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Nishkami Clothing Brand. Her return to America in was spurred by a conversation with Malcolm X where they spoke about his Organization of Afro-American Unity.

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She explores what it means to craft an identity as an Afro American womxn when one is physically distant from the land of her ancestors. The spirit of revolution that ignited many Black populated nations in the s still bursts periodically to this day. As our generation matures into politically aware beings, we are now tasked with how to further develop the theories of postcolonialism and visualize a United Africa. It is naive to believe that any Black person, whether a generational American or continental African, is less or more connected to the continent, and thus can or cannot be a part of the unification movement.

Friends, Family & Kinfolk

We are all struggling from the oppressive systems of racial colonization, capitalism, and western domination. Our ancestors, no matter where they found themselves on the planet, were able to get as far as they did because they worked together and overcame the psychological demands of divide and conquer tactics implemented by our colonizers. It is our job, as the new generation of Black activists, to look at their guidebook and advance on the path toward Black Liberation.

We are Black because we are from Africa and our connection to Africa is soul deep. It will do children of the diaspora great justice if we put it in our minds to return home for generational healing. The result however, is that this invites the experience of deservedness and nourishes a sense of importance … having the Inner Adult operate on its behalf makes this part feel worthy of attention and care.

This is true for aspects of your Soul as well.

Interactive Tapping for Healing

They sustain a state of suspension, waiting to be discovered, rescued and healed. When we travel back in time to respond to their situation and to heal their pain they are finally free to return to the light. This layer is used predominantly for the Inner Child only. With an aspect of your Soul you want to just send them back into the light so that energy can be freed.

7-Layers of Healing Mentoring Program

But with an aspect of your personality from this life time you want to partner with him or her and build a bonding, cooperative relationship. Combining the neutralization process with the pronoun, we, enables you to begin to set up the merger and integration. Partnering with the Inner Child in this manner empowers him or her to return to your force field in a healed state and empowers you and your Inner Child to reclaim the magic that was lost in the wounding experience. When you bring this magic back, the essence of the believability we all have as children returns as well.

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If you then infuse your manifestation with this vibration, you create magic ten-fold! This next sequence neutralizes any disturbances which your body has held on your behalf and restores your DNA in all dimensions of time and consciousness to a new vibration which can then hold your new alignment and intention.

This process gives substance to who you want to become. Y ou first clear the disturbance from your body by asking for its forgiveness; give it permission to release then infuse it with the vibration of the new you. This reprograms the DNA in every cell to hold your new vibration. This final sequence takes all you have neutralized and realigned and uses EFT sequences to send this energy into the Universe as an offering for planetary healing.

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It reinforces the fact that you are part of something bigger than yourself and a valuable agent of change for mankind. Components of 7-Layer Healing Process 1. Determine area of focus and stress being presented in day-to-day life 2.