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How we embrace productive tensions in cross-cultural and inter-generational communication? How may values-driven organizations serve as conduit for social innovation?

Creating a Value Driven Culture: Part 1 - Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Most importantly, how can such a deeper understanding of a values-driven culture create strategy for a sustainable future? The Preliminary Assignment will involve a Personal Values Assessment free that will introduce you to a values-based methodology. Bring your results to our first class and be prepared to discuss. Class 1: Preliminary Assignment Review. Values-driven - what does it mean. Setting the stage. Class 2: The impact of values on performance. Class 3: Organizational structure and dynamics. Positive Deviance.

Class 4: Analyzing corporate culture and organizational health. Cultural due diligence mergers and acquisitions. Class 5: Values alignment and mission alignment in whole system change. Class 6: Theory U and using a trust matrix in organizational development.

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Class 7: Organizational archetypes. Class 8: Cultural entropy and corporate culture audits. Class 9: Organizational democracy.

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Class Social Innovation and Phronesis. Class The 21st century organization and Review. Preliminary Assignment: To help students get maximum value from ISUP courses, instructors provide a reading or a small number of readings or video clips to be read or viewed before the start of classes with a related task scheduled for class 1 in order to 'jump-start' the learning process. We reserve the right to cancel the course if we do not get enough applications. Barrett, Richard. The Values-Driven Organization.

Importance of Values-Driven Leadership

London: Routledge Publishers. Other course readings will be gathered from peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Organizational Change Management, Organization Studies, Academy of Management, etc. Examples more may be provided before class begins :. Alvesson, M. On the Popularity of Organizational Culture. Acta Sociologica.

A stupidity-based theory of organizations. Journal of Management Studies. Bainton, Barry. Applied Ethics: Anthropology and Business. International Journal of Business Anthropology 3. Barker, R. Strategic Application of Storytelling in Organizations. Journal of Business Communication. Beckman, S. Design and Innovation through Storytelling. International Journal of Innovation Science.

Leadership Framework | What Is Values Driven Leadership

Bokeno, R. The work of Chris Argyris as critical organization practice. Journal of Organizational Change Management. It was time to define who we are. Our ethos clearly articulates our values and culture. Everything we do is guided by our ethos. It is a part of us. It always had been really, but once an ethos becomes memorialized on paper, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Because it means that senior visionary leaders have come together to ensure alignment on what the organization stands for. What the long term vision is. For SEALs, it guides decision making, recruiting and selection, how we train, how we fight and the overall expectations. Once an organization's values are clearly defined, they should also be the guiding light for how performance is evaluated - at the team and individual level.

This is especially true when organizations are facing change. Usual performance metrics shouldn't be tossed out the window but when new behaviors must be learned, values-based leadership is required. And values-based performance evaluation systems need to be put in place. New HR mechanism and performance review systems can be a powerful supporting tool for improving or changing a company culture.

If major changes are being made but the team is still measured against old metrics, problems will occur. Values-based leadership also requires the need for constantly communicating those values at every opportunity possible. In every company meeting, every time a person is publicly recognized and in every coaching moment when mistakes are made. Values-based recruiting is also imperative for protecting a company culture.

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Evaluating new candidates purely based on technical ability can backfire in a big way. And it will cost the company two times that person's salary to replace them when things don't work out. The bottom line is that through values-based leadership, alignment on the company's mission and vision is more likely and helps the details more readily fall into place. Our "way of doing things" hadn't evolved enough to continue moving at the speed of war.