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Two birding groups have filed suit to block the Ohio National Guard from building a commercial-scale wind turbine along the shore of western Lake Erie. District Court in Washington. So what does this unseasonably warm fall mean for birds that need to start packing up and heading south?

High Flying Geese

A live Asian carp was found about nine miles from Lake Michigan, according to state and federal officials. Cheshire Constabulary Police appealing for witnesses after arson attack at former Crewe youth centre The Crewe building was also subject to an arson attack in , which left the building completely destroyed. Most Read Most Recent.

Top Stories. Alsager Neighbour from hell has been banned from returning to Alsager. Crime Yobs believed to be armed with knife steal off-road bike in Ellesmere Port. Cheshire Constabulary Police appealing for witnesses after arson attack at former Crewe youth centre.

Vauxhall Positive news for Ellesmere Port's Vauxhall plant.

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Alderley Edge Ten-year old girl grabbed by a man in Alderley Edge. Cheshire East Council Tory group leader responds to criticism over councillor kicked out of party.

Cheshire Constabulary Appeal after man was attacked from behind in Crewe park. Beeston Historic Cheshire livestock market ceases trading with immediate effect.

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Macclesfield Travellers ordered off popular Macclesfield park. Crewe Work to start on new Aldi store in Crewe by end of year.

WH Hudson once lay for five hours to listen to marsh warblers singing. More impressive was the artist Eric Ennion , who lay in a gun punt, hidden under canvas, for seven hours while drawing black-necked grebes.

DNR: Canada Geese Behavior & Biology

And for the two whole previous days he had done the same and seen nothing. Only by taking time can one lift aside the common cloth that our senses smother over the daily hours. Only then can we get beneath to the real light-loving fabric of life, whose magic is all here now and nowhere else in that star swarm across the night sky. My geese arrived: 20 birds in a curve, the lead place switching from the 10th to the 14th. They rose and fell, swaying as if one organism were breathing slowly, and as they approached they never made sound above the merest nub of their true music.

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