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This greater openness about his dramatic methods has the paradoxical effect of making me trust more the undocumented moments in "Stuff Happens. Sullivan appears to have encouraged his cast members, most of whom play multiple roles, to use their imaginations to draw characters taken from real life in deeper, more realistic detail, avoiding the editorial cartoon sneers and snarls of many of their London counterparts.

Stuff Happens

Well, in most cases. Bush, who as embodied by Alex Jennings was unquestionably the psychological linchpin of the National production, is less complex here. Jennings's Bush initially registered as a boyish pretender playing cowboy-president. But as the drama progressed, you sensed an unwavering conviction that seemed to spring from a belief in a president's divine right to rule. The audience's growing realization that this character was not the joke he first appeared to be might be said to parallel changing perceptions about the real Mr.

View all New York Times newsletters. Square of jaw and mountainous of build, Mr. Sanders's Bush is, from the beginning, a monolithic presence, less an evolving character than a fixed historical force. Hare has tweaked to put more emphasis on the prime minister's idealism and less on his political survival strategies. In London, Nicholas Farrell seemed to glisten with the oil of self-preservation. This automatically shifts the play's center.

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As portrayed by Mr. James, in what is surely the performance of his career, Powell becomes the character everyone is most likely to identify with. Here is a smart careerist who winds up believing that his boss's agenda is neither ethical nor desirable. Most of us, at least those of us who like to imagine we still have some integrity, have found ourselves in comparable situations in the workplace. Now imagine that situation with the stakes raised to world-changing, life-annihilating heights.

From his first audience with the president through his increasingly tortured dealings with the United Nations Security Council led by an Inspector Clouseau-accented Robert Sella as Dominique de Villepin , Mr. James's Powell progresses from apprehensive but hopeful good faith into fiery indignation and finally into numbed, appalled resignation. James seems to flame up and then freeze into moral paralysis as Powell perceives that he has been blindsided by his colleagues.

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He is Brutus in "Julius Caesar," an honorable man forced to run a race he no longer believes in. Correspondingly, the central relationship in this production is not that of Bush and Blair but of Powell and Rice, who are, in different ways, good soldiers and usually the calmest, most objective minds in a room. Tellingly, Mr. Hare has restructured "Stuff Happens" so the first act now ends with a cryptic encounter between Powell and Rice.

The original version had Hans Blix being summoned from a hiking expedition to begin the inspection for weapons of mass destruction.

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Reuben is a worthy match for Mr. James, which is saying something. She exudes the preternatural cool and poise we associate with the real Ms. Rice, while registering barely perceptible tremors of ambivalence beneath the glacial facade. Hare has tempered his original, less charitable portrait.

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As in London, varied points of view, including some supporting the invasion of Iraq, are given passionate and articulate voice. But it is the excellent Ms. Reuben and Mr. James who become our most immediate connection to the chain of events of "Stuff Happens. James's aching suggestions of the enduring guilt of not speaking up in public dissent -- in any context -- when it still might have made all the difference. At Lafayette Street, East Village, Through May Running time: 2 hours 33 minutes.

David Hare’s Stuff Happens a Dramatic Journey of American War on Iraq

Sanders George W. If I chose correctly, I would keep the card and place it into my lane of pain. Once a player has 10 cards, the game is over. The more cards you have in your lane, the more difficult it is to place one. Keep in mind that when stuff happens, it is the worst possible outcome. So, if you get a card that says "mauled by a crazed chimp," you're gonna be ripped up by that monkey and they'll be nothing cute about it.

Goliath Games did their homework and consulted licensed professionals on how much misery each card, in their professional opinion, would effect a person. I think that's great, but clearly none of them truly understand bacon. Stuff Happens is fun, and with all adult party games, I always suggest partying like an adult.

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It's not about winning. It's about getting together and having some laughs with friends.

Stuff Happens: David Hare's history play seems even more incisive after Chilcot

Despite the creative and painful cards, I do wonder how long before you start repeating cards - but why am I complaining? After all, stuff happens! Clickbait from Big Potato Games. Chasing Fireflies from Toysmith. Sketchagrams from Mattel. Fluxx from Looney Labs. Mad Moves from PlayMonster.

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