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We understand that You allowed us to go through those difficult times in order to bring You glory. Lord, we love You and are excited about the future that we have in You.

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We know that there is an expected end, and we thank You sincerely for it. Father, we lean not to our own understanding. We stand ready to receive the life that only You can provide for us. Give us the ability, O God, to be tenacious. Lord, we understand that this will not be an easy task, but we do know with assurance that You will be right there to coach and encourage us. Thank You in advance for training us up as champions. In You we have victory.

#2 – When God Is Silent, Ask For His Wisdom

For this reason, we have to remain patient. This is not the time to move out of position because of discomfort. This is actually the time to push through the pain. You must pray through the tears.

5 Things to Remember When God Seems Silent

You must stand on the promises of God no matter how difficult it may be. Know that there is an appointed time for your suffering to end. This set time could very well greet you at daybreak. For it is Your Spirit that empowers us to be tenacious.

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We confirm that nothing, no matter how difficult the task, will separate us from Your love. The truth of the matter is we lack the cognitive ability to make sensible judgments concerning our future or even our present, for that matter. We must be mindful of the fact that our thoughts are not His thoughts neither are our ways His ways Isa.

When God is Silent

I cancel every lifeless word that has ever proceeded out of my mouth due to ignorance. Father God, forgive me for every idle word Matt. In Jesus name I have prayed. We then ask for You to take away every unclean thing from our minds and hearts. We acknowledge You as the truth. There is none like You. Give us a heart that will rejoice when our brothers and sisters rejoice. Give us a heart that will allow us to dance when others are dancing. It is because of Your goodness, Your grace, Your mercy, and Your compassion that we are here today.

Thank You for never turning Your back on us, even when we turned our back on You. We find comfort today in knowing that You being for us is greater than the whole world against us.

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We ask You, Lord, for the grace to faint not. We understand that in our weakness You make us strong. Settle our spirits, dear Lord, so that we may be anxious for nothing. Anoint us to be in the proper position to receive the answers to our prayers. Does He not hurry to rescue His elect?

Exodus - When God Seems Silent, Be Patient - Peter Tanchi

So, if He has not answered your petition just yet, it simply indicates that the fullness of time has not come. These men had gone back as far as they could to the end of the submarine, and had gathered together in the last remaining pocket of air. All twenty-three men had died.

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  5. On the inside wall of the submarine, they found this note that had been etched there by the Captain-lieutenant Dmitri Kolesnikova. It said,.

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    It seems like there are no chances. In times like those, remember that although God may be silent, He is not still. Wait on Him.