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This second collection of essays for the Societas series by Tom Rubens continues the author's discussion of contemporary issues contained in "Progressive Secular Society" Imprint Academic Parenthood, we are told, requires a massive adjustment to our lives, emotions, and relationships, and we have to be taught how to deal with that.

But can it really be so bad that we need constant counselling and parenting classes? This book is about asking: Why have we invited Supernanny into our living rooms - and how can we kick her out? This study reviews the many different bases for wanting to preserve the environment. By seeing how protagonists approach the same situation from different assumptions, some of the origins of environmental conflict may be established, and ways of resolving conflict can be identified.

A reprint of Larry Arnhart's essay Darwinian Conservatism with comment and criticism from a variety of contributors. This book seeks to show how religion is controlled by political ideologies, and how evangelism is moulded and manipulated by the demands of the dominant political order of the day. Richard Berry traces the increase in independent MPs using case studies and interviews to test the theory that these are not isolated cases, but part of a permanent trend in British politics,a shift away from the party system in favour of independent non-aligned representatives of the people.

This is a careful examination of the historical formation of Britain and of key moments in its relations with the European powers. The author looks at the governing discourses of politicians, the mass media, and the British people.

The Tradeoff Between Fun and Wages: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Collection of short essays that range across philosophy, politics, general culture, morality, science, religion and art, focusing on questions of meaning, value and understanding. This book gives a set of 'secular thoughts for the day' — many only a page or two long — on topics as varied as Shakespeare and Comte, economics, science and social action. They aim to counter-balance the many uncritical books on CAM and to stimulate intelligent, well-informed public debate. This polemical book examines the concept of sustainability and presents a critical exploration of its all-pervasive influence on society, arguing that sustainability, manifested in several guises, represents a pernicious and corrosive doctrine that has survived primarily because there seems to be no alternative to its canon.

In Bed with Madness is 'a well-argued, powerful and profound indictment of contemporary culture', stylishly written — a reviewer said he would have bought it just for its humour! The Greek Inheritance traces the conflict between Greek values and those of the repressive, religious or capitalist order throughout the millennia. The book is challenging and well-written with a light, humorous touch. Universalism in its old forms has, just like door-to-door milkmen, gone for good. But the search for some universally accepted ethical standards cannot be abandoned.

Looking into our world from the classical Greek point of view, Yannis Andricopoulos wonders whether we cannot place Justice again at the heart of our morality. Rowse called fellow-historian James Anthony Froude the 'last great Victorian awaiting revival'.

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Using some themes of Cardinal Newman's classic The Idea of a University as a springboard, this extended essay aims to address the problems of modern universities. In his book The Moral Case against Religious Belief , the author argued that some important virtues cease to be virtues at all when set in a religious context, and that a religious life is, in many respects, not a good life to lead.

In this sequel he takes up the theme again. This book argues that the novelist Joseph Conrad's work speaks directly to us in a way that none of his contemporaries can.

Civil society

Conrad's scepticism, pessimism, emphasis on the importance and fragility of community, and the difficulties of escaping our history are important tools for understanding the political world in which we live. A zoologist by profession, his research has been guided by the hypothesis that religious or spiritual awareness is biologically natural to the human species and has been selected for in evolution. Claims that there are good arguments for a public health service that do not amount to arguments for a national health service, but for something that looks far more like a transnational health service.

GAIA, named after the ancient Greek mother-goddess, is the notion that the Earth and the life on it form an active, self-maintaining whole. With global warming now an accepted fact, the lessons of GAIA have never been more relevant and urgent. This work focuses on the topic of freedom. The author starts with the old issue of free will — do we as individual human beings choose our conduct, at least partly independently, freely? This book features a cross-disciplinary dialogue among writers who are sympathetic to the humanist tradition and interested in developing a new humanist project through debate.

The author passionately sets out his argument for radical decentralisation of power as the only answer to the current crises in politics, trade, ecology, and international affairs. New Labour would like to portray as a new beginning for public policy, but Peter King argues that we now have, in housing and in other areas of public policy, a consensus based on Thatcherite reforms.

Is CompuGroup Medical Societas Europaea's (FRA:COP) Balance Sheet Strong Enough To Weather A Storm?

Machiavelli almost succeeded in removing morality from European politics and, indeed, since his day it has sometimes been assumed that morality and politics are separate. Ryder argues that the time has come for public policies to be seen to be based upon moral objectives. A lively and sharp critique of the role of the referendum in modern British politics. Historians and sociologists chart the consequences of the expansion of knowledge; philosophers of science examine the causes.

This book bridges the gap.

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  • The focus is on 'academisation'. The reality and validity of the moral sense — which ordinary people take for granted — took a battering in the last century. Haslam shows how important the moral sense is to the human personality and exposes the weakness in much current thinking that suggests otherwise. This book suggests that Darwinian biology sustains conservative social thought by showing how the human capacity for spontaneous order arises from social instincts and a moral sense shaped by natural selection in human evolutionary history. The only way to avoid dodgy dossiers and dubious foreign adventures is to acknowledge that the post-Cold War world is a far safer place than neoconservative rhetoricians would have us believe.

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    The Ministry of Defence should reclaim its pre-Orwellian meaning and the armed forces should be scaled back accordingly. In this short but authoritative book, the nature and purpose of the European Constitution are explained by someone involved in its preparation. The middle class provides British society with its stability and strength. The 'ideal type' is Max Weber's hypothetical leading democratic politician, whom the author finds realized in Tony Blair. Human beings have an evolved but highly adaptable nature. This book sets out to establish a new framework for understanding human nature, from an evolutionary perspective but drawing on existing social sciences.

    This pocket lexicon of "neuromythology" shows why. Tracing its effects through the media, politics and the public services, the author argues that hollowed-out liberalism has helped to produce our present discontent. This book aims to refute the fashion for a return to a pre-Cartesian ideal of harmony and integration.

    This book examines the historical forces that gave rise to the modern political party and questions its role in the post-ideological age. If we all now share the liberal market consensus, then what is the function of the party? On Thursday June 12th , a press release concerning a Cabinet reshuffle declared as a footnote that the office of Lord Chancellor was to be abolished and that a new Supreme Court would replace the House of Lords as the highest court in the United Kingdom.

    This book critically analyses the Government's proposals. This book argues that contemporary society in Western democracies is generally misunderstood to be a pyramidal hierarchy dominated either by government or the economy. Neither view is correct. Democracy is not a universal good, it is a political system, and like all political systems it is open to corruption. To achieve rule by all the people, it used to be accepted that as much of civil life should be kept out of party politics as possible.

    The Liberty Option advances the idea that for compelling moral as well as practical reasons it is the free society -- with the rule of law founded on the principles of private property rights, its complete respect for individual sovereignty and properly limited legal authorities -- not one or another version of statism that serves justice best. The trouble is not that the UK press is too far out-of-control, but that it is far too conformist.

    The danger is not that press freedom is too open to abuse, but that the British media is not nearly open enough. Mick Hume draws on the lessons of history and cross-examines the evidence from the Leveson Inquiry to take on the army of conformists and regulators who would further tame press freedom. Mick Hume. As a priest I find it baffling that some of my brethren feel the need to regiment the faithful in this way. Allowing people to kneel, sit or stand as they prefer, during a time of silent prayer after Holy Communion is not likely to cause any great spiritual disunity, whereas telling people to stand, contrary to a centuries old tradition of kneeling after Holy Communion, will cause disunity, anger and frustration.

    Just to give a reference point: in the traditional Roman liturgy, on the sanctuary, the clergy in choir would kneel until the celebrant had consumed the second ablution, that is, un…. June 19, A document I missed Many thanks to TD who emailed me to point out that the question of uniformity of posture after Holy Communion has actually been dealt with by the Congregation for Divine Worship. Cardinal George, O. Is it the intention of the Missale Romanum, editio typica tertia , to forbid this practice?

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    Responsum : Negative, et ad mentem. The mens is that that the prescription of the Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani , no. May 30, There is Mass, then dinner, then the meeting; this seems to me a good way of arranging things.