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But it is asked, if he was a soul before this, how could he become such by this act?

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We answer, the antithesis is not based upon the word, soul, but upon the word, living. He was a soul before, but not a living soul. Before he received the breath of life, he would not be incorrectly described as a dead soul. Kitto in his Relig. Some of our readers may be surprised at our having translated neh-phesh chaiyah by living animal. There are good interpreters and preachers who, confiding in the common translation, living soul, have maintained that here is intimated a distinctive pre-eminence above the inferior animals, as possessed of an immaterial and immortal spirit.

But, however true that distinction is, and supported by abundant argument from both philosophy and the Scriptures, we should by acting unfaithfully if we were to assume its being contained of implied in this passage. We only remark here that Mr.

Lawson’s experience in the industry has only blessed him with a greater step in his stride.

Like the breath of life, this, also, is applied to the irrational brute, as well as to upright man. Verily, if a living soul is a guarantee for immortality. This is the only text, we believe, in our translation, in which the expression, living soul, is applied directly to irrational animals. But by reference to the original, we find the same original words many times applied to the lower order of animals; a fact, by art or accident, carefully kept out of sight in the translation. From the Hebrew Concordance we learn that the original for living soul is neh-phesh ghahy.

It occurs in Genesis Verse 24 has already been noticed.


Genesis Neh-phesh alone, occurs in such passages as the following: Numbers Thus, our friends of the popular sentiment invoke to their aid the expressions, breath of life, and living soul; and thus, as we have seen, these very expressions, like an unwelcome ally, utterly overwhelm them with their own weight; for they distribute the grand attribute of immortality, which these persons would fain arrogate to themselves, among all beasts, birds, fishes and creeping things. They represent us as no-soulists, as denying that man has a soul, etc. But is there any issue here?

Do we deny that man has a soul or spirit?

Not at all. Such an idea enters in nowise into our belief.

Mortal and Immortal Souls

We readily grant man all the properties and all the attributes which the Bible gives him. We are simply unwilling to grant him more. And hence the imputation of no-soulism to our belief is a burning disgrace upon all those who will thus condescend to expose their ignorance or their malice.

Be it understood, then, that there is no issue here. We admit that man has a soul. All Bible-students, so far as we know, admit this; but all are not quite so well agreed as to the meaning of these oft-repeated expressions. Into this meaning we now propose to inquire.

Neh-phesh is translated in the following different ways: MOI Genesis , Exodus Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 9, Resurgam by Fink. The sixth studio album from Berlin-based singer songwriter Fin Greenall has both beauty and tragedy.

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    Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. The man of the Bible is not immortal in any sense!

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    We are told that when men dies he is unconscious and ceases to exist — this is exactly what nature and provable science attests to. This is totally unsatisfactory! Surely the silence of the Bible would indicate the exact opposite. A more rational and logical conclusion to make would be that the Bible does not teach the immortality of the soul. It is true that the Bible does talk about souls. Many take the definition of a soul for granted though.

    It occurs around times in the Old Testament and about times in the New Testament. Consider these examples from the early chapters of Genesis:.