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Also by Virginia Vaughan

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Shadow on the Sun by Maggi Charles. Rose in Bloom by Andrea Edwards. Executives by Monica Barrie. Golden Firestorm by Anne Lacey. Object Of Desire by Jennifer West. Fire at Dawn by Linda Shaw.

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The Showgirl and the Professor by Phyllis Halldorson. Honorable Intentions by Kate Meriwether. Their Song Unending by Anna James. Return to Eden by Jeanne Stephens. Cristen's Choice by Ginna Gray. Purple Diamonds by Jo Ann Algermissen. With This Ring by Pat Warren. Renegade Son by Lisa Jackson. High Society by Trent Lynda. Voyage of the Nightingale by Billie Green. Shadow of Doubt by Caitlin Cross. Star Seeker by Maggi Charles. In the Name of Love by Paula Hamilton. Forbidden Fruit by Brooke Hastings.

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Also by Virginia Vaughan

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Borrowed Time by Janice Kaiser. Hurricane Force by Lisa Jackson. Where Angels Fear by Ginna Gray. One Lavender Evening by Karen Keast. Perfect Ten by Judi Edwards. Real World by Kandi Brooks. Imaginary Lover by Natalie Bishop. Divine Decadence by Victoria Pade. Spitting Image by Kayla Daniels.

Skin Deep by Nora Roberts. Summer Light by Jude O'Neill. Remember the Daffodils by Jennifer Mikels. The Evolution of Adam by Pat Warren. Champagne for Breakfast by Tracy Sinclair. Wendy Wyoming by Myrna Temte. Edge of Forever by Sherryl Woods. The Bargain by Patricia Coughlin. Both Sides Now by Brooke Hastings. A Crime of the Heart by Cheryl Reavis.

Smoky's Bandit by Barbara Catlin. The Lieutenant's Woman by Janice Kaiser. Ghost of a Chance by Andrea Edwards. The Right Mistake by Janet Franklin. Thunder High by Linda Shaw. Proof Positive by Tracy Sinclair. Navy Wife by Debbie Macomber. In Honor's Shadow by Lisa Jackson. Healing Sympathy by Gina Ferris. Diamond Moods by Maggi Charles. A Charmed Life by Anne Lacey.

Loving Jack by Nora Roberts. Compromising Positions by Carole Halston. Labor of Love by Madelyn Dohrn. Shades and Shadows by Victoria Pade. Like Strangers by Lynda Trent. Summer's Promise by Matthews. Grady's Lady by Bevlyn Marshall. The Reckoning by Joleen Daniels. Cast a Tall Shadow by Diana Whitney. Best Laid Plans by Nora Roberts. Sky High by Tracy Sinclair. Small-Town Secrets by Kate Meriwether.

Sudden Sunlight by Laurey Bright. Informed Risk by Robyn Carr. Right by Barbara Catlin. Man of Mystery by Maggi Charles. Double Identity by Jennifer Mikels. In Too Deep by Sherryl Woods. Aftermath by Lisa Jackson. Shelter from the Storm by Victoria Pade. Heather on the Hill by Barbara Faith. No Surrender by Lindsay McKenna. Tender Silence by Karen Keast. Thorne's Wife by Joan Hohl. Emily's House by Nikki Benjamin. Love This Stranger by Linda Shaw.

Return of a Hero by Lindsay McKenna. Paper Stars by Jo Ann Algermissen. Ben's Touch by Carole Halston. Radio Daze by Bevlyn Marshall.

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The Snow Image by Maggi Charles. Bought Woman by Lucy Gordon. Lady Beware by Gina Ferris.

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Promise Made by Samantha Quinn. Last Stand by Jennifer West. The Welcoming by Nora Roberts. Strangers on a Train by Ruth Wind. Bittersweet Betrayal by Ashley Suzanne. Destinations South by Elizabeth Bevarly. Twice Shy by Victoria Pade. Yesterday's Child by Diana Whitney. The Perfect Lover by Jessica St. Sharon Dunn. Stolen Memories.

Liz Johnson. Elizabeth Goddard. Barbara Phinney. Holiday on the Run. Down to the Wire. Sandra Robbins. Maggie K. Mystery Child. Hope White. Yuletide Fugitive Threat. Lauren Nichols. Forgotten Past. Mary Alford. Dana R. Covert Cargo. Elisabeth Rees. Carol J. Shadow of Suspicion. Christy Barritt. Memory of Murder. Ramona Richards. Stephanie Newton. Debby Giusti. Lone Defender.

The Christmas Target. Defender for Hire. Protection Detail. To Save Her Child. Wilderness Target. Amish Outsider. Marta Perry. Susanna's Dream. Rachel's Garden. Lydia's Hope. Anna's Return. Leah's Choice. Sarah's Gift. Katie's Way. Her Surprise Sister. Emma Miller. Dark Crossings. Karen Harper. Where Secrets Sleep. Danger in Plain Sight. When Secrets Strike. Regina Scott. Abandon the Dark Watcher in the Dark, Book 3. The Rebel. The Forgiven. Sound Of Fear. The Rescued.

Echo Of Danger. Hannah's Joy. Amish Country Box Set. Naomi's Christmas. Shattered Silence. Hide in Plain Sight and Buried Sins. At Home in Pleasant Valley. Mistletoe Prayers. How Secrets Die. Fallen in Plain Sight. Amish Christmas Blessings.