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In the dedication we also have a glimpse of the flourishing intellectual life of Sicily at the end of the 15th century. When Bembo was studying under him, Lascaris was writing the Lives of illustrious Sicilian and Calabrian philosophers , which obviously included Gorgias. The same difficulty was lamented by the abbot Athanasius Auger in his translation of The key to understanding this piece of bravura is possibly in the very last word, where Gorgias states that he wrote his speech on Helen in order to amuse himself, as a divertissement.

The victims cannot but surrender their free will and are therefore innocent. This is a work with a long history, and it shows. Bryn Mawr Classical Review Helenae encomium. ISBN BMCR Reviewed by Giovanni Giorgini , University of Bologna giovanni. It survives in two versions, both published in Jersualem by Tigran Sawalaneants in and These two editions are given here in full in volumes 8 I and 8 II. A French translation by Victor Langlois of Version I but based on different manuscripts is provided in volume 9.

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Chabot's original edition of the Syriac text, not to be confused with the original facsimile in volume 1, is reproduced here in volume Scholars and students have at their disposal for the first time the entire corpus relating to the Chronicle of Michael the Syrian in one place. George A. He has an extensive list of publications in Syriac studies.

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Back Syriac Literature. Back What Is the Antioch Bible? You have no items in your shopping cart. Texts and Translations of the Chronicle of Michael the Great entire set volume set. Be the first to review this product. This invaluable eleven-volume set on the Chronicle of Michael the Great makes the scholarly resources on this unique manuscript available together for the first time. Now inaccessible, the Chronicle is the largest medieval chronicle known, and is available here for the first time in history as a facsimile copy of the original manuscript, as well as in a copy of the original Syriac, the French translation, an abbreviated Armenian recension, and Arabic versions.

Rome: Society for the Propagation of the Faith, Further recensions are to be found in Damascus, Patr. Amar , Ed. See also J. Modern Greek translation by N. Kavvadas Thera, These are from the "Catena Severi" and they complement the edition of these scholia in vols. This is in fact by Isaac of Antioch and has been re-edited under his name by P. These are extracts from an otherwise lost prose homily on the Prologue of St John's Gospel, though part of the penultimate text is from the Hymns on the Church, Of these 20 hymns probably not by Ephrem the last three nos. English translation in S.

Piscataway: Gorgias Press, Italian translation by G. Ricciotti , Inni alla Vergine di S. Efrem Siro. Torino: Federazione Italiana Uomini Cattolici, Partial English translation in R. Beshara , Mary: Ship of Treasures. Brooklyn: Diocese of St. Maron, Crestwood: St. Vladimir's Seminary Seminary Press, Partial German translation in E. Haering and Mayer, A.

Metten: Abtei-Verlag, , pp. Spanish translation of no. These have been reedited by Beck as follows: nos. These are supplemented by Lamy in 4. This and the next two items are not likely to be genuine. German translation of this in H. This cycle of twelve verse homilies on the patriarch Joseph is also attributed to Balai. The work has been published separately in full in P. An English translation of these hymns on the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste is supposed to be forthcoming in a collection of Greek, Latin, Armenian, and Syriac texts on these martyrs in translation, to be published by Queen's University, Belfast; they cannot be by Ephrem.

English translation of the last three nos. English translation of the section on Mar Abraham's niece Mary will be found in S. Brock and Harvey, S. Berkeley: University of California Press, As well as E. Auszug 3.

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By Isaac of Antioch, and re-dited in P. Mathews, Jr. By Isaac of Antioch and re-edited in P. Also by Isaac, and re-edited in P. These supplement 3. This is also attributed to Isaac of Antioch. And likewise no. Kiraz , Ed. Piscataway: Gorgias Press, , pp. For a palimpsest fragment of the poem, see also A. London: C.

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Clay and Sons, These complete the verse homilies on Joseph, begun in vol. Turnhout: Brepols, Also in P. Brixen: Weger, Also in Lamy 4. Edited with Latin translation in R. And in R. English translation of both in E. Washington, D. English translation of Comm. Brock , St. Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns on Paradise. Vladimir's Seminary Press, English translation of Commentary on Exodus in A. Salvesen , The Exodus Commentary of St.

Kottayyam: St. Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute, A complete, but unpublished, English translation of the Commentary in K. French translation of the Commentary on Exodus in P. Dutch translation in A. Janson and Rompay, L. Kampen: Kok, Syriac text with Arabic translation in A. It should be noted that the Commentaries in Armenian on Genesis — Deuteronomy, attributed to Ephrem, are in fact not by him; these have been edited, with English translation, by E.

Mathews: E. This survives complete only in an Armenian translation; of the Syriac original about three quarters survives. The Armenian was edited, with Latin translation, in L. Leloir , S. The Syriac was likewise edited by Leloir, with a facing Latin translation, in L. Dublin: Hodges Figgis, Subsequently some new pages from the unique Syriac manuscript were acquired by the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, and an edition of these, with Latin translation, was published in L. English translation in C. Oxford: Oxford University Press, English translation of section 16 in A. English translation of Brock , A brief outline of Syriac literature.

Kottayam: St. French translation in L. French translation of excerpts from the pages published in were given in L. Gribomont , Ed. Rome: Augustinian Patristic Institute, , pp. German translation of a series of excerpts by E. German translation of the whole in C. Lange , Ephraem der Syrer: Kommentar zum Diatessaron , 2 vol.

Plato on Rhetoric and Poetry

A Catalan translation of excerpts is given in M. Himnes i homilies. Barcelona: Edicions Proa, The Syriac original is lost and only an Armenian translation survives, edited in N. Akinian , S. Ephraem Syri interpretatio Actus Apostolorum. Vienna: [s. A Latin translation of the Commentary, together with an English translation of excerpts from it in an Armenian catena, by F. Conybeare in pages of F. Jackson , Lake, K. Part I, The, acts of the apostles. London: Macmillan, This too survives only in an Armenian translation.

The only translation available is into Latin: Patres Mekitharistes , S. Pauli nunc primum ex armenio in Latinum sermonem a patribus Mekitharistis translati. Venice: Ex Typographia Sancti Lazari, Mitchell, in C. This work, also entitled "Against the Platonists", was edited, with English translation, in C. German translation in E. Edited, with English translation, in C. Mitchell entitles this "Against Marcion I". This is a prose counterpart to Hymns on Virginity nos. Edited, with German translation, by Beck, E. Lamy , Sancti Ephraem Syri hymni et sermones quos e codicibus Londinensibus, Parisiensibus et Oxoniensibus descriptos edidit, Latinitate donavit, variis lectionibus instruxit, notis et prolegomenis illustravit 1 , vol.

Mechliniae: H. English translations in J.

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Brock , Spirituality in the Syriac Tradition , 2nd ed. Catalan translation in M. See under Lamy 29 2. One further short excerpt, quoted by Philoxenus, has been published, with French translation, in F. Graffin , Sancti Philoxeni episcopi Mabbugensis dissertationes decem de uno e sancta Trinitate incorporato et passo. Two long extracts survive; these have been published, with English translation in S. The Letter takes the form of a meditation on the Last Judgement. Another English translation is given in E.

English translation of sections 22—25 in S. Edited by Overbeck, 88—94 see above. According to Jansma, who provided a French translation, this homily seems to be genuine: T. The six verse homilies on Faith have been re-edited by Beck in E. This replaced J. Rome: Vatican, There is an old English translation, made from the Roman Edition and divided into three homilies, in J.

Morris , Selected Works of S. Ephrem the Syrian, Translated out of the Original Syriac. OXford: J. Parker, English translation of —38, —, and of the whole of 5, in A. There are complete unpublished translations by A. Palmer and P. Only a few excerpts of the Syriac original of these verse homilies on the destruction of Nicomedia in an earthquake in AD survive; considerably more, however, is preserved in an Armenian translation.

The Armenian and Syriac texts have been edited, with a French translation, in C. Catalan translation of Nicom. A further verse text against Bardaisan, also attributed to Ephrem [ 54], was published, with English translation in A. By no means all of the twenty one texts edited, with German translation, by Beck in these four volumes are genuinely by Ephrem.

For convenience of reference, the complete contents of each of the four volumes are listed in order, indicating which texts Beck considers to be genuine. On Reproof [ 88]. On Reproof [ 89]. On Qohelet's words "All is vanity" [ 87]. Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, Holland: Monastery of St. Ephrem, On Admonition [ 49]. On Isaiah [ 72]. On Repentance [ 36]. Malan , Repentance: Chiefly from the Syriac of S. London: J. Masters, English translation in Citekey not found No. On Reproof [ 91]. Another English translation in S.

Another edition of the Syriac, based on a different manuscript, is given in S. Glane, Holland: Bar-Hebraeus Verlag, All five are re-editions, as follows: No. On the Fear of God and on the End [ ]. On Magicians etc, and on the End [ 77]. On the Second Coming of Christ [ 53]. Of the four texts published, with German translation, in this volume Beck considers that only the second might possibly be genuine. All four are re-editions, as follows: No. Also in Rahmani. On the Solitary Life etc. Paris; London: Maisonneuve; Williams and Norgate, On Solitaries ihidaye [ ]. There are two English translations in D.

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