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Also, for every two pegs you increase, you will have one more taper to do at the top.

Free Pattern: Crochet Snowman Hat

Set knitting loom to work 46 pegs in the round, with sliders at both ends. Place a stitch marker on peg 12 — you will begin the CO on this peg. This is important for the tapering to work out. Forming the brim: bring the CO loops up through the center of loom. Lining up the loops, place one loop on each peg.

You will now have two loops on each peg. Lift bottom loop on each peg over the top loop. For the remaining Rounds, you will be knitting alternate rows of red and green. Carry yarn to the inside of loom when not using.

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Do not cut. For example, in this round you will move peg 1 to peg 2; peg 23 to peg 22; peg 29 to peg 30 and peg 41 to peg Move the sliders in one peg to line up with pegs that have two St s. EW using red yarn, turning pegs with two loops as one. Using both yarns held together as one, BO using drawstring bind off. Turn hat inside out and close top by pulling on the yarn tails. Weave in all ends. Turn hat right side out. You can see them at this link. Creating these thread ornament patterns was so much fun! I hope that you all enjoyed them as much as I did. For those of you that prefer yarn to thread, I will be doing a series of yarn ornaments next year!

Which thread ornament pattern was your favorite? Feel free to comment down below. FC — foundation chain beginning chain ch s — chain s st s — stitch es sc — single crochet hdc — half double crochet tc — triple crochet sl st — slip stitch BLO — back loops only.

Country Living Crochet

Round 1: Working in BLO, in 2nd ch from hook, sl st. Working along the opposite edge of the FC, sl st in next st. Ch 3, sl st in 1st st of round. Place a holly leaf on one of the hat panels and with the tapestry needle and long tail, tack stitch the leaf into place.

Crochet Snowman Family + Tutorial | The Crochet Crowd

Repeat with the second leaf. With the sewing needle and thread, stitch 3 tiny jingle bells into place at the base of the holly leaves.

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Place the two panels of the hat together with right sides facing outward. Using your crochet hook and the black thread, begin single crocheting evenly down the side of the hat. When you reach the red, either finish off the black or color change to red. Continue single crocheting the panels together along the red hat band. Once you reach the black hat brim, either finish off the red or color change to black.

Single crochet evenly along the edge of the brim.

Wonderful DIY Crochet Snowman Hat and Cocoon with Free Pattern

In every corner, sc, ch 1, sc all in the same space. Repeat this process of changing colors as you work up the opposite side of the hat. When you get to the top, without stitching the top closed, finish off the black. I do hope you enjoyed the Snowman Hat Ornament and this six week series! Thanks for stopping by!

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I saw This pattern and pulled out my crochet thread that I have and started crocheting and then realized that my thread is a size 3 and not a size 10, is it ok to do in size 10? Did you know I have a shop on Amazon featuring some of my favorite tools and gadgets? Click the link below to visit my shop and get your supplies, at great prices, fast and easy.

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To work a FPdc — Yarn over, insert hook from front to back and to front again around the vertical post of next st, yarn over and draw yarn through 3 loops on hook , [yarn over and draw through two loops] two times. To work a BPdc — Yarn over, insert hook from back to front and to back again around the vertical post of next st, yarn over and draw yarn through 3 loops on hook , [yarn over and draw through two loops] two times.

Pattern Instructions. Join with sl st to the 1st st to form the round. Rounds 2 and 3 : Ch2 does not count as a st throughout , [FPdc around next st, BPdc around next st], repeat between [ ] to end, join.

Baby Christmas Hats Crochet Pattern Roundup!

Round 4: Ch2, FPdc around each st to end, join. Rounds 5 to 14 Graph Rounds : Ch2, FPdc around 12 16, 19, 22 sts, work graph round paying attention to color changes , FPdc around last 11 15, 18, 21 sts, join.

How to Crochet a Snowman Head

Round 15 : Continue with Color 1 , ch2, FPdc around each st to end, join. Continue with instructions for desired size. Round Ch2, FPdc around each st to end, join. Round Ch2, FPdc2tog to end, join. Finishing All Sizes : Thread tapestry needle, working from inside of hat, weave in and out of the stitches in the last round, pull tightly to close opening at crown. Weave ends in securely.