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They bargain with the beasts to allow the others to go Published: April 5, There are murmurings of the Horde's resurgence in the Human kingdom of Havad. Lisa, a soldier, is out with Michael, a fellow soldier, having a good time when she sees Dwarves eyeing her from a nearby table. He's heard that other races have begun to turn their backs on the Alliance to help the Horde. Once Michael is out, the seven Dwarves approach Lisa and attempt to coax her into a little party Published: March 5, Aewyn and Robyn are within the safety of the Valley of the Gods. However, they are kept apart as the Druids try to learn more about them.

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As the Horde slowly grows stronger, Aewyn tries to enlist in the help of the Druids. The uneasy calm before the storm leads to a gathering of power for all forces. The Horde, Aewyn, and the reformed Human Alliance all wish to lay claim to the broken lands Aewyn and the other survivors planned to take out Lazarus while he was busy fighting the Humans, however on the day that they are set to proceed, she doesn't wake.

Dharazim finds that she's actually in a magical coma and enters her mind to help bring her back. While Robyn tries to argue, Dharazim does not listen and falls into a deep sleep next to Aewyn. Will the powerful Pit Lord claim victory? Words: 30, Published: January 22, One bachelorette, four close friends, and three hot erotic stories at a seedy male strip club full of big black men. Debbie, Laura, Shelly, Joan and Jen all have an intense experience in the arms of massive ebony men. This is one crazy bachelorette party that will never be forgotten. Published: December 17, Laura and Joan have meticulously planned their friend's, bachelorette party and start the night off with a bang at a strip club full of big black men.

Laura can't help but feel the heat between her legs spread rapidly through her as she watches the powerful black men dance. As Laura gets her own private show, Joan walks in with a black man of her own and the night starts to get even hotter Words: 46, Published: May 17, The Realms of War Trilogy 5 bundles together 3 sizzling dark fantasy books, the Realms of War 13, 14 and 15! The two sisters are separated and their tales begin anew! It is highly recommended though not required that the Realms of War Trilogy 1, 2, 3, 4. Words: 16, Published: March 23, Aewyn returns to her home, the Kingdom of Erun, to find it in absolute ruin.

The once lush green plains have been burned to ashes and the trees torn to shreds. The blue skies are now filled with gray smoke from the plumes of fire that rage across the lands. Her quest to find her sister and stop the Pit Lord from resurrecting the Lich King has come full circle Words: 25, Published: March 11, Leah lives a mundane life in a flameless marriage.

Right when she finds out that her husband has been cheating on her, a big black officer decides to help in more ways than one. This trilogy pulls together Mister Officer, Double Duty and Police Misconduct in one hot interracial bundle that can't be put down! Published: February 23, After an amazing experience with Officers Jones and Black, Leah waits to hear back regarding their tailing of her husband. She's stunned when Officers Jones and Black come by her house with three other black Officers and her husband in cuffs. The two Officers take her aside and show her evidence of her husband's infidelity.

With him bound, Leah gives him an interracial payback! Published: February 21, Leah's constantly having flashbacks of the big black cop who pulled her over and gave her quite the ride. As she begins to crave his presence again, her husband's phone rings. He has to head out again. Even though she is suspicious of his activities, she has no proof and sighs as he leaves. After, there's a knock at the door. She looks out the peephole to see the black officer and a another cop Published: February 13, Leah is a frustrated housewife and tired of her husband's suspicious activities.

When her favorite toy decides to break on her right as she wants to use it, she hurriedly rushes to the nearest adult store. In her frustration, she doesn't realize that she passes a stop sign. She's pulled over by a big black cock with a big black nightstick. Does Leah know how to handle his stick? Published: December 13, The Horde is in shambles as the Humans try to reform their alliances. Robyn, the protector of Princess Grace, looks out at the battlefield. She has an inner desire to continue journeying and wiping all remnants of the Horde.

Queen Grace tells her to go and seek the Shifters, Robyn is hesitant but Grace convinces her. Does Robyn succeed in finding and unlocking the secrets of the Glass Mountain? Published: November 1, Amy is a bored, lonely housewife, who's also frustrated with her husband's lack of attention. When he forgets their anniversary again, she's absolutely livid. Amy decides to have the pool cleaned and she's surprised to see a muscular beast of a man taking her regular pool boy's place.

She changes into a skimpy bikini and asks if he can spread suntan lotion on her. But does she get more? Published: October 2, Aewyn and Leila have been through the worst of the worst, from the beginning of the Horde's invasion to the stopping of the Lich King. Even as the Horde splinters apart, Lord Lazarus keeps the strongest faction under his command, and he's managed to take Leila away. The two sisters are separated and find very similar yet different fates await them. Published: August 18, Leah and Frank are a happily married couple, though Frank does have a fantasy he wants fulfilled.

When his friend from college, Tony, a big black man visits, the three go out for dinner and drinks. When they get home, Frank asks Leah if she can fulfill his fantasy to be cucked now. Leah's surprised, but decides to fulfill his fantasy. She pulls down Tony's pants, and is stunned by his size Words: 63, Published: August 15, Leila, Aewyn and the survivors of Erun continue their travels to try to escape the Horde. With the Horde holding a powerful potion, they have no choice but to run and hide.

The Human Alliance is their only hope but unfortunately, they are easily manipulated. This bundle pulls together the six books that lead to the Shattering of the Horde! Are their efforts enough to to take down the Horde? Published: July 20, When Jamal, Jerry and Marcus visit after watching the couple on a reality show, they're surprised to see that the show wasn't staged. Jamal gets the three of them hired and they eventually learn that they won't be paid any tips. The three decide to negotiate and there's only one thing Amy can provide that they want, and it's not her cooking Words: 35, Published: April 26, Leila and the survivors continue their journey after the Fall of the Elves.

It is highly recommended though not required that the Realms of War Trilogy 1, 2, 3.

Published: April 4, Leila and Aewyn leave Grace and Robyn to head back home to Erun. They meet other survivors, one of whom is Rick, a human with the ability to unleash his rage and become an unstoppable beast, a Berserker. When the group is attacked, another new survivor Kara, and Princess Meriel are taken by the Orcs.

While the survivors hunt for the Orcs, how far is Kara willing to go to stall the Orcs? Published: March 13, Morwen is a freshly trained soldier in the army of Erun, one of the most powerful kingdoms for the Elves. The very first day of her life as a soldier starts with the plundering of her home. The Horde invade the castle that stands atop Erun. She is taken to the forest by Trolls and Goblins. Does she manage to fight her way out while the plundering of Erun continues on in the distance?

Published: February 20, Before the Horde was fully formed, the Kingdom of Erun stood tall. The Elves were considered the strongest threat to prevent any invasions from the Horde. However, that all changed and the Horde was somehow able to overtake the kingdom from within.

Can ugly goblins seduce a Queen of Elves? Published: February 17, As Valentine's Day hits, Amy receives a package from her husband Frank while at work. He leaves a cryptic note that they should do something dirty with chocolate. Amy gets home to find her husband tied to a chair with three big black men surrounding him. Her eyes light up as she realizes what her husband meant by chocolate. Does Amy manage to do something dirty with her Valentine's Day chocolate? Published: January 30, Melissa and Adam are in a race against others around the world. To close the gap on the team ahead of them, Adam devises a crazy plan.

He wants his wife to seduce the two big black basketball players ahead of them. If she can tire them out, the two will be able to pass by them on their way to two million dollars in winnings. Melissa agrees but is she really able to handle two big black men? Published: December 16, When Lisa finds that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, she nearly breaks down while negotating an offer with a new recruit.

She's an experienced recruiter but the cheating throws her off her game. Her big black recruit, Laron, not only negotiates his offer but gives her a chance to get back at her soon to be ex. Will she participate in this long negotation with her big black recruit?

Published: November 19, For Mike's birthday, Susan promises to fulfill any fantasy he has. He wants to watch Susan with a stranger while she is blindfolded. The blindfold isn't to just spice up the experience, it's to also hide the fact that the stranger he has in mind is a big black man. He knows that Susan would most likely have reservations, considering she's originally from the South.

Can she handle a big black man? Published: November 16, Leila and her compatriots are being protected by the Treants Robyn found while she headed South. Unbeknownst to them, Robyn's deal for protection requires them to be able to help the Treants procreate. Leila finds out the truth but before she can fully discuss the repercussions of Robyn's deal they are ambushed by the Horde. To Leila's horror, an old friend reappears, helping to take her down. Published: September 7, Marie and her husband, Norm own a small plantation and he comes homes with 4 slaves and has his men brutally train them.

Marie notices him constantly eyeing one of the black maids while eating dinner. She goes to bed angry and wakes up to find that she's still alone in bed, well into the night. She finds him cheating on her with the maid! In a fit of rage, she decides that payback is the answer Published: August 17, Leila's group is split when Robyn chooses to head South and join the Shifters. As Robyn heads South, she walks through a strange and dark desolate forest. She soon encounters an ancient being long thought to be extinct, the Treant.

As she has quite the interesting experience with the Treant, Leila is captured by a Troll and brought back to a camp. Can Robyn charm the Treant and will Leila escape? Published: June 22, The survivors against the Horde try to strengthen their forces and begin a rebellion. The lust potion continues to be used to capture females for the Horde. Published: June 17, As the Ice Mistress Ariel makes a demoralizing decision, Leila, Aewyn, Meriel Grace and Robyn are faced with fending for themselves with a group of rescued prisoners. Before they know it, they are overwhelmed by a surprise attack from the Horde and captured.

When Lady Grace awakes, she finds herself surrounded by brutish Orcs. Can she handle their mighty raw power? Published: May 31, The survivors of Erun, Leila, Aewyn, Ariel, and the last Princess, Meriel, work with the survivors of the human king of Orderon, Lady Grace and her guard, Robyn to try to find a safe haven. When the five arrive at Orderon, they are shattered as they see that the kingdom has already been destroyed. When two Ogre Magi appear, Ariel holds them off on her own. Can she handle two Ogre Magi? Published: March 27, Stephanie returns home to meet her new stepdad and is surprised that her racist mother is close with a black neighbor.

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When she accidentally sees her neighbors having sex, she gets the image of her big black neighbor stuck in her head. She's never been with a black man before but the size of her black neighbor drives her into trying to seduce him. Can she handle her big black neighbor? Published: March 7, After the fall of the Elven empires, the humans gather around to determine what they need to do to fight the Horde.

Princess Grace joins in on the meeting of the Council of Men and happens upon an interesting conversation. Before she can realize what is happening, the Horde attacks! Princess Grace and her guard, Robyn, are captured by trolls. Can the two escape from their powerful grasps?

Words: 40, Published: March 3, Leila is an Elven warrior of Erun. Her kingdom is attacked by a new combined force of immense power. Goblins have found a new potent potion capable of bringing women onto their knees. As the powerful Horde uses this potion to destroy the Elves from within, Leila and her sister attempt to escape. This bundle pulls together the six hot books that lead to the Fall of the Elves! Does Leila survive? Published: February 9, The Elves of Erun continue their journey towards possible safety up north. Leila, Aewyn and Ariel continue to encounter the strangest of creatures as the Elves try to survive.

The secret to the goblin aphrodisiac is revealed as Ariel meets the source of the potion. The lust potion continues to capture them. Published: January 19, After gaining Rick's trust, Ellen has been brought into the inner circle and she's out of prison. She finally gets to meet Chris Jenkins to discuss what she'll be doing. At the same time, another woman tries to join the special narcotics unit. When the characters show me the way — where they want to go, what they want to do — their relationship evolves more naturally.

I put my hands to the keyboard, and let the characters tell me who they are. And probably with Petunia sitting right where she is, too, taking up most of the space on my desk. This is my home office. It used to be a second bedroom, which is where my stepdaughters would sleep when they were over for the weekend. But now my stepdaughters are grown and living on their own. So right before I decided to go full-time as an author, Mr. Go make one you like. And I do like this space. No one goes in it but me, for the most part. My daily commute is about ten seconds — from the front sun room where I hang out with Mr.

Loveling until he has to go to work, to the back of the house, and my office. I know a lot of authors like to write in coffee shops, or at the library, or even just sitting on their couch with a laptop in their laps. I do occasionally work in a coffee shop like yesterday, actually. It turns out, I need the predictability of a set routine in order to write well.

I like to write first thing in the morning. Sometimes I go out to the gym or for a run at lunchtime, then come back and write some more. But the bulk of the writing I do happens in the morning — before I have to see or interact with anyone except for Mr. Loveling and the cats. That picture up at the top? I took it literally right before I started writing this post.

Petunia is now sleeping in the same spot — stretched out all over my papers, of course. And start writing for the day. But when I see that sexy little number in over her head at the biker bar, I want to pummel the son of a bitch who threatens her. Hell, I want to do so much more. Terrifying, and irresistible. Men like him will say anything to get what they want. Even though I want it just as bad. Hope the end of your summer is going fantastic, and that my American peeps have good plans for the Labor Day weekend. Here are some cool deals on hot romances for your reading pleasure.

Suspicions for why he moved into my small town. Mia Ford, Mine Forever. Drew My job as a Pilot is demanding I enjoy being in control! Jess Being a single mother is not easy Especially when you work odd hours Still I try to keep it all together Until I meet the new gorgeous pilot on board One look at him and all my warning bells go off But I have my daughter to care for!

This box set from Amazon bestselling author Vivian Ward includes a collection of 12 hand-picked, hot and steamy romance stories for your enjoyment. There is a combination of bad boy romance, second chance love, billionaires, secret babies, and much more! Free with Kindle Unlimited. Stay tuned for more info! Vivian Ward, One New Message. This all started when my wife, Maddy, and I seemed to have drifted apart. Her fantasies quickly became my obsession.

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Click here to buy! Weston Parker, Doctor Feelgood. And her read on me? What do I say? Click here to buy — 99 cents, Free with Kindle Unlimited. Mia Ford, Thirst. But my real profession? Until one day she walks down that street, dressed to kill. I have no time for love. A night of fun where I get to pop her cherry is not a bad idea after all.

Wait…I said I have no time for love. C lick here to buy — 99 cents, Free with Kindle Unlimited. I get this question all the time from people:. And it makes sense, really. Imagine the number of aspiring authors per year who send their manuscripts to dozens of publishers — and how few of those people actually get their book accepted. And consider how long the publishing process takes with a traditional press. The rest gets divvied up among all the other parties involved in publishing and marketing the book, whether they do a good job or not. You give up a fair amount of creative control in terms of edits to be made, the cover chosen, etc.

You might have to change your title. You might have to change your plot. You might even have to change the ending. All because they want the book to conform to what other books are selling at the moment. And, you give the rights for your book away for the period of time specified in your contract. You have to have a lot of faith, a ton of discipline, and a willingness to learn and change as the market changes. It can be tough. You have control of how much you write. You have control of the marketing decisions. You are in charge of making sure your books stay visible. And in exchange, you keep a ton more of any profits you make.

Sure, you also have to work harder to learn the ins and outs of the business, instead of relying on a publishing house to do that stuff for you. Like I said above, I never even tried to get a traditional contract. And if by some crazy chance I got contacted by a publishing company today about one of my books, I have to tell you that the deal they offered me would have to be amazeballs for me to even consider it. Maybe a million dollars and a baby unicorn. If there are any publishing houses reading this right now, those are my terms.

Take them or leave them. Just in time to be your book boyfriend this weekend. Brick may be a former Marine, But I can fight my own battles.

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I came across this shirt a while ago, and boy oh boy, is it accurate. Because if not, this will probably do it. Or, failing that, someone who knows someone who knows about this kind of stuff. Other times, I have to stop writing mid-book and spend some time going down search engine rabbit holes, until I feel comfortable enough to keep going.

Cross your fingers for me, would ya? I love learning about things. So the time I spend asking experts or doing research is actually really fun for me. This question is high on the list of things that people ask me — especially my real-life friends who know I am a romance author. Well… given that the majority of my books so far have been about motorcycle clubs, no… I am not an old lady in an MC, lol! Though, I do know how to ride a motorcycle.

And I have owned a few motorcycles throughout my life, though never a Harley, unfortunately.

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But it looks exactly like my lovely baby did when I sold her! I am, though, like many of my readers, a huge Sons of Anarchy fan! Got a little distracted. In what way am I writing what I know? Well, the romance part, of course. I do think it would be pretty darn hard to write a good romance novel without having had the experience of falling in love — falling deep, and hard, and fast.

The delicious, scary, all-consuming passion of a first kiss. The shiver of excitement and the first tugs of lust. The anticipation of a first sexual encounter… Wow. Gosh, that stuff is addictive. And it is so, so fun to write about. And one of them — the best one — was and is my own perfect love story. My soul mate.

So, am I writing what I know? In that way, yes. I feel so lucky to be able to write romances, and know at the end of the day that my Mr. Right is going to walk through the door and greet me with a steamy kiss! Hey, there! First, I have to tell you how I discovered romance books. Like maybe a lot of you, I found out about the genre when I was a teenager. In the summer before eighth grade, a second-hand bookstore opened up just off the town square where we lived — easy biking or walking distance from my house.

Plus, you could even sell the books back to the store when you were done with them! What a deal! It was during one of those visits to the shop that Jodi added a few books to the pile that I had never seen before. They featured women with long, flowing hair, bursting bodices, and hard, muscular men holding them tightly and looking at them with something almost like anger.

Sorry for the bad quality of this picture, but this was one of the books I remember reading back then. Wow, these books were a revelation. Jodi and I devoured them, exchanged them when we were done, and then went back to the store for more. When the summer ended and the school year started, gone were the lazy summer days reading steamy books in the summer heat. So, instead of reading them, Jodi and I came up with the idea to start writing them! We got a notebook, and began creating stories about winsome beauties, and strong alpha men, taking turns writing chapters and handing the notebook off to each other at our lockers between classes.

Unfortunately, Jodi and I lost touch after high school. Maybe she still has it. But little did I know that our little eighth-grade dip into writing romance would eventually come full circle for me! Note: This blog post is based on a newsletter I sent out on July 1. Sorry about that… DL. But the weekend of the Fourth is always a great time to go to the beach, relax, spend some down time with family, and go watch fireworks. This is a hot, boy next door, second chance romance.

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Rye Hart really knows how to write a steamy romance. Weston Parker, Stealing First. A bad boy billionaire baseball player. Lilah May, Backseat with the Billionaire. She thinks she wants him for one amazing night out and end it. Boy, did she think wrong. There you go — three steaming hot July reads for your Kindle! Sign up HERE for my mailing list to get an email from me just as soon as it goes live! One of my very favorite things about being an indie author is the contact I have with readers. When you email me, you literally get me.

Readers give me all sorts of cool feedback. They also ask me all sorts of questions. Do you wait for inspiration to hit, or do you have a set schedule you stick to? That might sound simplistic, or snarky, or… I dunno, like a non-answer. But the fact is, this is pretty much true. The only way to write, is to write. At least for me. I treat writing as a full-time job. Which means for me that I write every weekday, Monday through Friday, and take the weekends off.

During the week, I sit down and write. I have a set number of words that I aim for. Because most of the time, once I start, inspiration does hit. Or if not inspiration, then at least a few good ideas! Let me tell you a little Daphne Story. One of the things most people have to do in order to earn an advanced degree is to write a long research project. A doctoral dissertation can be up to pages, or even more.

I was, understandably, freaking out a little bit about this project. I took his advice. It was a lot less intimidating than thinking about writing a whole huge paper. And another. I finished my paper in record time, and probably with a lot less angst than a lot of my grad school friends who were struggling along with me. And whenever I start to get overwhelmed, I just remember:. The Shipping News , written by E. Annie Proulx, came out in The Shipping News is a love story.

A quiet one. Not a romance, but the story of a deep love born of tragedy, pain, and the loss, and then the rebirth, of hope. The main character is Quoyle, an ungainly, pathetic lump of a man who falls in love with and marries an awful, amoral woman named Petal. He has two children with her, and all three of them suffer immeasurably from her presence in their lives until she is SPOILERS killed in a car accident. Quoyle has nowhere to go, and his life is collapsing around him. Quoyle moves into an impossibly bleak and hopeless landscape, and little by little begins to construct something of a life for himself and his daughters.

What follows is a work of quiet, remarkable loveliness. I read this book not long after it first came out. I was going through a personal tragedy of my own, and feeling emotionally flayed and incredibly fragile. This tale of hope and transcendent beauty was exactly what I needed at the time that I read it.

I have rarely been left with such a strong, enduring impression after reading a book. About the things that brought me to writing, my writing process, some books that influenced me along the way, and hell — anything else that strikes my fancy. I read this book for the first time the summer I was eleven years old. Francie and I, despite the fact that she lived in Brooklyn and I lived in a town of less than 3, people in western Iowa, had a surprising number of things in common.

I was an only child, so I spent that summer essentially alone, with only books to keep me company. Francie was also a huge bookworm, like me. She went to the local branch of her library almost every day, and pored over the stacks like her life depended on the decision she was about to make. Her goal was one day to read every book in her library. She was shy, and her librarian often questioned or tried to dissuade her from checking a particular book out.

But Francie always held firm. You see, I, too, went to my local library almost every day. I took the book up to the counter and presented my library card. Bewildered, I trudged back home, and happened to tell my mother about what happened. My mother was a great lover of reading herself, and believed firmly that I should be allowed to read whatever I wanted. She called the library, asked to speak to the librarian, and told her in no uncertain terms that I was to be allowed to check out whatever book I wanted, with no questions asked.

I returned to the library, checked out A Tree Grows in Brooklyn , and there began a virtual kinship across time, space, and pages between young, lonely Francie and young, lonely Daphne that I still feel today. But the lessons and compassion I learned from it were invaluable. Have you read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?

And for the second thing, there are a lot of really good books out there right now and a lot of hot new releases coming down the pike! Two words: Sexual Tension. This book has it. Definitely recommend. But loving a woman is where I fall short. My restaurant. That was it for me — until I hired Amber Foster as my newest chef. HOT would be an understatement. I want to flip her over easy and scramble her until she screams my name. Click here to get Rock Hard Boss!

Free with KU. I have to admit, normally menage books are not something I read a lot of. And this one is an MFMM menage, to boot. But it was suggested to me by a friend, and… well, yeah. Liked it. Loved it. Very fun. Get it here! Burns, Their Spoiled Virgin. Yes, another menage title! This one had a really awesome cover, so I decided to give it a shot.

Click to grab it! A fun, lumberjack-y hero, and a city girl heroine — what could be bad? Fireworks ensue! Me, too! Stay tuned…. My brain needs sun and green grass between my toes! Her only way out is a bizarre underground auction where billionaires rent sex slaves for the weekend.

Kerri meets Harden Steele and a sexual odyssey begins which will change both of their lives forever. Will she survive and win the love of her life, or lose both? Click here to buy SOLD. Click here to buy Naughty Professor. I hope you feel the same way. Liam, with his killer body and stern orders for me to get on my knees, is the perfect one-night stand. Turns out Mr. Hot Night Stand is a cop. The next night he saves my ass when I stupidly trust someone from my past. But who is this woman whose named he called out in bed?

Click here to buy Love and War. Including women. I mean why not? Money is power. But this time all I want is my new hire, Madison. I love the way she says my name. Screams it even. I want her on my desk, in the conference room, against the glass walls of my office. Who cares if someone sees? Not me. Let them watch. Time to put my money where my mouth is. And time for her to put her mouth where my money is. Click here to buy Filthy Boss. Enjoy the warm weather and the hot reads! Do you love free books? Yes you do! I wait. I bide my time. Jenna left me but I kept my word.

She tried to get out of our corrupt town, but it pulled her back in again. She needs help, she needs protection. No matter how much I try to get away, they are there, waiting to pull me back in to the life that stole my father, my mother and then my brother from me. The ghosts of my past keep rising from the dead. Now the past is stirring again and all I want to do is run away.

He needs a father. He needs a family. I swore I would never go back to the MC. I would never make the same mistakes again. Join my mailing list! My girl M. Gilher organized a hot ebook giveaway called Taming the Bad Boy for the month of March, featuring twenty sexy bad-boy books for free! Click here to go to the promo and get your free books! Big Bad Boss, by Annette Fields. But I operate alone. Her curves are just my type and even her brain gets me hard as a rock. So why are all my instincts telling me to keep her for good?

Love, Passion, and Power, by Whitley Cox. When personal trainer Kendra Black saw millionaire Justin Williams walk through her door all she saw was money and a practiced swagger. Unable to resist Kendra or her fiery spirit and zest for life, right from the start, Justin pursues her, only her troubled childhood holds her back. Boss, by Helen Lucas. The only thing I can call him. Almost as much as I like his desires. Dark as the night. But who is he? Snap Count is at 44 in the entire free Kindle Store!

This couple is so close to my heart, and it makes me feel really good that readers care about these characters. Thank you again for inspiring me to be the best author I can. Buy Snap Count on Amazon now. Loveling and I spent Christmas in sunny Costa Rica this year. Anyway, we loved Costa Rica, and I might even think about learning to surf if we move there! Which, if you know anything about me is kind of amazing. I like being outside and being active, but my idea of an extreme sport is walking while holding a hot beverage in my hand.

I have lots of writing projects planned for this year, including a special, exclusive novella available ONLY for subscribers to my mailing list! The novella is available now, but only to subscribers! Click here to go straight there and claim your free bonus novella! Bar none. On and off the field, men want to be me, and women want to be with me. And I intend to make that time very worth my while. But I can tell by the way her cheeks flush and her breath hitches when she looks at me: underneath that prim and proper exterior, sexy little Rinn Blake is all kinds of ready to get down and dirty with me.

It makes me want to risk everything to feel his heat. But Jake Ryland makes me want to lose control. Getting the Down is a full-length, standalone novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a heart-melting HEA. Coming out November 15! Sign up for my mailing list to be notified just as soon as it goes live!

I just finished this book a couple of days ago, and I really loved it. Great story, hot rapport between the characters. A winner. I was supposed to be working. Maryse: Wow they must have been awesome for you to tear through them so fast!!! Tessa and a few others are crazy for it too. Mharis: It is. It was! Gotta warn you though, both books end in a cliffy!!! Bully romance with dark tones, the characters are still in school. Just bully book with great characters. Jackie: I looooved Broken Wings. But here it is. It has similar features four protective guys, elite in a school, bullying etc.

The level of angst was beyond scale. I adored everything about this book. Riley was hilarious and Beck is definitely my new book crush. Tessa: OMG. But if it comes out also FC like? I have to wait for spring for the next book, but OMG. Bullies, great secondary characters, and the familial feelings.

Tasha J: Tessa, reading Brayshaw now, eeek!!! Thank you for the rec! Such a cliffy can wait for the next one!!! I want it now!!! My catnip…bully and arranged marriage. Not too far in yet but that Wolfe is a big ole meanie! Mona: I totally agree with D. Sooo good!! That Wolfe is a big bad alpha. And everyone has secrets. Another 5 star read!

Could not put it down.

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So, just pure catnip written really well with an awesome plotline. Robyn: I also finished Cruel Prince. I have to say that this book is absolutely one of my best of reads. It was so well written. It took me there on every page. Ash: Cruel Prince by Holly Black. Book 2 just released and it will be a trilogy. Awesome writing and unique story!! Please, please, please tell Grey how awesome that book is. Tessa: OH and please, tell her how much you just wanted to punch Nixon at first. Like, break his nose punch. I kinda went into recluse mode but am back.

More titles to consider

There are some great and fun twists in that book!!! I can totally see you re-reading it! Like, pure snobby elitest type of bully which makes it my favorite type. A Tucker anything written by her is an instant one click. It is so good. Def 5 stars for me. Just discovered this site and your lists! Love it!!! Thank you! Cindy: The latest one i read was A Pound of Flesh. Such a great book but Wes Carter definitely starts out as a bully!! Another great super angry prison book that I thought was very very good..

Will definitely read sequel. I love my jerk face bullies. How someone could hate someone else so much, dread seeing them, and a twist of fate makes it so that they become SO close. It has an even greater effect though, if the bullying is realistic and lasts nice and long in the story.

Grey: OMG Jean!!! Read it!!! I loved Until You even more than Bully! Bully actually only got a 4. Oh hell, now I am going to have to go and read it again! Oh you simply have to read it!!! I loved loved this book so much. The Royal guys are immediately not a fan of Ella. She comes from a different world and upbringing, barely able to make ends meet and seeming less savory than what their prestigious staus grants them.

They plan to make sure Ella is reminded of this at all times. Reed, the leader of the Royal pack, has the influence to make her life miserable. So freaking addicting! It was a good bully book with some angst…reminds me a little of Elite by Rachel Van Dyken. I moved immediately to the sequel, Broken Prince because it leaves you with a doozie of a CH. Loved it! Just pure twisted jerks. Thank you Grey for recommending it! A good roller coaster ride through hot obsession, with some angst, some heart wrench and a buffet of good characters to love and loathe.

Lisa: Tangled by Em Wolf. Adonis Benoit. First class bully. Brenda: Tangled by Em Wolf. Such a great bully type book! Em Wolf just released another great book recently. Great too! Started this morning n finished just in time to watch The Walking Dead!!! Loved loved loved it!! Angst or what??

Anyone else read it yet? That… that was totally different and fun and yeah. Definitely should be on this list. Moning — he was sooooo dark, and sooooo hot…. Loved it. What a jerk…. How could I have forgotten him? Particularly for two people disconnected from the world who inexplicably find a connection in each other. Totally ignoring her and pushing her away.

He had her totally believing she was ugly and making her insecure.