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Linda McCartney Conversations

It definitely gave us an extra connection. When Gagosian approached you about doing the show, did you have any reservations? I was immediately enthusiastic. It took me a little time to figure out how to approach it. I knew I wanted the pictures to hang together so that the viewers would not have it pointed out immediately who took what.

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But the subject matter was a little daunting. Her photographs and not having her here anymore—it can be quite emotional, even though I love doing it. How did you think about which images to pair together? Some of them are more obvious. Did seeing her as a photographer make you want to pursue the same path? My mom is a writer, and I have such a visceral memory of her letting me type my name on her computer and seeing my name come up on the screen.

I have a similar [story]. I was young, probably about 6, and we were living in London. My mum took me out for the afternoon to her darkroom. I remember her taking me there, taking a little 8 x 10 piece of paper, slipping it into the developer solution in the tray, then shaking it gently side to side. A black-and-white image magically appeared.

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That definitely had an impact. Seeing an image go from a blank sheet of paper to a photograph was quite magical.

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  6. So not too dissimilar from your typing your own name. You use Instagram a lot in your work. Do you think your mom would have been into it? I think she would like it, the simplicity of it. She would edit. I never go on Twitter. Someone came about very spontaneously. I was walking in the park and I saw this woman with really long blonde hair blowing around in the wind.

    For anyone steeped in Beatle lore, the stories are familiar, sometimes overly so.

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    It is simply who McCartney is; he was born with the gift of melody and was in the right place at the perfect time. Du Noyer, a fellow Liverpudlian and a lively writer, first met McCartney in and reportedly has had more formal and recorded conversations with the great man than any other journalist. Fair enough. Du Noyer makes some clever observations along the way, including his suggestion that the only other creative type who can even touch Paul for the quality and breadth of his work is Picasso.

    We know about the Beatles breakup and how Paul was the odd man out because he was forced to sue his mates.

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    In fact, this book is very much like Many Years from Now by Barry Miles, which was also based on conversations Paul had with his buddy all those years ago. Enter your keywords.

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    Conversations with McCartney.