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The fact that Dvorak later used a number of motifs from the symphony in other opuses led certain Dvorak scholars to attribute to the work associations that lay outside the music itself. As in the case of the symphony, themes from Cypresses also occur later in the piano cycle Silhouettes and in other works.

Links About the web Sources. Allegro 2. Adagio di molto 3. A falling half-step and subsequent whole-step continue to emphasize the interval of the minor third.

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With occasional references to Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings , the work's harmonic language reflects my interest in using both atonal and tonal materials within the same piece of music. Waltz: Light Fantastic. A rising half-step motif in the basses lightens the effect of the falling half-step motif heard in the previous movement. O, Love's but a dance, Where Time plays the fiddle! See the couples advance,-- O, Love's but a dance!

A whisper, a glance, "Shall we twirl down the middle? Motifs consisting of minor and major thirds as well as jazz elements continue to permeate the textures of the final movement.

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References to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring can be heard at several other points along the way. Material from the beginning of the piece returns, and a final statement of the opening motif C-Eb-C provides closure. The dance impulse found further expression in McTee's Symphony No. McTee proudly wears her influences on her sleeve, yet manages to slip the noose of mocking bird cliches and pastiche.

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The elegiac slow movement for strings alludes to a chromatically sighing melody by Krzysztof Penderecki and Barber's famous "Adagio for Strings. Brassy elbow jabs and faux drum-set percussion in the finale suggest a pas de deux between Stravinsky and Max Roach. The energy and syncopated vernacular also brought to mind film scores of the '50s by Leonard Bernstein, Elmer Bernstein and Alex North, and the music sounded like something Jerome Robbins might have enjoyed choreographing. Slatkin led a dynamic performance of sharply accented rhythms and a delicious tension between fervor and relaxation, though the percussion was too stiff to swing.

Brilliantly orchestrated. Although it uses some modern techniques, the effect is.

Audiences are likely, in return, to become McTee-friendly. Her compositional muse, she says, "begins as a rhythmical stirring and leads to a physical response," which in this case resulted in a smartly assembled, traditionally structured work that shamelessly borrows licks from [a] myriad sources -- jazz, Beethoven, Ravel's "La Valse" and much more -- but fuses them with highly original skill into a single voice, the composer's own. McTee wrote it on commission for Slatkin and the NSO, who advocated her juicy inventions with stylish commitment, most particularly in the final movement where motifs zigzag freely over a taut rhythmic canvas.

There is much to engage the ear - from the growling, down-in-the-depths woodwind solos of the first movement and dark lyricism of the second, to an affectionate take-off on Maurice Ravel's La Valse in the third and groans of exotic percussion instruments punctuating the jazzy fourth.

Structural clarity and sophisticated orchestration add to the assets.

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Lento — Largo — Lento attacca: The third movement begins with a dark oboe solo transferring to a cello solo, and proceeds to develop into a crescendo, featuring a quotation from Wagner 's Siegfried. There is also a pianissimo passage for the strings which anticipates the passacaglia from the Eighth Symphony. Allegro molto — Lento — Allegro molto — Meno mosso — Allegro molto — Molto meno mosso — Adagio There is a drum roll attacca from the third movement into the fourth.

After another sombre passage, the music suddenly enters the Allegro molto section with a very fast melody on the clarinet and strings. This reaches a furious climax, after which calm descends and we hear another Wagner quotation. The following Allegro section culminates in a fortissimo timpani solo, a rhythmic motif which featured in the third movement.

A passage for solo cello and muted strings cleverly uses this motif along with several other elements, leading into a coda section which ends the work with rousing fanfare-like figures from the brass. Archived version here. Petersburg , Dmitri Shostakovich. Piano Concerto No. Portal:Classical music. Symphonies by Dmitri Shostakovich. List of compositions by Dmitri Shostakovich.

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