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Summer kids stay stoned in lower heaven where the cellos groan Beethoven in drone. I don't know how I should feel; my teenage vision collapsed. It's like a mummy unwrapped. I think it's alright. I'll stick around with you, I'll be a clown for you. It's just the hate in my brain that makes me go insane. I'm having fun with you, stay on the run with you.

Don't ask why. I heard someone say the stuck out nail must be pounded down. I've got a few in my crown.

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So, I hang my head down sidewalks cracked of colored chalk. I let my body talk.

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Citing difficulties with his hearing due to tinnitus , Townshend wanted the band to play at a lesser volume than in previous years and now preferred to play acoustic guitar for much of the act, necessitating a second guitarist to handle much of the lead guitar duties, though Townshend would still play a fair amount of electric guitar and play lead on certain numbers.

The group also decided to part ways with drummer Kenney Jones and recruited Simon Phillips , with whom Townshend had worked on his solo album Empty Glass , to take his place for the tour. A number of additional personnel were added as well, including a five-piece horn section playing on roughly half the songs in the set and backup singers, for a total of 15 band members in all.

The large number of performers and the playing styles of Bolton who relied heavily on the tremolo arm and made occasional use of the wah-wah pedal and Phillips made for a very different sound than anything the band had presented in the past, drawing mixed reviews from fans and critics. The tour started with an eleven-week stint in North America over the summer, followed by ten dates in the UK in the autumn.

These included three charity shows featuring the rock opera Tommy , performed more or less complete for the first time since and with special guests such as Elton John , Phil Collins , and Billy Idol ; another Tommy performance at New York City's Radio City Music Hall did not feature special guests.

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Two live radio broadcasts also occurred during the tour, the Radio City Music Hall date in June and the show at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on the last night of the North American tour; an edited broadcast of the charity concert at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles later aired on the Fox Network. Shows on the tour often ran for three hours or more and the set list varied from one point to another, with group mixing in familiar material with lesser-known songs like John Entwistle 's " Trick of the Light " and a few tracks from Townshend's solo efforts. The band occasionally performed "Dig", one of the two new Who songs included on Townshend's latest album, The Iron Man , as well as acoustic performances of rare numbers such as " Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand " and "Too Much of Anything", neither of which the band had played more than a handful of times in the past.

Additionally, they played a number of cover tunes: " I'm a Man " familiar from the band's debut album, My Generation featured electric guitar solos from Townshend, as did " Hey Joe ", played in an homage to Jimi Hendrix ; Creedence Clearwater Revival 's " Born on the Bayou " was also performed sporadically. Meanwhile, the four performances of Tommy were even more complete than when the band played it in — and included both " Cousin Kevin " and " Sensation ".

Following the shows and the band's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in January , The Who would not reunite again until , the longest period of inactivity in their history. The group's first concert in six and a half years took place at the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, New York on 21 June and the tour ran non-stop save one five-day break until the final date on 3 September at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

Earlier shows on the tour featured very experimental set lists that included material from Pete Townshend 's most recent album The Iron Man , as well as songs like John Entwistle 's "Too Late the Hero" and the Boudleaux Bryant standard " Love Hurts ", which the band had covered occasionally from — With a few exceptions, the shows opened with selections from the rock opera Tommy. Set lists included the following most nights all songs written by Pete Townshend unless otherwise specified :. In addition to the list above, the set was also supplemented by a few of the following additional songs each night, appearing in various places in the set all songs written by Pete Townshend unless otherwise specified :.

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The set list from the show on 27 June in New York and the show from 24 August in Los Angeles featured complete versions of Tommy , the latter with special guests all songs written by Pete Townshend unless otherwise specified :. Three shows on the tour featured slightly shorter set lists: the show on 27 June at Radio City Music Hall in New York was shortened due to the live radio broadcast, while the last two shows of the tour in Houston and Dallas on 2 and 3 September featured Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Fabulous Thunderbirds as the opening acts the Dallas show was also broadcast live.

Townshend was forced to miss the encore during the show on 16 August at the Tacoma Dome when he impaled his right hand on the tremolo arm of his guitar while doing one of his trademark "windmills" during "Won't Get Fooled Again", barely escaping serious injury. The band played a small series of shows in England following a one-month break, starting on 6 October with the first of four shows at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham and concluding with two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Much like the show on 24 August in Los Angeles, the last two dates were charity performances featuring complete versions of Tommy , and with the same special guests see above. Except for the first show in Birmingham and the first charity show at the Royal Albert Hall, the Tommy segment did not open the show as in North America. Below is a typical set list for most of the English dates all songs written by Pete Townshend unless otherwise specified :. Three concerts opened with the Tommy set. The first Birmingham show on 6 October opened with the short set, while the final two shows at the Royal Albert Hall in London opened with nearly full performances of the album although the second one had three songs before the Tommy set.

Roger Daltrey left the stage in the middle of " Behind Blue Eyes " during the show at Wembley Arena on 26 October, having struggled with the flu throughout the night; Townshend handled lead vocals for the rest of the song, plus "Won't Get Fooled Again", and the band played the encore without Daltrey.

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