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And now I sat down and. The first was to my mother If I die, it is as a good Christian. I forgive all my enemies--I beg your blessing as a. I desire that my mare Nora, which my uncle gave me, and. Phil Purcell, the gamekeeper. Present my duty to my uncle and Ulick,. And I remain your dutiful son,.

It will be dyed in my blood unless I have Captain Quin's, whom. I hate, but forgive , and will be a pretty ornament for you on your. Wear it, and think of the poor boy to whom you gave. These letters being written, and sealed with my father's great. We did not say a single. She said I must have.

She winced. I knew what was in her mind. And then she fell to telling me about the black pig that must be. Some of these. When she was gone I went to take down the sword with which my father. And then I took. There was claret and a cold. In after life, and in the midst of my. A scoundrel pawnbroker would only give me. At eleven o'clock Captain Fagan arrived, on horseback, with a. He paid his compliments to the collation. The girl will marry. Quin, mark my words; and as sure as she does you'll forget her. Quin is willing to consider you as such. Dublin's a. Fagan,' says I, 'dies, but never apologises.

I'll see the Captain hanged before I apologise.

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The curtains. What had taken place I may as well tell here. When we got to the.

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The party were laughing together at some joke of one or the. Quin and my. I'm ashamed of it.

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Quin, in a big voice; 'and make them short. Quin,' said Ulick surlily; 'here are the pistols. And he added, with some emotion, to me, 'God bless you, my boy; and. Fagan put my pistol into my hand,--that is, not one of mine. See how the fool. It was. I saw him. At 'three,'. I heard something whizz by me, and my. Ulick lifted him up--Mick took his head. The unfortunate man did not answer, but when. They had wind. Let's get the boy off as quick as we may.

Your man shall go for a. This has. She'll know what they mean: and that's all that's left to her of two. I did not feel any horror or fear, young as I was, in seeing my. Ulick said he would ride with me, and off accordingly we galloped,. When there,. Ulick told Tim to feed my mare, as I would have far to ride that. I need not tell how great were her pride and exultation when she.

This arrangement was not come to without some.

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Ulick persisted in the necessity of my instant departure; in which. So the kind. My dear mother had some forebodings, I think, that our separation. She bade me, too,. She hurried my departure now though her heart, I know, was full ,. I rode that night as far as Carlow, where I lay at the best inn; and. Redmond, according to my cousin's instructions, and said I. Trinity College, Dublin, to be educated there.

Seeing my handsome. No gentleman. The excitement of. Captain Quin, were enough to set my brains in a whirl, without the. I did not dream of the. I slept at Carlow as sound as man could. I began so the first day of my life, and so have continued. No man has been at greater straits than I, and has borne more. I had no doubts of the future: thinking that a man of my person,. Besides, I had. So I rode on, singing to myself, or chatting with the.

As for Nora and Castle Brady, between to-day and. There was much more liveliness and bustle on the king's highroad in. I made part of the journey from Carlow towards Naas with a well-. He asked me the. But I said, pulling out one of them from a. She was a. As I rode towards Kilcullen, I saw a crowd of the peasant-people. A footman was howling. The lady explained.

She was the wife of Captain Fitzsimons, and was. Her chair had been stopped. And another told,. I told this pack of rascals to be off to their work, or they should. Fitzsimons under her misfortunes. On which I said I was proud to be such: as, in fact, I. I rode by Mrs. Fitzsimon's chair all the way to Naas; and, as she. To the lady's questions regarding.

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Dublin for my studies, and that my mother allowed me five hundred. Fitzsimons was equally communicative. She was the. Had I been in Donegal? The Captain's father possesses a hundred thousand acres. Captain Fitzsimons is the eldest son; and, though he has quarrelled. She went on to tell. How different was her lively rattle to that. In every sentence. She evidently spoke. French and Italian, of the former of which languages I have said I. English person I had ever met. She recommended me, further, to be. But his lady rebuked him for a saucy varlet, and turned him out of. Perhaps had I been a little older in the world's experience, I.

Indeed, she made no motion to produce the. Dublin, into which city we made our entrance at nightfall. We stopped, at length, at a house of rather mean appearance, and. A stout red-faced. In introducing me, she persisted in saying. The Captain said he knew the Redmonds of Waterford intimately. He said he knew the Redmonds of Redmondstown. I went to see my nag put up at a livery-stable hard by, with the. Captain's horse and chair, and returned to my entertainer. Although there were the relics of some mutton-chops and onions on a. You know the wine,.

But as bygones are bygones, and no help for them, what say. Betty, clear these things from the table, and make the. Not having small change, Mr. Fitzsimons asked me to lend him a. I forget how. Our supper was seasoned, if not by any great elegance, at least by a. Not to be behindhand with him, I spoke. I told. But youth is ever too confident. The appearance of the chamber I occupied might, indeed, have led me.

But perhaps, as the reader knows, we are not so. For were not all the windows broken and stuffed with. Was there ever. So, though my bedroom boasted of these. Fitzsimons's, and my cracked toilet-. There was no lock to the drawers, which, when they DID. When Sullivan appeared in the morning, I asked him about my mare,. I then bade him bring me hot.

There was a hearty welcome, and the same. My host greeted me with great cordiality; Mrs. Fitzsimons said I was. I had not the powerful chest and muscular proportion which I have. I wore my drab coat with plate buttons, that was grown too small for. Fred Pimpleton Lord Pimpleton's second son slept in it for seven. After breakfast we walked out to see the town, and Mr. Redmond, of Waterford county; he also. I should not pay him ready cash for more than one coat, which fitted. The Captain, also, who certainly wanted such a.

Then we went home to Mrs. Fitzsimons, who drove out in her chair to. Indeed, such was her complimentary. Fitzsimons said he had ridden over every inch of. I had little. Fitzsimons was only an adventurer, and his lady a person of no. I purposely hurry over the description of my life in which the. The fact was, a young man could hardly have. Fitzsimonsburgh, which is, likewise, unknown to the oldest.

The couple into whose hands I had fallen. Had I known his. When I consider upon what small circumstances all the great events. The Captain had been a gentleman's gentleman, and his lady of no. The society which this worthy pair kept was at a sort. To these parties.

I am acquainted in Europe. I never knew young fellows make such a. I never knew young gentlemen with. Englishman with fifty guineas a year is not able to do much more. Here was a doctor who never had a. A sporting clergyman without a. As for my poor twenty guineas, in three days I saw, with terror,. At play I had lost, it. With the tailors, saddlers, and others, I employed similar means;. Fitzsimons's representation did me good, for the.

At length, my cash running low, I was compelled. I did not like to part with my mare, on which I daily rode in the. Park, and which I loved as the gift of my respected uncle.

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I raised. I asked at the post-office repeatedly for letters for Mr. It could not last very long,. The goldsmith too a rascal. Jew declined to let me take a gold chain to which I had a fancy;. To add to. Curbyn, the livery-stable keeper, a bill, he passed into that. Fancy my rage and astonishment, then, on going for.

It was in. Redmond, you appear a young fellow of birth and fortune, and let me. Go home: pack up your valise,. In a pretty nest of villains, indeed, was I plunged! It seemed as if. Captain and his lady there before me, my valise open, my wardrobe. I entered the apartment. Sir,' said I, 'I am as good a gentleman as any in Ireland. I can play at fencing as well as you, Mr. You come. I find? That you have pawned the goods which you took up at their.

Fitzsimons; and then, indeed, I remembered that I had signed the. Had not my mother desired me to take no other. After uttering a furious tirade against me, in which he. During the first part of his speech, the thought of the imprudence. The sense of danger, however, at once roused me to action. Fitzsimons,' said I; 'I will tell you why I was. I changed it, sir, because, on the day before I came to.

Dublin, I killed a man in deadly combat--an Englishman, sir, and a. So saying, I drew my sword like lightning, and giving a 'ha! Fitzsimons, you don't. Let him escape--in Heaven's name let. It was Moses the. Fitzsimons had been with the new laced frock-coat. What was the end of our conversation? Where was now a home for the. Home was shut to me by my misfortune in. I was expelled from Dublin by a persecution occasioned, I. I had no time to wait and. Fitzsimons, after his abuse of. Indeed, I. As for my friend Mrs. Fitzsimons, she sat down on the bed and fairly burst out crying. My mind was made.

I gave one of my shillings to Sullivan the butler of the. Fitzsimonses, and, running into the street, hastened to the little. I told him frankly that. I was a young gentleman in difficulties; that I had killed an. But I. I could not, he said, have chosen my time better. A transport was. I never had a taste for anything but genteel company, and hate all. Hence my account of the society in which I. I should have fallen into despair, but that, luckily,. The first of these consolations I had was a good quarrel, which took. As soon as this fellow--Toole, I remember, was his. All recruits, especially, were the object of.

I had no money, as I said, and was sitting very disconsolately over. The beaker was so greasy and. BATES him,' here whispered in my ear another worthy, a retired link-. And so I put to him some other. We should have fallen to at once, but a couple of grinning marines,. But the use of fistes, as the. Englishman called them, was not then general in Ireland, and it was. This victory over the cock of the vile dunghill obtained me respect. This was no other than my second in the fatal duel which had.

There was a. The sergeant was putting us through our exercise on. Before that I was so. Fagan gave me a wink of recognition, but offered. But why did you not write home to your. She has sent a half-dozen letters to you at Dublin. I said I had asked for letters at the post-office, but there were. I did not like to add that I had been ashamed,. Brown Bess. I certainly WAS thinking about her: for, though I had forgotten her.

She's now Mrs. John Quin. John Quin! John Quin? He recovered from his wound. It was only made. Do you think the Bradys would let you kill fifteen hundred a. We told your mother the story afterwards,. Bradys of Castle Brady consent to admit a poltroon like that into. That coward of a fellow has. England, until the marriage was completed and the happy couple off. And so he bade me sit down and write a letter to my mother, which I. The letter was scarcely. Although I was called Captain Barry for many years of my life, and. I was promised a halbert, too,.

Fate did not intend that I should remain long an English soldier: as. Meanwhile, our passage was very favourable;. I should become such a rank as well as any peer in the kingdom. It would require a greater philosopher and historian than I am to. All I know. Pitt at. The victories of Dettingen and Crefeld. Now, somehow, we were on. Frederick's side: the Empress, the French, the Swedes, and the.

Russians, were leagued against us; and I remember, when the news of. Prussian king's birthday; on which my uncle would get drunk: as. Most of the low fellows enlisted with. It was against these latter. We landed at Cuxhaven, and before I had been a month in the. Electorate I was transformed into a tall and proper young soldier,. But those. Yes, my. What chances had I of.

None of my relatives had money to buy me a commission,. When I think that I, the descendant of the kings of Ireland, was. On the. But my kind friend Fagan came to my aid in the. Caning is only a. Young Ensign Fakenham was flogged himself at Eton. School only a month ago: I would lay a wager that his scars are not.

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You must cheer up, my boy; do your duty, be a gentleman,. Fakenham very severely to task for this. As for the sergeants, I told one of. And, 'faith! Indeed, I was in that savage. I was made a corporal, some of my evils were lessened; I messed with. Fagan punctually supplied me. Our regiment, which was quartered about Stade and Luneburg, speedily. Duke of Broglio, at Bergen, near Frankfort-on-the-Main, and had been.

As the allies retreated the French rushed. An advance upon Hanover always caused a great. My Lord George Sackville did not exactly. Throwing himself between the French and the interior of the. Electorate, Prince Ferdinand wisely took possession of the free town. Were these Memoirs not characterised by truth, and did I deign to. These persons I mean the romance-writers , if they. But the fact is, I was. A poor corporal as I then had the, disgrace of being is not. I hate bragging, but I cannot help saying.

Cravates; for I drove my bayonet into his body, and finished off a. I killed, besides, four. If people would tell. All I know of this famous fight of. Minden except from books is told here above. The ensign's silver. When my kind. When we came back to our old ground, which we. Some of. Such knaves and ruffians do men in war become! It is with. Frederick,' as we call him, and his philosophy, and his liberality,. What a number of items of human. I can. Minden, and a farmhouse in which some of us entered; and how the old. After the death of my protector, Captain Fagan, I am forced to.

Being a rough soldier of fortune himself, he had never been a. Irishmen, as Englishmen sometimes will have, and used to mock his. I had been insolent to one or. Rawson, had no liking. This act of injustice rendered. In a foreign. I descended gradually to mix with the. I was the master of them all in daring wickedness; though there were. I should have been under the provost-. English service in rather a singular manner. The year in which George II died, our regiment had the honour to be. During the action, my lieutenant, Mr. Fakenham, of Fakenham, the. He had shown no.

He offered. In order to get into the house, we had been obliged, it must be. But the first knocking at the door had. Fakenham, taking a. Leaving the doctor who was very glad to stop with his patient, who. But he swore a. Here I must have been discovered by the surgeon on his issuing out;. There was another bed in the room.

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They told him it was the corporal who had brought him. But we were both too. However, I was in good quarters: the young lady who. This intimacy did not decrease with further acquaintance. I found. Lischen the tenderest of nurses. Whenever any delicacy was to be. His illness was long. On the second day the fever declared itself;. I had been sitting up very comfortably in the lower. The delirium of Mr. Fakenham gave me a hint, and I determined. There was a poor fellow about Brady's Town. That night I made an. The blow on the head had disordered my brain; the doctor was.

One night I whispered to him that I. Cleopatra, which convinced him of my insanity. Indeed, if Her. Majesty had been like my Aesculapius, she must have had a carroty. A movement on the part of the French speedily caused an advance on. The town was evacuated, except by a few Prussian troops,. I determined that. I never would join mine again. My intention was to make for Holland,.

If Mr. Fakenham is now alive, I here tender him my apologies for my. He was very rich; he used me very ill. I managed to. Warburg, and from that time would sometimes condescend to wait upon. Nor was I the only person in the house to whom. He ordered the fair Lischen hither. For, if the truth must be told, I had made very deep love to her. To a man who has to make his way.

As for Lischen, I told her such a pathetic story of my. Do not think me very cruel and. French colours, now green and yellow Saxon, now black and white. Prussian, as the case may be. A lady who sets her heart upon a lad. The German surgeon who attended us after the departure of the. English only condescended to pay our house a visit twice during my. Fakenham, who lay there:. Fakenham peevishly. The next time that I expected the doctor to come, instead of. Lischen as the surgeon entered. I had taken possession of a. Lieutenant, if you please,' answered I, giving an arch.

The fellow has once or. Lieutenant, I have in my notes made a mistake in you two? Lischen and I laughed at this error as at the most ridiculous thing. The reader will be able to gather from the above conversation what. I was determined to escape, and to escape. It was forgery and robbery, if you like; for I took all. Hence it became my. As the lieutenant lay still in bed upstairs, I did not hesitate at. But there were none that I could hear of; and. Lieutenant Fakenham, of Gale's English regiment of foot,. Prussian regiment at a very sorry mess they had.

How Fakenham would. Whenever that worthy used to inquire about his clothes, which he did. His papers and money, however, he kept under his pillow;. At a certain hour, then, I ordered the animal to be brought round,. I shall pass over my adieux. And then,. As sure as my name's Fakenham, when we get back to the. Wegiment, I'll have your soul cut out of your body. I took at first the way towards Bremen, where our army was, and gave. Hesse-Cassel territory, which is luckily not very far from Warburg:. I rode to Hof, and the next day to Cassel, giving.

Lower Rhine, and put up at the best hotel of the place, where the. These gentlemen I. I was even asked to. At our table at the inn there was a Prussian officer who treated me. England; which I answered as best I might. But this best, I am bound. I knew nothing about England, and the Court,.

When the. As for stories about my. I wish my other. On the morning I left Cassel, my Prussian friend came to me with an. Dusseldorf, whither I said my route lay; and so laying our horses'. The country was desolate beyond. The prince in whose dominions we were was known to be. He would sell to any. For fine men--for men like you,' he added, laughing, 'we. In the old King's time we would have. Hanover by some of your recruiters. Morgan was taken, then, and drafted into the. Many of these monsters used to complain of their life, and.

It is a beautiful. Clonmel: a city, let me tell you, sir, only inferior to Dublin and. London, and far more sumptuous than any on the Continent. Morgan said that his birthplace was near that city, and the only. Why, man, I'm the shortest of my family! There's six more of us, but Bin's the biggest of all. Seven feet in his stockin-FUT, as sure as my name's. Ever since I was seduced by one of you gentlemen of the. What a monster Bin would be. However, the story was told. No, no; once. He has bought a snug farm in. Tipperary with the money that was given him to secure his brothers;.

The Prussian captain laughed exceedingly at this story, said that. We rode. Now that I was a. It was another ugly question, which I determined to answer at hap-. My friend was quite. Corbach is only a league off: let us push on. We entered by a great gate into a Court walled round,. This customary.

Parties of French horsemen, the Captain said, were about. We went into supper, after the two sergeants had taken charge of our. I promised the worthy fellow a glass of schnapps for his. A dish of fried eggs-and-bacon was ordered from a hideous old wench. I would not be behindhand with him in politeness, and. The hideous old woman before mentioned brought us in a pot of very. There's no prettier woman. If she won't suit your fancy, my friend, you must.

You're an. My men heard of a man escaping from. Warburg, and I thought you were the man. Your lies and folly have. You pretend to carry despatches to a general who has. Will you join and take the. But, agile as I. He took two pistols out of his. The game was up. I flung down a knife with which I had armed myself;. What name shall I put on my list?

Gentleman, and. As my pocket-book contained some bank-notes as well as papers of Mr. Fakenham's, I was not willing to give up my property; suspecting. I dashed forward to grapple with. It was bleeding severely when I came to myself, my laced coat was. The great and illustrious Frederick had scores of these white slave-. This individual was a person of high family and known talents and.

The sovereign, too, probably. His name was. Monsieur de Galgenstein, and he was one of the most successful of. He spoke all languages, and. About , however, he came to his justly merited end. He was at. French advanced sentinels; to whom he was in the habit of promising. One day there was on the bridge a superb. We were born and bred together, we are of the same. If he will. Galgenstein, after a little parley, passed the sentinel; but.

But the. The Prussian, however, seeing his danger, made a bound across the. The Frenchman was the better swimmer. The King prefers to reward you,' and the man received money. Learn more about archive hierarchies. Books, manuscripts and archives in Special Collections are usually grouped together in collections. Catalogue records for individual objects link to a collection record, which show the object's context, and associated material. You can see the full hierarchy under 'In this collection'. If you wish to include a link to this record from your own website or from within some other type of document, please use this link.

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