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Preparation of Reflection Papers One final Integrative Paper to integrate your experience and learning, submitted at the end of your program. Personal Journal keeping A Certificate of Completion is presented to participants who satisfactorily complete the measurable objectives of the program. Residencies are focused on the following areas of study: 1. Awakening to the Spiritual Journey spiritual growth, formation and development: how it happens and how we assist or hinder it in ourselves and others learning and growing spiritually brokenness and healing, captivity and freedom of individuals and society , and the individual and community nature of the journey our own stories and the larger story gender, sexuality and family in the spiritual journey the human spiritual journey and our planetary home justice, peace and compassion for the human experience reflection on theology and spirituality 2.

Practicing Retreat and Holding Silence offer participants an authentic experience of retreat and holding silence offer supportive resources including spiritual guidance to enrich the retreat experience offer a means of reflecting on their insights about the spiritual practice of retreat. Discerning Spirit noticing, valuing and responding to who we are in God and the movements of God in everyday human life, individually and socially recognizing more clearly and responding more truly to what is of God, and moving away from or confronting what is not, and how do we tell the difference 5.

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Why should you use Wordery Specialist. January 19, Show. Chris Dillard, T. S curator will also be joining us for this show! Some of us have seen the highly developed civilizations we have are working really well for a very few Elites but very poorly for the rest of us. Recently, I , Dr. Newton, have written some books about this, including Beyond the Mists of Time: When Trees Ruled the Earth and I have also come across the sustainable, agrarian communities created by Doug Tompkins in Chile and Argentina.

What I have seen in Doug Tompkins, "The Next Economy", is a model that will allow us to live very fulfilling and creative lives yet in a manner so as not to pillage and destroy our Earth. Please join me for this show where we will go into a territory rarely considered on planet Earth.

Newton, considers the flip side of this, the blatant disregard for the safety and welfare of people in lieu of amassing huge profits. One such public utilities, Southern California Edison has been operating a nuclear plant that has been dispersing radiation into the general public. My guest, Gene Stone, helped shut down this plant and also is working on the same for the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plants.

Please join me for this in depth expose. If you live near a nuclear power plant, I will share some strategies to take them offline. My esteemed guest, is Anna Deeter, M. Anna has thirty years of experience in speech, speech therapy and language and has, among other things, a program that quickly and permanently cures stuttering. But her experience goes far beyond just stuttering. Anna will share with us how to use our bodies and minds so we can speak and express ourselves more proficiently and meaningfully.

Anna has also been featured in Women of Distinction Magazine.

THIS Is Stealing Your Peace - Pastor Steven Furtick

This is something I am always asked about in the motivational speeches, classes and book signings I do and all of my books have something related to this subject. Recent studies of brain tomography during an orgasm and how the telomere in the chromosomes of our DNA are regenerated, give us some very deep insights into this and so we will discuss this and more, including special sexual techniques to delay the male orgasm and other nuts oops and bolt topics related to all of this. December 15, Show. Robert Newton, who has been involved with the psychic realms for 64 years, will share some amazing simple ways by which we can develop and sharpen your psychic abilities, including psychometry, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, telepathy, remote viewing, shape shifting, going into parallel and higher dimensions and time travel.

Get out your Ouiji Board and you "magic ball", hahaha, and lets have some fun and learning, to wit. You can reach Dr. Newton here at the radio session and at www. December 8, Show. Special Guest: Tom Paladino. The guest for the Dr. Newton show is Tom Paladino, scalar wave research and practitioner. Tom was guested on Dr. Newton's "Real Conspiracies with Scientific and Spiritual Solutions" radio show previously and listeners will gather a wealth of information about using scalar waves to heal sickness and eliminate disease in the human body.

Scalar waves are more effective than regular medical treatment in many cases and were used by Tesla to wirelessly transmit electrical energy. December 1, Show. Special Guest: Eileen McKusack. Eileen will be sharing how to tune the energies of the body so as to remove blockages therein.

What is the One Trait Needed to Be Greatly Used by God?

There are many testimonials as to the effectiveness of "Bio Field Tuning" so let's get ready to "tune" instead of taking a lot of drugs! November 24, Show. Special Guest: Michael A. Michael A. Cremo, the author of multiple books on the archaeological knowledge hidden from humanity, including Forbidden Archaeology, Forbidden Archaeology Revisited and many more.. Michael has had multiple appearances on the George Noury's "Coast to Coast Radio Show", on the "Ancient Aliens" TV show and many appearances as a keynote speaker at conferences around the world. Michael will share how Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" is incorrect in light of the stunning millions of years old dating of archaeological sites and the carbon dating of human remains.

Do not miss this revealing show of our human origins, based on scientific evidence. November 17, Show. Carla's ability to convey clarity into subjects with just a few words is uncanny.

November 10, Show. Special Guest: Derek Bentley. This show arises from the many discoveries Dr. There is a product developed over the last thirty years, "Age Loc Youth", that has been demonstrated to produce the elusive telomerase enzyme that keeps our body healthy and young. There could be several guests related to this product. For sure, this product is better than any pharmaceutical drug that has been created or will be formulated in the future. Tune in and learn about this "cutting edge" science.

November 3, Show.

The Hope of God’s Light

Robert Newton. We will also discuss how inflation is decreasing your purchasing power everyday as verified by U. Bureau of Labor Statistics data. October 27, Show.

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Newton's guest, Dr. Juan Acosta-Urquidi is a world recognized authority in neuro physiology, quantitative EEG brain mapping , neuro shamanism and psychedelics. Acosta has spent the last twenty years doing research in these fields and previously he did research measuring the energy fields of Reiki healers. Further, Dr. Acosta will share his personal experiences with DMT, the active ingredient in many psychedelic substances. Let's go on a trip, as it were! October 20, Show. Newton Show will host Dr. TOPIC: Almost everyone is afraid of death and they also are desperate for proof of their own immortality.

Newton proved irrefutably that there are a multiple of measures which prove God's existence. BUT, how do you prove the immortality of our personage, our soul? Are there things we can do which can make us healthier? Are there things that can extend our lives? Is there a way or ways to actually cheat death itself? Please tune into my show for the answers to these and more questions! You will be really fascinated by what you learn!

October 13, Show. Newton's guest will be none other than Dr. Tune-in for a peek at a book, like none other even considered, let alone written. Newton will be sharing many scientific validations and esoteric knowledge of just how the body can be taken into a state of immortality, including how we can direct and program our own DNA, including our own chromosomes RNA , telomere and telomerase enzymes.

You will be astonished at just how all of this determines you health and your life span! Newton can be reached at www. October 6, Show. This will be a wide ranging show and a lot of useful information will be shared with the audience. Barry Carter has been a previous guest on Dr.

September 29, Show. On this broadcast we discuss the. Find out how people have become trapped in our bizarre system of laws, how we quickly and easily extricate ourselves from this suffocating mess.


August 5, Show. Would we be better off if Trees Ruled the Earth? We will go back in time to ancient civilizations and how they interacted with Nature and the benefits there from! And then we will discuss how we apply the knowledge of these ancient civilizations to solve our problems on Earth today, including the hoarding of resources and money by a few privileged elites! Hear Dr. Newton as a guest on the Dr. Briar Lee Mitchell Show. March 19, Show. Can we live forever? January 15, Show. Build the Wall. How can we guarantee our election's integrity?

December 18, Show. Remote viewing is real, and most anyone can do it! How Pyramids can help with remote viewing. How to focus your mind to accomplish your goals. How Gematria works. November 20, Show. Horrible Fires in California. Was there a Direct Energy Weapon involved? The Power of Pyramids. I meditated in the Great Pyramid in ! How pyramids do what they do. April 17, Show.

Wisdom from my son? The impact of James Comey. How long can a person live without food? Thoughts on the wealthy. Good or bad? Is wealth also energy or divinely assigned?

A Room Filled with Darkness

Money: in Hebrew. March 20, Show. Was the Las Vegas shooter staged? Fix families and Parenting and we might have fewer school shootings! Why do the states with the most guns have the fewest homicides? Alcohol triggers more homicides than any other cause. Some thoughts on other dimensions. February 20, Show. Florida High School Shootings. We need to help disturbed people not ignore them. January 16, Show. Did Judicial Watch actually discovered voter fraud? Crypto currency predictions. December 19, Show.

Some history regarding the Income Tax Law. Smaller government is better. Humanity could well be on the verge of a new economic system October 25, Show Special Guest: Dr. Pouline Middleton This is one of those show that should really challenge how we view romantic relationships and maybe even all other types of relationships. Special Guest: Tina Mizany Last week, Tina Mizany was a guest on the second half of my show but we really did not get into this, although we intended to.

Special esteemed, knowledgeable and insightful guest: Egyptologist, Larry Dean Hunter, who is an inventor as well as an astroarcheaologist.