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I watched a video tutorial that the teacher said the second one is correct and the first one is wrong. But I can not understand why the first one is wrong. He said if you have a quantifier in an adjective clause, You can not use them and should use whom for people and which for objects. You don't need to capitalize the o in the word "one" if it is not the first word of a sentence. The tutorial you watched is correct. The reason the first sentence is ungrammatical is because it is a run-on sentence, which is a very common grammar error.

A run-on sentence has two or more parts clauses , each of which can be a stand-alone sentence. See how my sentence is similar to the sentences are you asking about? To avoid making run-on sentences, you need to connect these clauses with conjunctions, such as "and", "or", "but".

So the problem with the first sentence is that "them" is not a relative pronoun and the clause is an independent clause.

Present participle

You need a conjunction to connect the two clauses if you want them both in one sentence. Or alternatively you need to make them two separate sentences, which means you need to replace the comma with a period. The second sentence reads fine as long as you follow the correct sentence case and change "One" to "one". Where are I think the answer is 'they', but I cannot explain why. Normally, the object pronoun is at the end of the sentence, so my students all thought it should be 'them'.

More clarification would be much appreciated. A superb textbook for initial training courses and a no-nonsense handbook for practising ELT teachers. Powered by Webstructure. Search the site. Search by category. Making a start Planning the future The case against self-employment Business tasks Introduction to the series Chance and opportunity Decisions Notes and messages Problems and difficulties Studying and learning Success and failure Work and responsibilities Teaching approaches First lessons Inter-cultural training Needs analysis Pre-experience learners Role-play and simulations Teaching one-to-one What's it all about?

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Thank you Anonymous. The children were kind. They gave me a present. They say that it will take several months to recover. One of the teachers was supposed to be coming, but they were ill. He was born in Porto Alegre. He plays with Barcelona Football Club. Leonardo de Caprio is going out with her. They are Brazilian. Related Resources. Rate this resource 4. Readers' comments 6 purplestorm67 Sun, 24 Apr pm In this case it is "them", because it is the object of "as". Report this comment abhilodha Sat, 11 Apr pm 1. We scored as many goals as …………….. Report this comment White Mon, 8 Jul pm It is "they" because " they" refers to the subject of the question, not to the object Unsuitable or offensive?

Report this comment mvcreij Sun, 5 Feb pm I've lost my gloves! Are these them?