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Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download. Pax vobis or vobiscum , like the other liturgical salutations e. Dominus vobiscum , is of Scriptural origin. The Gospels contain such forms as: "veniet pax vestra, "pax vestra revertetur ad vos" Matthew , "Pax huic domui" Luke , "Pax vobis" Luke ; John , The salutation, "Gratia vobis et pax" or "Gratia misericordia et pax", is the opening formula of most of the Epistles of St.


Paul and of St. Peter, and occurs also in those of St.

John as well as in the Apocalypse. Like the Dominus vobiscum , it was first used in the liturgy in the form of Pax vobis by the bishop in welcoming the faithful at the beginning of the Mass before the Collect or the Oratio. When the Confiteor , Introit , Gloria in excelsis were added at a later period, the Pax vobis or the Dominus vobiscum was preserved.

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Hence the Dominus vobiscum became the ordinary introduction to all the orations and most of the prayers. The Greeks have preserved the Pax omnibus or Pax vobiscum.

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There was formally a certain rivalry between the two formulae, Pax vobis and Dominus vobiscum , and some councils notably that of Braga in ordained that both bishops and priests should employ the same form of salutation for the texts, see the bibliography. Besides this episcopal or sacerdotal salutation, the words Pax tecum , Pax vobis , or Pax vobiscum are used in the Liturgy at the kiss of peace.

On such occasions the Liturgy contains prayers or collects ad pacem cf. It is not in nature, nor in poetry, nor in music—though in all these there is soothing.

“Pax Vobiscum” – Aram Bartholl

It is the mind at leisure from itself. It is the perfect poise of the soul; the absolute adjustment of the inward man to the stress of all outward things; the preparedness against every emergency; the stability of assured convictions; the eternal calm of an invulnerable faith; the repose of a heart set deep in God. The first chose for his scene a still, lone lake among the far-off mountains. The first was only Stagnation; the last was Rest.


For in Rest there are always two elements—tranquillity and energy; silence and turbulence; creation and destruction; fearlessness and fearfulness. This it was in Christ. It is quite plain from all this that whatever else He claimed to be or to do, He at least knew how to live. All this is the perfection of living, of living in the mere sense of passing through the world in the best way.

Hence His anxiety to communicate His idea of life to others.

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And hence His direct appeal for all to come to Him who had not made much of life, who were weary and heavy-laden. It was also used when dismissing the congregation at the close of divine worship.

The deacon sent the people away from the house of God with the solemn prayer, "Go in peace. Discover the power of SwordSearcher: A complete Bible study package, with thousands of topical and encyclopedic entries all linked to verses, designed for meaningful Bible study.