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Procrastination: A Brief Guide on How to Stop Procrastinating

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While the traditional method involves buying a big wall calendar, I find it just as useful to use a notebook or journal to track my progress on my goals. The Procrastination Equation is a model of procrastination developed by the psychologist and researcher Piers Steel.

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Based on decades of research into the true causes of procrastination, The Procrastination Equation says that there are 4 primary causes or variables when it comes to why we procrastinate:. But, if we can break done the tendency to procrastinate into smaller pieces, it allows us to generate effective strategies for overcoming procrastination in an individualized and situation-specific way.

If you struggle consistently with procrastination, ask yourself: Which of the following sounds most like me?

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For example, if you find that anxiety and negative self-talk are the biggest factor in not getting your work done, you might consider breaking down your tasks into smaller pieces to give yourself quick wins and build up your confidence and sense of self-efficacy. If you have a hard time maintaining focus and concentration because of all the intriguing shiny things the internet has to offer, Digital Minimalism is for you.

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Digital Minimalism is a philosophy and lifestyle that questions the increasingly large role of personal technology in our lives and tries to set appropriate boundaries on that technology. I would strongly recommend Digital Minimalism if you frequently find yourself doing any of the following activities at the expense of your work:. The best way to get started with Digital Minimalism is to experiment with some kind of digital declutter challenge. The basic idea is to remove all optional digital technology from your life for a fixed amount of time anywhere from a week to a month is a good place to start.


If there was only one strategy I could recommend to help people stop procrastinating no matter what the particulars of their situation, it would be mindfulness. In one way or another, emotions tend to be the factor that derails us from our work and leads to procrastination. And mindfulness is the best way to cultivate a better, less reactive relationship with our emotions. To be a little more specific, mindfulness is like a mental muscle that allows us to control and manage our attention.

And skillful control of our attention—what we choose to focus on and what we leave out of focus—is the key skill for doing great work. While a better-trained muscle for attention and focus is obviously helpful for resisting distraction, mindfulness is also the best antidote to emotional reactivity.


Immediately you feel a sense of excitement and your instinctive response is to indulge that feeling of excitement by instantly checking your phone and texting back. Whenever a sudden feeling strikes, can we pause, observe the feeling, and then make a thoughtful decision about how to proceed with our values in mind? Mindfulness allows us to direct our behavior and actions toward our values rather than what feels right at the moment.

A formal mindfulness practice means spending at least a few minutes every day doing mindfulness meditation.

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If we want to be able to be more mindful, less emotionally reactive, and ultimately more productive with our work, practicing small acts of mindfulness throughout the day can really help. Better to really nail down some modest improvement in one area rather than jumping from one to another without making any real progress.

I. The Science Behind Procrastination

Lastly, if nothing else works to get a handle on your procrastination, it may be beneficial to seek professional help from a therapist or counselor. Good therapy or coaching can often be just the thing we need to identify the real obstacles to our success and create a plan for working through them. Anyone looking to do the same check out heightify.

Can you please describe the difference between a professional psychologist and a psychologist?

How to Stop Procrastinating