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Add a hint of mystery to your look by hiding behind your bangs for the day. Apply a sexy smoky eye , then brush the front of your hair to one side.

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To achieve this style, just add a bit of wax to your pixie cut for texture, muss it around, and go. A common complaint of women with short, straight hair is that it appears bushy rather than polished.

11 Short Hair Ponytail Hairstyles You Need to Try – Cute Updos for Short Haircuts

This easy style leaves your hair looking pretty and well-styled, but still touchable and soft. Growing out a shaved head has never looked so cool! Kristen Stewart framed her face by flipping up the front-most pieces and allowing for some wispy strands on the side. Get your bangs out of your face without sacrificing your style with a simple slicked style.

have (someone) by the short hairs

Bonus: It shows off your cheekbones, so try defining them to get even more "wow" into your look. Getting your hair out of your face can be a big relief — especially during those hot summer months. Rock neutral makeup to let your voluminous hair take center stage. This elegant style is gorgeous right when you first do it, but here's the best news: It's even prettier the second day.

Let a few tendrils fall along the side of your forehead for a playful look.

There's nothing wrong with going gray! Celebrate your new hair color and texture with a chic, short haircut that's piece-y in the front and sleek on the sides. Short hair, don't care — you can totally get the special occasion style you want. This chignon is perfect for girls with short or thin hair, so grab a fancy headband and start twisting. This elegant look will never, ever go out of style. While it's a little too time-consuming to do every day, it's the perfect pick for special events.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. Joe Maher Getty Images. Slicked-Down Pixie.

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Cindy Ord Getty Images. Side Swoop. A brushed-out wave, created with a curling iron, adds retro drama to a deep side part. Alison Buck Getty Images. Half Bun.


Voluminous Loose Curls. Closed-Cropped Sides. Don Arnold Getty Images. Behind the Ear. Beachy Waves.

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Paras Griffin Getty Images. A euphemism for "pubic hairs," itself in this context a euphemistic metonymy for "balls". It is used mostly in expressions such as "to have someone by the short hairs ," which is to say "to have someone in a very difficult or hopeless situation," equivalent to "to have someone by the balls. It was a real Catch 22! They had me by the short hairs , and they knew it. This is easily obtained by chopping off long hair. It looks good on most girls pixie is harder to pull off and can be styled in millions of different ways. Its easier to maintain so its a win-win situation.

Girls with shorter hair are not lesbians although I speak only for myself.

Emo girls will dye their short hair bright colors, prep girls might curl theirs, and rocker chicks will give theirs a choppy, layered look. Short hair is super versatile. This striking actress could pull off any hair cut with smashing success. It just goes to show you how greatly a risk can pay off.

Short hair

Carey Mulligan rocks the crop. Andrew H. Fact: Nobody does short hair better than Carey Mulligan, whose crop has been every shade of blonde, brunette, and auburn. When she first began her acting career, Mulligan had long, girl-next-door hair.