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Bill Clinton: Bibliography

Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. In Benjamin R. Barber was invited by President Clinton to participate in a seminar on the future of democratic ideas and ideals. Following their meeting, Barber became an informal consultant to the Clinton White House, working with a president who proved to be an astonishing listener open to a variety of ideas.


Clinton repeatedly used the phrase "New Covenant" in his acceptance speech to the Democratic National Convention to describe economic, health care, minority rights, tax, and defense issues. He also said it was "a new approach to government. A government that offers more empowerment and less entitlement; more choices for young people in public schools and more choices for older people in long-term care. A government that is leaner, not meaner; that expands opportunity, not bureaucracy; that understands that jobs must come from growth in a vibrant and vital system of free enterprise.

The Truth of Power: Intellectual Affairs in the Clinton White House

After the Republican Party gained control of Congress in , Clinton returned to the New Covenant theme in his State of the Union Address , but reframed the philosophy as a centrist approach that included smaller government, tax reductions, and less bureaucracy. Conservative William Kristol called the address the "most conservative State of the Union by a Democratic president in history.

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  • I call it the New Covenant. But it's grounded in a very, very old idea -- that all Americans have not just a right, but a solid responsibility to rise as far as their God-given talents and determination can take them; and to give something back to their communities and their country in return. Opportunity and responsibility: They go hand in hand. We can't have one without the other.

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    And our national community can't hold together without both. Our New Covenant is a new set of understandings for how we can equip our people to meet the challenges of a new economy, how we can change the way our government works to fit a different time, and, above all, how we can repair the damaged bonds in our society and come together behind our common purpose.


    We must have dramatic change in our economy, our government and ourselves. Bush represented a breaking of the traditional relationship between the American people and their government, presumably because of the close relationship between leaders in those administrations and "big business" interests, as opposed to traditional Democratic constituencies such as labor unions , women's groups, and minority group members.

    Clinton apparently hoped that this term would come to be used to describe the policies adopted by his administration. The term was never widely adopted, [9] and thus is not as widely associated with Clinton and his policies as is the Square Deal with Theodore Roosevelt , the New Deal with Franklin D.

    The Truth of Power

    Roosevelt , the Fair Deal with Harry S. Truman , the New Frontier with John F. Kennedy , or the Great Society with Lyndon Johnson. The term had distinctly Christian connotations deriving from the New Covenant of the Bible.

    Hillary Clinton on S. Working Class Whites Says "Screw 'Em"!

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