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This was awesome! While there are similarities to the mentioned series, this series stands on its own two feet. The characters were endearing, the bad guy was pretty nasty a little Dorian Gray for my liking… but it works , and the gruesomeness was never too understated. I can already see all the life learning messages bleeding out of the pages, and I am giddy to find these characters again in the next installment.

Thank You NetGalley! Jan 17, Mark E. I picked up an advance copy from a good friend of mine, and I do not regret reading it one bit. After I kept thanking him, he suggested I join goodreads and share my thoughts instead. Here goes: The Nethergrim is a surprisingly dark fantasy novel perfect for the early-teen crowd. It has a lot of suspense: from whodunnit to "oh please, no, don't go in there!

Our heroes aren't I picked up an advance copy from a good friend of mine, and I do not regret reading it one bit.

The Nethergrim, Book 1 : Matthew Jobin :

Our heroes aren't noble lords and ladies or orphan boys with destinies foretold by ancient prophecies. It's astonishingly refreshing to have heroes and heroines with families, lives, and responsibilities that don't disappear with the first hint of adventure. It's a quick and enjoyable read for the adult reader, but it's just right for its target audience. I highly recommend this as a beach-book for the adults or as a gift for your blossoming bookworms. Jan 17, James Huffman rated it it was amazing.

Jobin creates a fully realized world with internal myths, broad family dynamics, and complex main characters. He leaves you hungering for the next volume! Jun 12, Jesse rated it really liked it Shelves: boyish , mystery , children-s-fiction , canadian-author , preteen-fiction , sci-fi , friendship , adventure , fantasy. Loved this. Jan 28, Ms.

Yingling rated it really liked it.

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I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of fantasy books, until I get one that I like. This one looked like standard medieval monster fighting fare, but our School Secretary Extraordinaire, Amy, really liked it, so I soldiered through. There are always a handful of students who only want to read medieval fantasy, so I need to get a few new titles every year. The Nethergrim. Vithric has died, Tristan doesn't even feel like coming to the Fair, and John Marshal is busy with his holding and his fiesty daughter, Katherine, who should soon be married off.

Her friend Tom is an orphan who slaves under a cruel master, and Edmund chafes at working at his father's inn and not being allowed to read. When the Nethergrim takes several local children, including Edmund's brother Gregory, the three all have their reasons for heading off in search of it. They battle bolgugs and thornbeasts, and Edmund's knowledge of forbidden magic comes in handy. When an evil wizard finds the children and is determined to make them the final sacrifices for the Nethergrim, Edmund manages to escape by jumping in a freezing river, and is eventually found by John Marshal, who tells Edmund information about the Nethergrim that no one else knew.

The two manage to find Tom, Katherine and the other local children, and an epic battle with a surprise appearance by a face from the past. The group is victorious John fears that things will get bad, and only he has the information to save everyone. He takes off with Tom, whose master would beat him if he returned, and Edmund, Katherine, and Gregory return to the inn to await their next adventures. Strengths: The setting complete with map is convincingly European medieval, there's a nice mix of monsters, and the action and adventure are great.

Even a couple of trusty animals. The best part, though, is the trio of young characters, and the trio of the old guard. Tom, Katherine, and Edmund are good friends, even though Edmund is in love with Katherine. And who wouldn't be? Her father has taught her to handle swords, and she's brave and very effective at fighting monsters. She doesn't even have to pretend to be a boy, like Pierce's Alanna. Weaknesses: Aside from Katherine, there's not a whole lot that's really fresh fantasy, but the target demographic won't really know or care.

I've been needing a good, solid fantasy story, and The Nethergrim worked perfectly. The synopsis compares it to the Ranger's Apprentice series and Chronicles of Narnia, but it's definitely more Ranger's Apprentice. Not quite sure how it's supposed to be like Narnia. But whatever. Everybody knows the story: The great knight Tristan and the wizard Vithric went to slay the Nethergrim. Sixty men went up - three men came down. But Tristan had managed to defeat the Nethergrim. The Nethergrim was dark. It was depressing. It had a female knight, who was neither butch nor a misandrist.

She wasn't a damsel in distress, and although she did need saving, she gave as good as she got. The writing was wonderful, ranging from goofy to lyrical in nature. The lines describing magic were gorgeous to read.

The Nethergrim/edmund

It's not just the things you think, but how the place and time you're in can change them. If I had to nitpick, the book tended to overuse the word "down" especially in later chapters , but it allowed me to reference an MST3k skit , so it wasn't too bad.

The Nethergrim Series

My only regret is that I read this shortly after it came out, and will have to wait for the other two books in the trilogy. Oct 13, Chi-Chi rated it really liked it Shelves: box-ya. The title is offputting. So consider me shocked when I was drawn in after the first page. The book is framed by the legend of a great hero named Tristan.

Once you hear his story, you are brought to a sleepy small town the houses three young, but intriguing protagonists. Edmund, the scholar and wanna-be-wizard who is so misunderstand that his father burns his books for punishment. And Tom, an indentured servant with an abusive master, but a talent with animals. The action rises quickly with an attack from the mysterious Nethergrim.

And this is where the book really starts to impress. Jobin does a good job creating the villain in this story. The Nethergrim remains mysterious for most of the book, there are interesting minions and it was logical. There was a solid reason for the Nethergrim, there was a surprisingly logical villain and there was a legitimate tie-in to the introductory Tristan legend. Enjoyable and fast-paced, I look forward to the rest of the trilogy. Apr 04, Jolandie Mielitz rated it really liked it. Really, really good.

Could easily be compared to one of the great children adventure stories. Surprisingly eager for the next book to come out! Feb 09, Nancy rated it really liked it Shelves: , won-from-first-reads , reviews. Legend says that the mighty knight Tristan and the powerful wizard Vithric entered the lair of the terrible Nethergrim and slew it. Upon the star lay seven children. The people wept for fury and for shame as the light of their torches did fall up Legend says that the mighty knight Tristan and the powerful wizard Vithric entered the lair of the terrible Nethergrim and slew it.

The people wept for fury and for shame as the light of their torches did fall upon the crypt where stood the little graves set row upon row upon row. But in the dark of the night the monsters are returning and children are disappearing. A fantastic adventure!! When I came to the end I wanted to go back to the beginning and read it again. Thank you Matthew Jobin and Goodreads for my copy. Apr 08, Angelica rated it it was amazing. One of the best books I've ever read! It's suspenseful, a page turner, and a crazy twist at the end!

Nov 22, Chapter by Chapter rated it really liked it. A middle grade novel dealing with fantasy and a bad guy way more powerful than they could even dream of being? Sounded like a great read and luckily for me it totally was. All seems fine but each of the children have their own problems to deal with. One night when a group of kids go missing, Edmund and his friends find themselves embarking on a quest to stop the Nethergrim and save the taken children. The Nethergrim has returned, angry and more powerful than ever. Right from the start of The Nethergrim I knew that I would be reading a novel filled with action and adventure.

From there I could see that while this story would probably most likely a hundred percent show Edmund using some crazy magic skills at some point later on in the plot—the road to that potential scene would be heart-wrenching. The way that The Nethergrim is written definitely gave off the correct mood for a high fantasy novel. Personally I got into it really fast and loved every moment of reading. Granted I did find that the start was a bit slow but once the plot picks up it just goes. Bought off when he was a kid. Edmund spends most of the novel as the protagonist, pushing his companions to accompany him on his way to beat the Nethergrim.

But I felt like through most of the novel Tom was a secondary character who was used more as a plot device than an actual character. I would recommend the Nethergrim to readers who are looking for a fantasy-adventure novel that will keep them intrigued from start to finish, to anybody looking for a well-written middle grade novel and just to any readers who want a story that will keep them guessing and eager.

Aug 27, Mary rated it it was amazing. A beautiful beginning to what promises to be a wonderful series! Beautifully written, with realistic relationships and characters who are not the cardboard stereotypes of many teen books. These characters are alive and real, and there is room left for them to grow and learn. For example, as a physically strong girl myself I could identify with Katherine and her feelings of being a misfit. In many books for teens these days, there are "girl fighters" but they all have high levels of confidence an A beautiful beginning to what promises to be a wonderful series!

In many books for teens these days, there are "girl fighters" but they all have high levels of confidence and of course are conventionally beautiful, too. Here is a female heroine who is described as a real girl and she comes with the resulting lack of confidence in herself when surrounded by a chauvinist society, as ours is for the most part. She doesn't even realize that her friend Edmund, a bit of a misfit himself as a nerdy boy, is totally in love with her and thinks she is beautiful. We can hope that with time she will learn confidence and become proud of who she is - and we can see that happening even as the first book progresses.

Tom is an interesting character, I can see him becoming more important as the series goes on. I like his quiet thoughtfulness, I think he has hidden depths. And I think many of us can identify with Edmund and his struggle to prove himself to his parents, to make them understand that he wasn't born to follow in their footsteps. Besides the characters, the setting of The Nethergrim is rich and fascinating. It's like an alternate history to our world, almost.

I love the details about the ruins and ancient languages. And the magic seems to be based on philosophy and science as well as fantasy, I liked the interweaving of what is real in our world and what is possible in theirs - very cool! Overall, I enjoyed this book more than any other I can remember reading recently, I was engrossed from the first page and read it all in a weekend.

I highly recommend it! Oct 02, Robert rated it it was amazing Shelves: great-read. This is a phenomenal read! Action, adventure for all ages! I was hooked from the very first chapter! I was very impressed by the way the author develops his characters personalities and makes them come alive on the pages of this book. There are lessons to be learned here..

Patiently awaiting Book 2. New middle grade, starts 'The best horse I ever had Readers also enjoyed. This story aims for the detailed worldbuilding of Tolkien and grim realism of George R. Martin but unfortunately falls short.


Despite flashes of startlingly effective imagery, the prose far too often slips into pretentious pseudo-archaism. Fully two-thirds of the narrative is spent on setup and back story, portraying a dreary landscape filled with petty, cruel and spiteful inhabitants, scarcely worth saving. Edmund himself is whiny, arrogant and self-centered, and his friends are mere caricatures of the spirited tomboy and wise simpleton.

At the horrific final confrontation, Edmund does prove unexpectedly clever and valiant; but few will make it far enough to cheer. One hopes that the inevitable sequels will discard tedious infodumps and dismal travelogues for dynamic adventure and satisfying character growth. There was a problem adding your email address.

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The Nethergrim

Be the first to discover new talent! Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. But when local livestock starts to go missing, he begins to worry that something evil has been awakened. The Nethergrim was supposedly killed decades ago, but only three survivors lived to tell the tale. Now the mysterious creature and its minions seem to be back to their evil ways.

When Edmund's younger brother is kidnapped, Katherine and Tom set out to rescue him and the other missing children. The main characters -- Edmund, Katherine, and Tom -- have a little depth to them, but the setting is the kind of medieval town that's been explored many times over. More sophisticated readers may not feel compelled to await the sequel in this planned trilogy. Families can talk about why the fantasy quest adventure remains such a popular narrative form. What aspects of the form seem relevant to everyday life? Why do some teens feel the urge to leave their hometowns as soon as possible?

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