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So where do leaders begin with this process? Let us start with subject leaders. Subject leaders must be able to articulate why they organise their curriculum as they do.

Questions worth considering include:. Assessment processes should also be delved into when considering the new framework. While Ofsted may not want in-school data in the future, they will undoubtedly want to know that schools have effective systems for checking progress. As such, I recommend asking the following questions:. The importance of work scrutiny and the need for many schools to change the way they conduct these cannot be underestimated. Work in books, for example, must show that the curriculum has coherence, depth, and provides opportunities for pupils to recall, make links and consolidate; it must enable pupils to answer deep and challenging questions.

Similarly, in schools where lesson observations are a regular part of monitoring practices, there will need to be a focus on curriculum and development, as well as teaching. If work is not challenging enough a comment that is common in lesson observation proformas , is that because of teacher expectations or limitations in the curriculum?

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Senior leaders will play an equally important role during this framework change too. Firstly, senior leaders must support their middle leaders to develop high quality curriculum programmes — including where appropriate, cross-curricular themes. They must also ensure that they themselves have the skills to quality assure them effectively.

An inspector calls: is it time for a rethink on Ofsted visits?

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An inspector calls Ofsted and its effect on school standards

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An inspector calls Ofsted and its effect on school standards by Cullingford, Cedric

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The Ofsted session:Curriculum and assessment

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