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In the Victorian era if you wanted to get ahead you got a hat. The Trilby gained prominence as the hat of choice in the s when it supplanted stiffer styles. It was an all purpose narrow flexible brim hat that was much less rigid than earlier more sombre stiff designs. The name Trilby is from the style of hat selected for wear in at the first London performance of the play based on George du Maurier's novel Trilby. The style was worn especially for sporting and country wear.

But soon it looked more formal than any other style of hat as casual wear or no hat became the norm. Ladies hats had a revival in the s when a youthful Princess Diana helped popularize a woman's hat. The Trilby and the beret were both popular hat styles around the mid s. This winter many fashion companies have produced variations of the Trilby. Expect to see it in a wide range of materials from angora to classic wool checks like this fine example right from Accessorize.

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  • Most ordinary ladies hats are everyday, pull-on functional and easy to wear hats. They are also small enough to keep in your capacious handbag when not on your head.

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    On chill winter days a hat like a beanie, a beret or a Baker Boy cap should keep you warm and safe. The most simple of hat styles for both sexes is a pull on or beanie hat closely followed by a beret shape. Both types are easy to make yourself by either sewing, knitting, crocheting or felting. But this season there are plenty of beanie hat, beret or tam o'shanter varieties to choose from in the stores.

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    When I think of a beanie I think of a plain close fitting hat that probably 50 years ago was more like a bobble hat or ski cap. Once bobbles and tassels are removed you are left with a close fitting basic cover for the skull like this beanie hat shown left. This great easy to wear beanie is from Dorothy Perkins and is teamed with an on trend grey jersey top, wider trousers and all finished off with a contrast bow belt. The model looks great and the outfit is as always for Dorothy Perkins, value for money and is inexpensive.

    But modern beanies have great variation.

    titanic era auto cap or ski hood vintage knit knitting pattern Manual

    They can be very close fitting jersey knits, textured cable yarn knits, fleece hats, felted wool hats, thicker fuller rib hats and also made of special thermal insulation fabrics like Gore-Tex. You may also call a beanie a beany. This ivory white cable knit beanie to the right is by Burberry. The rust knit beanie by Principles left is a very good high street version. Beanies are literally big this winter, when you look at this olive green version of knit rib beanie hat by Marc Jacobs.

    It certainly is a chunky piece of knitted headwear, but still a beanie at heart. This dusty teal grey beanie right is from Topshop and is also knitted as a wider rib. It reminds me of an updated 's bobble hat and of old hand knitting patterns of hats. This theme will feature soft, feminine bridal gowns with flowing silhouettes and high necklines. A blue and white palette and a subtle, minimalist elegance will take center stage. Marbleized details can be incorporated into anything from the wedding cake, to the stationary and decor, breathing a romantic, hand-crafted touch into a wedding for the couple who puts a prime value on creativity.

    Metallic wedding cakes were a popular trend in — not surprising as they add a sophisticated touch. Expect to see plenty of beautiful, embossed details. Image- Rosalind Miller Cakes.

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    There are two camps on the horizon- those who love technology and those who hate it- or at least hate the use of it at weddings! High-Tech Receptions Custom hashtags for social media sharing are already popular and couples who adore technology might incorporate interactive tools such as video booths instead of just regular photo booths for an even richer, communal sharing experience.

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    Wedding websites and apps are prominent with this trend and mobile charging stations might be provided for the convenience of guests. Image- Princess Snap on Etsy. In the coming weeks, I will be providing inspiration and ideas based on these themes and details so look out for that! Are there any not listed here, that you would like to see more of?

    Let me know your thoughts. January 3, January 5, January 6, Here are some super-cute hairstyles and tutorials you can have fun […]. January 7, January 8, If you love the marbleized trend as much as I do, then I just know you are going to swoon over these gorgeous […].

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    Before it all goes, I simply had to share some Old World Opulence inspiration with you. I just adore the vintage elements of this trend and I know that with the […]. January 9, December 15, January 13, January 15, January 16, January 17, January 18, January 19, January 20, January 21, January 22, January 23, January 24, January 25, January 26, January 27, January 28,