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I thought of the reasons people stay away. We become busy doing other things; that certainly does happen in these busy times. We stay away from one of the main sources of spiritual nourishment — Sunday worship. CONSIDER , as with those boys who passed out from the lack of physical food, we, too, can pass out from the lack of spiritual food which comes to us in worship.

The consciousness we lose will not be to the world around us but the presence of God around us in the world.

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Do you provide services to others to help them lead a better life? Are you a massage therapist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, Reiki master, coach, counselor, professional organizer or any other service provider who helps people improve their lives?

Join us to network, share and support others in the healing profession. This informal group will be a great way to meet referral partners, share business strategy, and support each other as we heal the world.

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Please note that this group is about building referral resources and power partners, not selling to each other. Call[masked] if you need help finding us. Why am I here?

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What am I here to do? Who am I here to become?

Feeding Your Soul: The 4 Keys to Deep Spiritual Nourishment

If these questions are relevant for you, Join us for this Life Mission Session. Each Session is custom created for, and with, those in attendance.

Myles Munroe - God’s Word is our spiritual food and nourishment

Join us to deepen inspiration, grow your voice, increase your confidence, courage and impact in the world. Sarah has 15 years of experience in guiding healing meditations, transformational coursework and shifts in mindset.

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Our evening of "TLC" evolves based on the group's energy and needs. How do we nurture a lifelong desire for spiritual growth? In Matthew 7, Jesus tells the story of two builders. He told His listeners that everyone who hears His words and obeys them will be like a man who built his house upon a rock. When the storm winds beat upon the house, the house continues to stand. He is described as a man who builds his house upon the sand.

Ultimately, his house will not withstand the storms of life. Obeying God is a vital part of walking by faith.

Spiritual Nourishment: Thirty days of Bible verses with words to nourish and strengthen your faith

Just as my plant needs both water and sunlight, we need both communion with God and community with one another. Paul uses the imagery of a body to describe the unity among believers. We need one another to function properly. I need the love, care, spiritual wisdom, correction, and encouragement that other believers provide within the church context.