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He seriously needed it to tone it down! Overall, this was a nice holiday story. I was just bummed because my expectations were too high, I guess. Right yet. Kyle is 25 and therefore a lot younger than 38 year old Paul. Because what Paul wants is someone to dominate him in the bedroom. But Kyle is not what he seems.. I really 3. I really loved the younger, skinnier guy being the dominant top and the older bear to be the more submissive bottom. There were some parts that dragged a bit. It could have been left out completely. Still, a very nice, and sexy holiday story. View 1 comment. No people were more perfect for each other than Kyle and Paul.

Kyle was adorable. But Kyle is no ordinary 25 year old. Kyle He makes his intentions clear by leaving certain snow sculptures on his fron 5th Xmas read with Paul I liked this one the best!! Kyle He makes his intentions clear by leaving certain snow sculptures on his front porch. Paul is a contradiction in how he looked like, a bear and what he needed from a partner.

Kyle was able to give him exactly what he needed. I really loved their dynamics. Paul really has this baggage. His family that keeps criticising him for being who he is has made him the man scared to trust his feelings. I loved his devotion to his twin sister Linda Kay who has Downs-syndrome. In short this book is about family. Especially choosing a new family we are not born into. You come be with me.

Love that kid so hard!! Anyhoo, Kyle just wants to be taken seriously and treated like a grown up. Paul is completely ready to settle down and be in a committed relationship. Can Kyle help him overcome his fears?

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Of course he can. There was a bit of comedy in this leading up to how Kyle pursues Paul. What stood out for me this time around, was as much as small town life can infuriate, it can also have a lot of good parts to it too. The sense of community is strong in this as people plan for a big holiday festival. As each subsequent story is told, the town of Logan becomes more fully fleshed out as a consequence.

So intermix that with good feels and a touch of dirty smex, this had an ending that hints towards more to come as we all already know. Overall a tidy for now, ending. View all 8 comments. ETA: link to my review Gay. Reading and Friends I'm writing a review for Gay. Reading and Friends. I'll add a link when it's available. View 2 comments. I must confess that I adored the previous two books in this series.

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After all, we all dream about our very own Christmas miracles and we love to witness them happening to others, fictional or otherwise. We remember Paul from the previous two books and we remember that he was not our favorite. But as we learn more about him, some of his past actions become more understandable, if not entirely justified. Paul may seem like a bear on the outside, but he is a delicate, vulnerable, soft-hearted man on the inside. In fact, both of these men crush stereotypes left and right, which is precisely the sort of thing I appreciate.

Winter Wonderland is a fairly quick read, but that only makes it all the more appealing. I enjoyed everything about this story except for the ending, which felt rushed and left me feeling like the story was unfinished. Kyle is the "kid" that has crushed on Paul since he was in middle school, biding his time until Paul finally threw over Arthur.

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He comes from a close-knit family and dotes on his twin sister Linda Kay who was born with Downs Syndrome. His family is wonderful and supportive. We learn that Paul's family is anything but and is just getting worse. Paul however, sits and takes their abuse during phone calls and dinners because "they're family". Once Paul is with Kyle and lets his family know it, they decide to ruin his life. Kyle is a wonderful character and his "toppy twink" persona is all kinds of hot when the two get together.

Beyond that he is just a kind, caring person. I expected a bit more spark from Paul, but we don't see much more than a bit of it toward the end and it's not even directed at the people who want to put him down. There is a beautiful happy ending for Kyle and Paul's relationship, but all of the issues regarding the drama with Paul's parents felt unresolved. I was also hoping to get a bit of an epilogue showing them moving in together and how Linda Kay would deal with it since it was brought up several times in the story.

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Overall this was an enjoyable installment of the story, but it just left me wanting a little bit more in the end. But was still overall good. I loved Kyle and his snow penises. Winter Wonderland is the third book and my favorite of the Minnesota Christmas series. What's not to love?

We get a toppy twink who needs to take charge and a teddy bear who needs to let go - not just of the normal stresses of life, but especially of a poisonous family. And penis snow sculptures, no way will I ever forget those. We see the opposite all the time Winter Wonderland is the third book and my favorite of the Minnesota Christmas series. We see the opposite all the time, and I really enjoyed this particular dynamic.

Paul has always put up with his family's hate and vitriol, thinking if he just endured it, then it would be over more quickly. Oh, no, Paul. They were only killing you slowly, and it broke my heart to see. Paul's family left him so unsure of himself, and feeling unworthy, that he never let himself get too close.

Arthur came the closest, but Arthur only wanted to keep things casual. And then he went and fell for the town librarian and that was that. So, now with his two best friends paired up, Paul is left feeling like a fifth wheel and thinking he'll never have someone for himself. And, Kyle, oh Kyle. He's been half in love with Paul forever.

But getting Paul to actually notice him takes a tremendous amount of work. And Arthur's managing mother. Kyle looks much younger than he is and most people dismiss him as if he were a teenager. But Kyle is more formidable than he looks, and when he can't get Paul to notice him, he takes more drastic measures. I've got to hand it to Kyle, the snow penises were pretty ingenious. And though, if I found them on my own front step, I'd be more than a little creeped out, Kyle made them completely endearing.

So, pull up a chair and get some hot cocoa I'll have mine with chocolate liquor, please; and marshmallows and get ready for some holiday cheer! Oh, and Paul's family, who will not fill you with cheer, but more probably murderous thoughts. Kyle's family, though, is what a family should be.

They love each other and support each other. And you won't be able to help but fall in love with Kyle's twin sister, Linda Kay. She has Downs Syndrome, and some of the best lines in the book. Winter Wonderland is about family if not the family you're born to, then the family you choose , and Christmas, and happy ever afters.

It's about figuring out that you don't, in fact, have to just accept the hate and negativity. And, most importantly, it's about love. The very best kind of love. I was very excited to read about Paul and Kyle. This book had me at toppy twink.

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Color me intrigued. When my most recent Cullinan read was Carry the Ocean , I had pretty high hopes. And Cullinan can write, there is no doubt about that. But this one didn't quite live up to that standard. As I said, the writing was amazing, as usual. But it was the characters that made me not enjoy this story as much as I wish I could have.

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Kyle had a weak start, but came through in the end. He is 25 and has a baby face. And he's tired of everyone treating him like a teenager. So he decides to leave giant penis ice sculptures on his crush's porch. Well - that's a sign of maturity. That will make people treat you like a grown up! But Kyle made me come around, and I really liked him.

Paul, however, spent the entire book being a doormat. He ran away from good things and ran toward people who treat him poorly. Whether that's his family or boyfriends, it doesn't matter. I'm all for turning the other cheek in certain situations, but come on! Sometimes a verbal smackdown is warranted! And it was warranted in this book for Paul's family, specifically his sister. That never happened. The love story was very beautiful, and the steam was fair.

The ending was a bit abrupt and out of left field, but overall a good read, if not great. Some will definitely love this, and it is Cullinan. It's just not as great as some of her other stories. For a holiday-themed book, it was lovely. In this one, the third bear, Paul, finds his very unexpected love with the much younger and very toppy twink, Kyle.

Oh, and I just adored Kyle. Who wouldn't fall in love with him?! This was heartwarming and sexy and so feel good. It's a perfect book when you're trying to keep warm in front of the fire on a cold winter's night. View all 11 comments. Honestly, I'm a bit ashamed, because I'm one of those people who complains very loudly when holiday music pops up on the radio right after Halloween.

I know, I'm a hypocrite. But it's November now, and there's some nonsense about Starbucks cups, so I'm going to assume that the holiday season has officially begun. Small-town Christmas romance? Yes please! I've wanted to read Paul's story ever since I read Sleigh Ride last year.

As much 3. As much as I loved Arthur and Gabriel together, I couldn't help but feel for Paul being the odd man out. And despite my initial skepticism, "too-young, too-twinky Kyle Parks" was the perfect love interest for Paul. Paul and Kyle's relationship gave me the warm fuzzy feeling that I look for in a holiday romance.

I loved how Kyle went out of his way to bring Paul the attention and care he'd so obviously been deprived of. While Paul's behaviour at first made me want to slap him upside the head, I could understand where he was coming from. Once Paul got with the program, I was doing my happy dance. The sex. The toppy twink and the submissive bear. That totally worked for me. Re-visiting Logan, Minnesota was a fun time. I liked seeing how the town has grown from book 1. It was great to catch up with the couples of the previous books. And I think what was even better was getting to see more of Corrina, Arthur's mother.

I've put that woman on a mental pedestal, and I'm not taking her off anytime soon. My only complaint is that view spoiler [the issues with Paul's family were left up in the air. There was no resolution to that drama, which makes me wonder whether the Jansens would try to make Paul and Kyle's life miserable in the near future. And because I was expecting a resolution, the ending felt rather abrupt and unfinished. It's because of that unfinished business that my rating's probably closer to 3. You had me at:. View all 7 comments.

I enjoyed this more than the first book in the Minnesota Christmas series, but not quite as much as the second book which, for me, packed a real emotional punch with its secondary plot-line. I enjoyed the small-town themes in this book both the good and the bad , and the fact that all three bears Marcus, Arthur and Paul are now happily paired off and madly in love.

I liked Paul well enough, but it was Kyle that stole the show her 3. I liked Paul well enough, but it was Kyle that stole the show here. He was such a fun character to get to know. A man with a big heart and, apparently, a never-ending set of awe-inspiring talents that continually made me smile - what with his mad knitting skills and his world-class abilities as a snow sculptor, there really wasn't much this dude couldn't do.

He and Paul made a sweet couple, and for the first time in this series, a couple that actually felt like they fit together to me. I look forward to seeing what comes next for the fabulous men of Logan, Minnesota. In Sleigh Ride he mentions he's thirty-six, but in this book they say he is thirty-two. Don't change his age just so that the whole argument about Kyle not being too young for Paul works better. Inconsistencies bug the bejesus out of me. This was a good addition to the series, and I was pleased to see Paul find his happy ending.

Kyle was wonderful as the toppy twink trying to move out from under the general perception of him as a "good kid", rather than a grown man. If his patience felt a bit super-human, it didn't make me love him less. The secondary characters filled in the richness of the story a lot. I liked that Kyle's sister, Linda Kaye, was generally a sweet and cheerful person with Down Syndrome, and yet her limitations This was a good addition to the series, and I was pleased to see Paul find his happy ending.

I liked that Kyle's sister, Linda Kaye, was generally a sweet and cheerful person with Down Syndrome, and yet her limitations sometimes did cause stress and complications or concerns to the family. Kyle's acceptance and care for her meant more, because they came with some cost to him as well. Paul was a little less colorful than I expected from seeing him previously.

I also wished there was just a bit more resolution between him and his hurtful family. Realistically, sometimes those gaps don't get either bridged, or burned, but this felt up in the air enough to almost make me want another book to tie up loose ends. I also wondered how Kyle's sister was going to deal with losing a lot of him to his new relationship. He wasn't going to be able to be there for her as unceasingly as in the past, while giving Paul what he needed, and I anticipated that being hard on both of them.

I wanted to see him have to compromise, to find a workable center in his life. For once, he wouldn't be able to do it all. So the end felt a bit rushed and open. Still a very enjoyable series, and I loved the glimpses of the other couples and familiar secondary characters as the story moved along. Book 2 is still my favorite I actually finished this one a few days ago, but I think I've been in a bit of a Christmas slump and just haven't had the motivation to get around to the review I liked Paul and Kyle together they were really sweet.

I liked the fact that Kyle wasn't intimidated by their age difference and that in spite of his occasional insecurities he still went after what he wanted, which was Paul. While Paul may have resisted initially and to Book 2 is still my favorite While Paul may have resisted initially and to me it was a very believable thing given his family I'd like to shot punt the lot of them into a snowbank. While book 2 remains my favorite I have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 of these books and can't help but wonder whether this is the last story in this series or not.

Part of me definitely hopes not as I found myself a little intrigued by Marcus's friend Dale and wondered if there wasn't a HEA waiting for him in this lovely little town of Logan, Minnesota. Totally adorable, perfect holiday read, and a great ending? Kyle was adorably toppy, which was such a treat, and Paul was so wonderful in his insecurities and his needs. I love this tiny little town in Minnesota and really hope that I get to visit it again next year!

I love this series and like just about everyone else, I couldn't wait for Paul's story. It was going to take someone incredibly special to give Paul his HEA and the author couldn't have put together a better partner for him than Kyle. I wanted to hug Paul forever and always. I wanted to have Kyle in my life just to make it brighter. Paul broke my heart, but I was also so proud and happy for him for not letting his upbringing ruin his future. There were two scenes that cemented these two for me. A I love this series and like just about everyone else, I couldn't wait for Paul's story.

That part? That part was it. I was completely confident in Kyle's feels, but Paul had a fuckton of baggage to wade through and I was with Kyle, Paul could bolt for the hills at any moment. It all felt so fragile and scary and hopeful at the same time. The second, when Kyle was alone after his mom and sis stormed the town meeting and acted like complete shitheels, that was the second, Paul finally felt something other than defeat and fear and I was so happy for him.

He wouldn't have felt that if he didn't have Kyle's strength giving him confidence, but the revelation was all his. There were plenty of clues along the way. I just want to read them in detail.

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So, it's not like I was left hanging in any way, I just wanted to have more especially since Paul was really finding his way in his own skin and believing in his own HEA too. Being that this is Heidi Cullinan, the Queen of Fuck Mountain thank you Cupcake there was plenty of dirty to go along with the sweet. This book really reminded me why I like her characters so much. They aren't forced into their boxes and are more than their labels. And it reads in a really organic way. What you may think you are going to read in a stereotypical character is nothing like what you are going to get and I love it.

I get to discover who an MC really is right along with their love interest. It's filthy, fun and each romp is a tasty little surprise into what turns each guys crank. This series is going into my comfy Christmas reread pile of happiness. I met a new friend not long ago from MN. I'm not sure how he and I ended up on the topic of MM romance, I'm pretty sure copious amounts of vodka were involved, and he had no idea the genre even existed.

It's so fun to be able to share the love with a new convert and we've been messaging back and forth as we read this one. That amped my enjoyment level up of course and I couldn't have found a better series to share with a new reader. Nov 27, Denise H. We get deeply emotional characters, with a heartwarming tale and super hot sexiness. Paul has a mystery. Who is leaving snow sculptures of penises on his doorstep? Kyle, who has wanted Paul for a long time has figured out how to get his attention. Sweet, tall, femme Kyle, wants hunky, hairy bear Paul, and not just for a quickie, but forever.

The guys are working on the Winter Festival and getting to know each other, but Paul is worried. He's had so much bad luck with guys, and his family is mean, verbally abusive to him about his sexuality. Kyle's family is just the opposite, open, caring and accepting. Kyle's sister, Linda Kay is delightful, and his parents are very understanding.

Their relationship is rocky at first, but moves along, with long talks, hot sex, and deep yearning and need. The town's people are fabulous, with all the characters we've come to know and new ones, too. Paul's family and bigot friends under the guise of religion are horrible, and it's too bad these kinds of people are in real life, too. They are the ones missing out on the awesomeness of their son and his friends. Paul realizes he can have a family with Kyle, Kyle's family, their friends, Edna, and many more. Time to move on and be happy.

This is book three of the Minnesota Christmas series, and I recommend it highly. I kind of wanted Kyle to go find someone else who'd appreciate him and his toppy twink self more than Paul seemed to. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Heidi Cullinan. The Capitol Theatre performance will be on Saturday, December 12 at 7 p.

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