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She nearly whimpered in nervous anticipation, the unknown a terrifying question in her mind, both torturing and teasing her. She bit her lip anxiously, worried eyes glued to the door. When Austin finally opened the door, his endearing smile broke over her like sunshine, melting her heart even as it thudded in her chest. This was why she had agreed. Well, one of the reasons at least. All Austin had to do was give her that special smile meant just for her, and she wanted to give him the moon. He reached out and took her hand in his, his large palm dwarfing hers, pulling her into the house.

Neither said a word. They did not need to. Mandy was in his arms in an instant, her arms wrapped around his neck, his mouth seizing her lips. The spicy scent of him intoxicated her, rushing straight to her head, and she was instantly drunk with him, wanting nothing but him. His lips burned against hers, his tongue a flame that stroked her lips, delving into her mouth. Their tongues battled, their dance as old as time, the rhythm traveling through their bodies as their hips pressed together.

When she finally pulled away, she could see the passion in his eyes, his breath as hard and ragged as her own. Then he pushed her away slightly, struggling for control. But I have plans, and I want to go through with them. Anxiously, she bit her lip, her hands trembling as they slid from his neck. He grinned at her. I want to show you something. She gasped the moment she walked inside, the sight astonishing her.

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The room was lit up with candles, dozens of candles of all shapes and sizes dancing as their soft light fluttered around the room. The bright glow threw mysterious shadows across the walls, the sight making her heart skipped a beat. The sensual flames licked the air, and the touch of romance nearly brought her to her knees. The next site made her tremble as well, though with a different sensation. Austin tugged her to the bed, and she glanced down to see black cuffs attached to each corner.

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Sort order. Mar 15, Heather rated it it was ok Shelves: erotica , kinky-light. Indeed, in many of the best-selling spanking stories, after a few paddling episodes, the heroine melts the heart of the stern hero and there is much cuddling and vows of love by the end. Most women keep spanking in their fantasies. The couple have an array of spanking tools — her favourite is a cane, his is a thick slipper. They have also used a Jokari game paddle, wooden spoons, a bath brush You can explore your fantasies and let all inhibitions go.

The same applies to men, she says. They, too, find it erotic to allow someone else to decide how and where to direct their pleasure. It increases communication and arousal levels can be heightened.

Tied and Spanked for his Birthday

Some are sexually adventurous and occasionally enjoy it as part of the sex play. A few may be pressured into it by their partners. Cathy says she finds sexual spanking quite addictive. This is when the endorphins kick in, and you literally get a high. Sh says it leaves her feeling totally relaxed and loved. Not one fucking little sliver. And sugarcoat nothing on my behalf. The brook-no-argument heat in her eyes. Her deep, sea-blue gaze sliced deep and offered no mercy.

You knew he was changing jobs and would be out of the country for a long time. You told me that yourself, remember? The minute details are in the file, but to make a long story short, I got too close. Breached a compound to look for evidence of your brother being there and anything else I could use in the case. Before I knew what was happening, I was getting shot at from every direction. He shook his head, wishing he could answer her pleas.

And before you ask, yes, I am certain it was him. Then voices and more gunfire rang out and coming toward us. Before I could react to anything, he suddenly raised his gun and shot me. I ran out as fast as possible, and he hauled our asses out of there. Hell, Charlo—ie, I latched on to the case to prove his innocence. Why did you want to get involved?

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You left Vikki and high-tailed it on the first plane out with barely any notice. And you were on your way to partnering up with Gavin and Marc with the security stuff. But you dropped everything and left. I never asked you to get involved, Frank. I was hoping to get Sean out of trouble and bring him home to you. But you overheard Gavin and I talking before I left. And as far as leaving Vikki, she and I discussed it. She needed space and was only too eager to see me go. Gavin watched over her for me.

And it has nothing to do with you. He only had himself to blame. What other proof did she need to trust him? Frank stood and crossed the room, then rested his hands on her shoulders.

Sobs tore from her, shaking her strong yet delicate frame. He wrapped her in his arms, resting his cheek on her head, and let her cry. Soft, warm, and the tranquility that came to him whenever he held her close were all potently his Charlotte. Being this close to her again was like coming home. And it puzzled him why he returned time and time again. You know exactly why. You have an addiction, buddy.

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Yes, he supposed his conscience was trying to tell him something, but it was wrong. He kept returning here because of his friends, the security business. But Charlotte pulled him back in like a reel catching a fish every single time. Fuck no. He fell back on his feet, shocked at her strength to shove him so hard. Damn it. Coddle you?

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  7. If I even hear from him again. Frank had never seen her so out of control, seething and yet so stunning. How ferocious she was in battle. Get lost, buddy. Come on in, Neal. He and I are finished. Dark hair, squinty eyes, tanned skin. Dressed to the nines in a suit and tie, with a cute little handkerchief in his breast pocket, and a pair of round glasses in his right hand. Jesus, what a nerd. Frank wanted to pick him up and chuck him back out into the hallway. Maybe dinner? Frank wanted the guy scared shitless of him. But the little prick stepped forward and extended his hand to shake.

    Frank eyed the small limb with the urge to break it but wanting to be an adult. And vice versa. I need a time out. Frank watched, jaw clenched. Anger and frustration filled him as Charlotte and Numbnuts disappeared. Frank eyed the landline phone sitting there. After extracting a small case from the front pocket of his pants, he opened it and pulled out the tiny device and lifted the dial-phone. He placed the electronic bug underneath it and set it back down.

    If Sean contacted his sister, this would be one number he might call. As much as Frank disliked going behind her back like this, he had a job to do. Now that he was here, he was stalling, and he grimaced. Until he saw her. Cheeks flushed, hair now streaming in wild abandon and clothing awry, she glared at him, her rage muted by the trembling need radiating from her tense body.

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    I got here as soon as I could. I have to submit to your … physical attentions so I can function. The dichotomy scalded his senses. She stood, her body shaking, the hormonal flux pouring off of her, and he balled his fists to keep his hands to himself. A vastly angry Desiree was an incredibly beautiful and appealing female and his wolf seethed with impatience against her siren call. Tahl shoved his animal back and cudgeled his brain for something that would soothe her. Some sense of self-preservation kept him from offering his heart. His breath stuttered as with awkward, jerky movements, she yanked at the front of her silky shirt, the fine fabric rending beneath her impatient hands.

    She threw the remnants in the general direction of the couch before working at the zipper on her little skirt. The garment slid over her thighs to pool around her ankles, his avid stare tracking it as the black lace of her matching panties was revealed as well as the long length of her legs. She stepped out, nearly losing her balance, and kicked the material away. This was so not how he imagined it. Throat dry, he closed the distance. Easy, baby. Sitting high on her narrow torso, they were in perfect proportion to the rest of her, though visibly swollen with need, the dark nipples beaded tightly.

    Everything in him screamed to take her right fucking now, his cock so hard it hurt, his wolf groveling. With inner strength he somehow drew from somewhere, perhaps his conscience, maybe his aching heart, he wrestled his libido into submission and hugged her instead. Trying to offer her comfort.