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Wabash was awesome! Tabling continues tomorrow Sunday the 17th. But I love being a wife as much as I love to defend my country. Continuing to be strong is all you got sometimes! I was a military wife for 20 years. US Navy. This author pretty much got it right. With all that said, we miss the life everyday.

The friends we have from each of his duty stations are still friends. Our children grew up with deployments, the commissary, travel, moving, and so much more. They have grown into fine adults. At first I hated the deployments, but through the years that feeling turned into more of a begrudging one. I learned to turn deployments into opportunities and grew stronger because of them. The stories I could tell! How is one to understand the new navy man relationship…and that they just want hook ups with no strings attached…cause all the other previous gals carnt cope with deployments…us this fair to lump all us girls in this… How can this attitude be readjusted….

I am the proud wife of a 23 year veteran, who after retiring from active duty spent another 20 years as a DOD employee. We live in a neighborhood that had three other couples Living in the same nrighborhood. We have friends that have lasted forever. We became parents together, raised our children to adulthood, and now we have retired, collecting Social Security, and now we are watching our grandkids, and in some cases great grandkids grow. Being military or married into it is a great experience and an adventure.

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We miss it, especially the people we call friends. Thank you for this beautifully written article. I am brand new to this way of life as my husband leaves for basic training in less than 3 weeks. I look forward to this learning experience. You have a great list! Oh man…. I had to order a new motor and install it in our vacuum and order and install new inlet valve on the washer last deployment and I was so thankful my dad taught me how to be very handy with tools.

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The job situation is so complicated so I have turned to creating sweat equity in my home to keep me occupied and feeling productive. I tiled the downstairs,, painted half the rooms, remodeled the downstairs bathroom, built new gates, and landscaped the front yard last deployment. I need online spell caster that can bring back my ex lover immediately! There is nothing to be proud of about being a military spouse.

I absolutely hate every bit of it. I hate everything about the military. This training further develops the Students' ability to plan and lead small units during independent and coordinated airborne, air assault, small boat, and dismounted combat patrol operations in a low intensity combat environment against a well trained, sophisticated enemy.

As the scenario develops, the students receive "in-country" technique training that assists them in accomplishing the tactical missions later in the phase. Camp Rudder has specially trained reptile experts who teach the students to not fear the wildlife they encounter. The Ranger students are updated on the scenario that eventually commits the unit to combat during techniques training. The day FTX comprises "fast paced, highly stressful, challenging exercises in which the Students are evaluated on their ability to apply small unit tactics and techniques during the execution of raids, ambushes, movements to contact, and urban assaults to accomplish their assigned missions".

This small boat operation involves each platoon in the class, all working together on separate missions to take down the cartel 's final point of strength. Afterwards, students who have met graduation requirements spend several days cleaning their weapons and equipment before returning to Fort Benning.

By then they have earned PX Post Exchange privileges, and access to a community center where they can use a telephone, eat civilian food, and watch television. In years past, the "Gator Lounge" served this purpose, but it was destroyed by a fire in late In the years since, a new "Gator Lounge" has been built, maintaining many of the features of the old one. Graduation is at Fort Benning. In an elaborate ceremony at Victory Pond, the black-and-gold Ranger Tab is pinned to the graduating soldier's left shoulder usually by a relative, a respected RI, or soldier from the student's original unit.

The Ranger Tab is permanently worn above the soldier's unit patch. The Desert Phase was designed to instruct its students in Desert Warfare operations and basic survival in the deserts of the Middle East. John Lock describes the Desert Phase as follows. The phase commenced with an in-flight rigging and airborne assault—or an air assault landing by non-airborne personnel, onto an objective.

Following the mission, the students moved into a cantonment area. Remaining in garrison for five days, they then received classes on desert-survival techniques to include water procurement and water preservation. Leadership responsibilities, standing operating procedures SOPs , reconnaissance, and ambush techniques were also reviewed. Additional emphasis was placed on battle drills to include react to enemy contact, react to indirect fire, and react to near and far ambushes.

Drills on how to breach barbed and concertina wire with wire cutters and assault ladders were taught as were techniques on how to clear a trench line and how to assault a fortified bunker. The remainder of the phase comprised patrolling during field training exercises—"reconnaissance, raid, or ambush missions". This was part of the brigade's continuing evaluation of the possibility of integrating a Desert Phase into the Ranger course. The first students to undergo the Desert Phase were selected from Ranger Class 13—71 class 13 in When the bulk of the class went on to begin the Florida phase, the airborne qualified members of Ranger Class 13—71 Desert donned MC parachutes, boarded a C aircraft and parachuted into the White Sands Missile Range.

When the Desert Phase was officially introduced, the length of Ranger School was lengthened to 65 days. In May , the school underwent its most recent course change when the Desert phase was discontinued. The U. Army has not given up on small unit desert training. In , the 1st Armored Division created the Desert Warrior Course that focuses on honing combat tracking, night land navigation, live-fire drills, and a myriad of other tasks. A student's graduation is highly dependent on their performance in graded positions of leadership.

This leadership ability is evaluated at various levels in various situations, and is observed while he or she is in one of typically two graded leadership roles per phase.

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The student can either meet the high standards and be given a "GO" by the R. The student must demonstrate the ability to meet the standard in order to move forward, and can thus only afford one unsuccessful patrol. The student's success will lie in his ability to essentially manipulate those directly underneath their charge of leadership. At times, this will be as few as two to three people—and at other times the student may be required to lead up to an entire person platoon.

The student's success can be dependent on the performance and teamwork of these individuals, whom he or she must motivate and lead. Missions are typically broken up into four stages: planning, movement, actions on the objective, and establishment of a patrol base. The Platoon Leader position in Mountains and Florida will be rotated throughout the mission, and the same is true for the platoon sergeant position.

Due to unit loyalties, certain individuals within a squad who may be "the odd one out" will sometimes be singled out by the squad arbitrarily.

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Because of this, someone who has been "peered out" or "peered," will be moved to another squad, sometimes within another platoon, in order to ensure that this was not the reason the student was peered. If it happens within this new squad, however, this is taken as an indication that student is being singled out because he or she is either lazy, incompetent, or cannot keep up. At this time the student will usually be removed from the course. If a student performs successfully, but suffers an injury that keeps him from finishing, he or she may be medically recycled med recycle at the discretion of either the battalion or the Ranger Training Brigade commander; the student will be given an opportunity to heal and finish the course with the next class.

Students recycled in the first phase are temporarily assigned to Vaughn's Platoon informally known as the "Gulag" to Ranger students. Recycled students typically receive classes on Ranger School tasks and perform a variety of general tasks for their respective Ranger Training Battalion. Students can also be recycled for a variety of other reasons, including failing their patrol evaluations, peer evaluation, collecting 3 or more bad spot reports in a phase, or receiving a Serious Observation Report SOR.

Students may receive SORs for actions including, but not limited to, negligent discharges, safety violations involving demolitions or mountaineering, not looking through their sights while firing, or throwing away ammunition to lighten their load while on patrol. If a student fails a phase twice for the same reason patrols, peers, etc. In rare cases, those assessed of honor violations lying, cheating, stealing and SORs may be offered a day one restart as opposed to being dropped from the course. Recycles are included in the graduation rates.

Recycles are tracked by the class they start with, and affect only that class's graduation rate. Following the completion of Ranger School, a student will usually find himself "in the worst shape of his life". Common maladies during the course include weight loss, dehydration , trench foot , heatstroke , frostbite , chilblains , fractures, tissue tears ligaments, tendons, muscles , swollen hands, feet, knees, nerve damage, loss of limb sensitivity, cellulitis , contact dermatitis , cuts, and insect, spider, bee, and wildlife bites.

Because of the physical and psychological effect of low calorie intake over an extended period of time, it is not uncommon for many Ranger School graduates to encounter weight problems as they return to their units and their bodies and minds slowly adjust to routine again.

The Untold Story of Otto Warmbier, American Hostage

A drastically lowered metabolic rate, combined with a nearly insatiable appetite the result of food deprivation and the ensuing survivalist mentality can cause quick weight gain, as the body is already in energy fat storing mode. A Ranger student's diet and sleep are strictly controlled by the Ranger Instructors.

During time in garrison students are given one to three meals a day, but forced to eat extremely quickly and without any talking. During field exercises Ranger students are given two MREs Meal, Ready-to-eat per day, but not allowed to eat them until given permission. This is enforced most harshly in Darby and Mountain phases. Since food and sleep are at the bottom of the priorities of those in the infantry behind security, weapons maintenance, and personal hygiene, it is generally the last thing Ranger students are allowed to do.

As such, the two MREs are generally eaten within three hours of each other, one post mission, and the other prior to the planning portion of the mission. Though the Ranger student's daily caloric intake of calories would be more than enough for the average person, Ranger students are under such physical stress that this amount is insufficient.

The Ranger Training Brigade does not maintain weight information in the 21st century, but in the s, Ranger Students lost an average of 25—30 pounds during the Ranger course. The awards listed below are designed to recognize outstanding achievement during the Ranger Course.

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Dependent on class performance, all or some of these awards may be presented upon graduation. The Darby Award is awarded to the Ranger that shows the best tactical and administrative leadership performance, has the most positive spot reports and has demonstrated being a cut above the rest. They must also pass all graded leadership positions, peer reports, and may not recycle. This award is named in the honor of BG William O. Darby , who organized the 1st Ranger Battalion in with handpicked volunteers leading the way onto the beaches of North Africa.

In the Pacific the 6th Ranger Battalion served with distinction in the Philippines. The Puckett Award is awarded to the Ranger that passes all graded leadership positions; peer reports, and may not recycle. The Ranger may not have any lost equipment due to negligence and may not have any retests on any critical tasks.