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Then they help the other Power Rangers fight Ninja. James and Tyler take one photo of each other before going their separate ways. When they learn where the Titano Zord is and where the Silver Energem is, he goes to look for the monster's base. Zenowing is an Archaeopteryx -themed alien who was Keeper's apprentice.

After a failed fight when he bonded with the Silver Energem with Lord Arcanon, his hand was forcefully placed on the Dark Energem which causes him to develop his Doomwing side that was loyal to Lord Arcanon. Zenowing regained control of his body and explained his past while stating that Doomwing has the Silver Energem in his sword. Doomwing then took control of Zenowing's body again and attacked the Rangers before fleeing. After Keeper heard about what had happened with Zenowing, the Rangers pretend to not know that Doomwing and Wrench are listening in so that they can come up with a plan to separate Zenowing and Doomwing as part of an ambush.

Zenowing is voiced by Alistair Browning. Keeper is a dinosauroid alien who brought the ten Energems to Earth 65 million years ago while trying to escape Sledge.

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He directed a Tyrannosaurus to gather several dinosaurs and other ancient creatures to bond the Energems with so they would be safe from Sledge and his evil forces. However, the bomb sent to Sledge's ship caused the asteroids he rounded up to bombard the Earth , leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. After escaping a battle with Fury, Keeper is caught in the destruction and is buried alive. He is discovered by Kendall Morgan in present day whom he instructs to prepare for Sledge's return in creating the Dino Charge Power Rangers' arsenal.

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Once the Power Rangers are gathered, he offers them his wisdom when they deal with various personal and alien monster problems. Keeper's voice is provided by Richard Simpson while Eve Gordon serves as the suit actor. Matt Griffin is Riley's older brother who lives with their mother on the family farm. When they lived together, Matt was always protective of Riley.

Matt is portrayed by Alex Walker. Moana is a Maori fortune teller who runs an antique shop, and played a part in Chase obtaining the Black Energem. After Chase falls under his spell, Moana helps the Power Rangers see that the key to freeing Chase is getting him to focus, which he always does while riding a skateboard. Moana is portrayed by Patricia Vichmann. Runga is a world renowned paleontologist, who has become more interested in becoming a celebrity for his discoveries rather than the discoveries themselves.

He is in New Zealand when he witnesses the Plesio Zord's activation, and is then forced by Fury into helping him find it for Sledge. He initially plans to use a video on Shelby's phone to show the world the existence of the Plesio Zord, but she manages to convince him otherwise and he helps her and the Power Rangers reunite the Plesio Zord and the Purple Energem. Runga is portrayed by Kirk Torrance. Watkins is Shelby's father and the owner of Watkins Ice Cream. He is a self-made entrepreneur who always dreamed of having his own business.

However, he eventually comes to realize that he is forcing his daughter to follow his passion rather than her own, and backs away from his efforts to force her to do so. Watkins is portrayed James Gaylyn. Rusty is an old friend of James Navarro, the pair of them having worked together as archaeologists. The pair were on a dig together when they were attacked by Fury, which led to a cave-in in which James was supposedly buried.

Ten years later Rusty contacted James' son Tyler and told him much of what had happened. He also expressed considerable interest in Tyler's Energem, calling it a "once in a lifetime find. After James joined the Rangers, Rusty joined him in revealing to the Rangers that James had bonded with the Energem all those years ago and ceased aging, prompting him to remain in hiding until he learned that Tyler had also become a Ranger. Rusty is portrayed by Arlo MacDiarmid.

Sledge is an intergalactic bounty hunter who prides himself on capturing monsters and collecting the bounty on their heads, which is offered by a mysterious employer who is later revealed to be Lord Arcanon. After several defeats, he manages to obtain the Purple Energem and kidnaps Keeper. In the ensuing battle, the ship is damaged and crashes to Earth with Sledge seemingly perishing in the crash. It is revealed Sledge has indeed survived and discovered Greenzilla's eggs that hatched a new plan by faking his own death to get the Rangers off his track, did not tell his crew of his plan because they would blab it to the Ranger and manipulates Heckyl and Snide to keep the Rangers busy while he's away.

Thanks to some information from Snide, Poisandra and Curio were able to find Sledge alive. When Lord Arcanon is crawling through the forest to the Dark Energem upon his defeat against the Rangers, he is confronted by Sledge where Lord Arcanon is pleased to see his old friend. Sledge states that they aren't friends and he has been collecting bounties for him for a millennia. When Lord Arcanon plans to give him the bullion that he promised, Sledge takes the Dark Energem instead. Sledge is pleased that the group is finally back together. After returning, he reveals that he was planting Greenzilla Eggs around the world.

After Sledge attempts to sell the Earth to the scrapyards on Kamen 5 but Sledge should have destroyed Snide himself when he had the chance.

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Sledge and his crew are sucked into a black hole. The Dino Charge Rangers travel to the past to destroy Sledge upon his first arrival. They succeed at this task after he is captured by a net on his ship and hurled into the Sun , killing him. The version of Sledge that was sucked into the black hole reappears in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel where his ship has managed to survive the black hole and escape through a wormhole which he was revealed that he was actually from Dino Charge's pre-altered timeline.

He meets Madame Odius and her crew while exploring the ship with the original intent to sell it for scrap.

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When Madame Odius and Cosmo Royale arrived, Sledge cut a deal with Madame Odius stating that he will repair their ship in exchange for the Super Ninja Steel asteroid that is stuck in their ship which he plans to give to Poisandra. Madame Odius agrees to the terms. After the ship is repaired, Sledge leaves with the Super Ninja Steel asteroid while Madame Odius has gained the services of his bounty Badonna.

With help from Snow Fright, Sledge captures most of the Rangers where his struggle with Preston causes him to be transported back to the Dino Charge reality where Koda assists in fighting Sledge. Thanks to a trick by the other Rangers, Poisandra starts arguing with Sledge as Koda helps the Rangers escape. Sledge is voiced by Adam Gardiner. Wrench is Sledge's bumbling wind-up toy -themed ship technician who can hold his own in fights with a battle axe and displays something of a rivalry with the Black Ranger.

He is responsible for the creation of Curio for Poisandra as well as the Reanimator that brings the destroyed monsters back to life. Wrench is very nasty and petty, and is also a bit of a crybaby.


Wrench later officiates Sledge and Poisandra's Wedding before he is sucked to his doom along with Sledge and the others Sledge's Crew by the Black Hole. It was also shown that Wrench tried to get to an escape pod only for Heximas to escape from the ship's destruction in it. In Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel , the version of Wrench that was sucked into a black hole was among those on Sledge's ship who are seen when it managed to escapes the black hole.

Wrench oversaw some of Sledge's prisoners that were released to help repair the ship. Wrench did find the Gigantify Ray to use on Snow Fright. Wrench is voiced by Estevez Gillespie.

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Fury continually chased Keeper over the following millions of years, at one point capturing Sir Ivan of Zandar into his body [16] and also meeting Tyler's missing father, who managed to make a sketch of Fury in his journal before his disappearance. Fury is sucked to his doom alongside with the others Sledge's Crew by the Black Hole created by the destroyed Dark Energem. After the Dino Charge Rangers travel to the past, Fury is killed by the bomb that originally was used on Sledge's Ship. For unknown reasons, the version of Fury that was sucked into the black hole didn't appear in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel implying he's been erased from existence or he was likely on the Warrior Dome Ship when Sledge salvaged it and was destroyed offscreen.

Fury is voiced by Paul Harrop. She is heart-themed. Her one goal in life is for Sledge to finally marry her, but he continually postpones their wedding because of his desire to get the Energems, only upsetting her. However, the Power Rangers' fight on Sledge's ship leads to its near destruction, and Poisandra and the others seemingly perish when it crashes to the Earth.

Poisandra is later heartbroken when she learns that Sledge cannot be resurrected as there is nothing left of him to restore him from. When Sledge returns after planting Greenzilla Eggs around the world, Poisandra finally gets her wish by marrying him but they were killed by the Black Hole. In the past, Poisandra is killed after Sledge's Ship is hurled into the Sun. In Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel , the version of Poisandra that was sucked into the black hole was among those on Sledge's ship who are seen when it managed to escapes the black hole.

Poisandra will also made her last appearance in the Super Ninja Steel Christmas special "The Poisy Show" where Sledge has her hosting the self-titled episode on the rebuilt Warrior Dome ship. After Snow Fright captures most of the Rangers, Poisandra interviews them on stories that revolved around Deceptron and Venoma.

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