. He always says that he will marry me. But he wants me to be low profile and act like his servant. We used to be best friends. I left all my friends due to him. Now I have no one. NOt even him. I want to get out of this trauma. He doesn't pay attention to me now neither we talk nor we meet. I want to get over this relationship because its a constant mental torture. I love him so much.

But its so painful to not get same love and affection from his side. I want to move on but I have no way of getting out of his memories. All I do is pray alottttt of getting peace of mind and heart. This might really works for me,it will be more helpful too. More power to you. I don't think it's always that simple. I had a mid life crisis and was being all manic with an affair, she offered me one chance to let us get back together.

I told her I wasn't ready. She looked up an old friend on facebook and started dating him. Moved on with him within a month of telling me that.

See a Problem?

I tried to get her back, explain what stupidity I had been going through, and was sincerely sorry. She refused. We had been together for 14 years and there was a lot more good than bad. They have been together 4 years and got married the other day. I could talk about this to a councelor till I am blue in the face but there is nothing to gain from it. All councelors do is listen and ask you questions about it to get yourself hopefully bored with it eventually.

Trust me, I work in the health care field. Sometimes things aren't as easy as an article can make them out to move one from. And not all relationships should end cause of some rough times. If I had just said yes. Today, I decided to finally let go my almost a decade relationship. We started too young, 17 years of age. Our relationship been through a lot of hardships because we are in a long distance relationship too. We consume each other immaturity and I, personally cannot move on with his past mistakes, it consumes me and my trust and it slowly kills our relationship.

I know i can do this, I can let go and I can move on but how I wish this was all a dream. She left me, now I am all alone, i want to forget her but it's very hard to do, i am still trying to make up my mind and move on like what she did I'm in a 15 yr relationship. So, much has happened so much. I dnt want my relationship 2 end. I want 2 work things out.