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A gamble on a razor's edge. In his works folly and reasoning compensate each other, just as do the love of justice and of falsehood, aesthetics and anaesthetic.


Brand new technical virtuosity and ambiguity appear through the mystifying filter of art and push the viewer to wonder what the true origin of the the word is. Lacking a clear and definite answer, mankind continues to lose himself and see himself once again in the mirror of a mechanism of spiritual cog-wheels in which terror is mixed with pleasure, in the sublime union of Eros and Psyche.

Beside them, behold the presence of complex golden metal machinery, a kind of throne, means of both locomotion and combat, impressive constructions of obscure function endowed with a variety of cog-wheels and mechanisms. Then videos offer us wings of wax on which to fly along a path of introspection towards the knowledge of the nature of the universe, every certainty dissolves among conscious and subconscious input, on the trip in a whirlwind of lights, sounds, words and colours.

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The matrix of artificial intelligence with which the artist elaborates his work, goes together with a rigorous planning spirit coupled with an almost sacred respect for the casualness of the synchrony. His figurative compositions, formulated throughout showing masterly control over the result, are in fact haunted with learned memories of the painting styles in our artistic tradition, starting with the images created in the artists' workshops in medieval times and during the Renaissance, of memories and echoes of the gothic, of the style of mannerism, of the baroque.

The works thus appear in our memory, to cause a new sense of time-space continuity. The precious detail in the intertwining of the various decors in the complex plot leads us back to our perception of a sense of continuous correlation, close to the flemish style of visionary courage and with scrupulous care for the high definition of the detail.

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