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Celebremos juntos! If you have made people wait for you, then say this as a way to thank them. The phrase means "thank you for waiting". Sometimes you would hear this from the waitress in a restaurant when they serve you food. A really polite way of saying "thank you for waiting, here is your food". So I posted this previously but I think is time to post it again.

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Japoneses em Portugal - parte 1 - Projecto Estudamos Português

Quem sabe o que significa a palavra de hoje? Fachada colocada na Av. Vamos aprender nihonGo!

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Factors that influence expatriate failure: an interview study. International Journal of Management , v. The adjustment of Japanese expatriates to living and working in Britain. British Journal of Management , v. Cultural shock: adjustment to new cultural environments. Practical Anthropology , v. Adapting to a boundaryless world: a developmental expatriate model. Academy of Management Executive , v.

The management of expatriates: messages from Europe. Journal of World Business , v. Dimensions, determinants, and differences in the expatriate adjustment process. SHAY, J. An empirical investigation of the relationships between modes and degree of expatriate adjustment and multiple measures of performance. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management , v.

The effectiveness of expatriate coping strategies: the moderating role of cultural distance, position level, and time on the international assignment. Journal of Applied Psychology , v. Predictors of turnover intentions in learning-driven and demand-driven international assignments: the role of repatriation concerns, satisfaction with company support and perceived career advancement opportunities.

Human Resource Management , v. Cultural baggage and the adaptation of expatriate American and Japanese managers. Predictors of expatriate adjustment. The International Journal of Organizational Analysis , v. Expatriate adjustment and performance: a critical review. We also discuss some quirky traditions and superstitions that Portuguese natives take part in during […]….

In this Lenda tale , we explore a famous Portuguese tale of a woman… with goat feet!

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She manages to keep the secret hidden her entire life, until a nobleman falls in love with her and learns the truth. Outdoor concert festivals are fun and everything… until someone goes missing! Attention Practice Portuguese podcast subscribers! Check out the first lesson now: practiceportuguese. In these 3 lessons, we aim to solve a few of the biggest challenges our members run into when l Follow our journey through the airport, airplane, and all through the ancient city of Marrakesh.

Make sure to listen until the end where Rui gets a little bit hyper… and musical! Too much […]…. Show up for the multiple musica A ideia surgiu a partir de um email de um membro Obrigado Oleg! Pois, mas podes aprender! O Natal em Portugal. Descobre tudo num texto a duas velocidades. February Update: Wayne, the talented animator and good friend of Practice Portuguese, is back at it again with this animated reimagining of this formerly audio-only episode. Hope you like! A verdade faz milagres. Descubra como em mais uma lenda Portuguesa. Update: January 12, — As a gift to us and all Practice Portuguese fans, our friend Wayne Wilson has turned this episode into a fully-animated cartoon.

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