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Your Boy : Raising a Godly Son in an Ungodly World by Vicki Courtney (2012, Paperback)

And you save time by only having to order and deliver one item per leader, instead of The Box includes a Quick Start Guide that explains how all the items work together: 10 Personal Study Guides CSB - Helps engage participants in Bible study and challenges them to live out their faith right where they are. It is a gripping reminder of the power of true forgiveness.

Men Women Young Adults. You Lead. Johnny Hunt Simulcast Cruise. Collegiate Week. SonPower WorshipLife. Camps Events. Search by keyword, title, author, isbn, etc. Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails; we know what little boys are made of. Now find out what it takes to make a man.

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From his very first step to his first big steps into manhood, the things of this world relentlessly compete for his attention. Second edition featuring a new introduction by the author. Quantity: Minimum quantity allowed for this product is 1. Add to Cart Add to Cart. In Stock Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days. We have added these items to your cart. Summary Total Items in Cart Cart items subtotal.

Continue Shopping Proceed to Checkout. About this Item Description Specifications Show more If you are the mother of a son eighteen years old or younger, especially one in the tween or teen years, then you know that you are in a war for his mind, body, and soul.

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Binding Paperback Height 0. Paperback, Non-Fiction. Your email has been sent. We're sorry, an error occurred. Please see below for details. Please enter a valid email address. Personal Message. This field is required. Send me a copy of this email. Teenagers see these things portrayed alluringly on the screen and decide to go and try them. Newspapers have played up crime and sex until they seem glamorous to our young people. Instead of publicizing the good and constructive things that teenagers do, we have played up the sensational lawbreaker.

We have taught our young people that morals are relative and not absolute. At the heart of the problem is the failure of parents in the home. There seems to be little parental responsibility for discipline. Children are allowed to go wild. I give him an allowance; what more do you expect of me? If parents fail, God is going to hold them responsible. I want to give a few suggestions to Christian parents. First, take time with your children. Your children not only require a great deal of your time, but they long and hunger for it.

Perhaps they do not express it, but the hunger and longing are there just the same. Love them; spend hours with them. God will honor you, and your children will grow up to call you blessed see Proverbs Second, give your children ideals for living. Teach them moral and spiritual principles of life.

Show them that only the morally and spiritually right attain genuine satisfaction in life. Third, set your children a good example.

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A well-known story illustrates this point. It was the usual custom for a lawyer who walked to his office every morning to stop at the corner tavern for a drink. One morning when the snow had fallen, he heard a sound behind him. Fourth, plan activities for your children. Plan things together as a family. Make the home so interesting and delightful that your children will want to stay home; then they will never miss the things that so many young people are engaged in for thrills. Fifth, discipline your children.

The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, teaches that parents ought to lovingly discipline their children. If you fail to discipline your children, you are breaking the laws, commandments and statutes of God. You are guilty not only of injuring the moral, spiritual and physical lives of your children, but of sinning against God. The Bible says that if you fail to discipline your children, you actually hate them. The best way to influence your children is to set an example before them.

Remember, the majority of children acquire the characteristics and habits of their parents. Now, some parents carry discipline too far, continually harassing their children. Parents should never give unreasonable commands.

Nor should they ever give a command that they do not mean to be carried out. Sixth, teach your children to know God, and bring them up in the church. Very seldom do parents have trouble with children when the Bible is read regularly in the home, grace is said at the table and family prayers take place daily.

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Most trouble with teenagers comes from children reared in homes where prayer is neglected, the Bible is never opened and church attendance is spasmodic. Christ gives the moral stability, understanding, wisdom and patience needed to rear children. Many parents are not Christians. They have never received Christ as their Lord and Savior. Church attendance, if any, has been no more than a duty and a ritual.