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Angela called too many times complaining about cars driving too fast. It was put up following Michael's accident when he ran over Meredith with his car. Who is it? Where were they planning on going? In S6E1 "Gossip" Someone is rumored to be, and wonders if they might actually be, gay. Who was it?

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In S6E9 "Murder" "There's been a murder in Name that character. In S6E17 "St. Patrick's Day" What song does Dwight sing trying to guilt Jim about being back from his Paternity leave?

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In S6E20 "Secretary's Day" Erin finds out Andy had a relationship in the past with a coworker that he'd never told her about. Who with? Who was the pranker? In S6E23 "The Chump" Michael claims that if he had a gun with two bullets and found himself in a room with two infamous figures and Toby, he would shoot Toby twice. Who are those figures? In S7E1 "Nepotism" Who went to minority executive training over the summer?

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In S7E2 "Counseling" Michael says he was probed. By whom? In S7E7 "Christening" What two Office members decide to join a church group headed for Mexico, but later change their minds? Name that show. Not America is number two. England is number two. What did she pick?

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In S7E23 "Dwight K. Schrute, Acting Manager" Dwight fires a gun in the Office near one of his coworkers, causing some minor hearing damage. Name that coworker. What's the name? In S8E6 "Doomsday" Andy plays a song at the end of each day. Name that song. In S8E19 "Get the Girl" Who briefly raced a formula one car, for the slowest three laps ever recorded? Settle the argument. In S9E6 "The Boat" Andy's family is in trouble because his dad took off with a younger woman leaving the Bernards in financial ruin. Where did his dad go? In S9E14 "Vandalism" Pam's warehouse mural is defaced.

Who did it? Following the events of Season One , Dexter has been living in a grieving process with the murder of his brother Brian Moser in order to protect his sister Debra Morgan and it has effected both his urge to kill, sexual performance, and his concentration. Meanwhile, Dexter spends his spare time engaging in more normal activities, such as going bowling with Masuka and Batista.

At the start of Season Two , thirty-eight days have passed since Dexter killed his brother. He has not been able to kill anyone since then because Sgt. Doakes has been stalking him as he believes that Dexter is somehow connected to the Ice Truck Killer. Also, Debra, traumatized by her ordeal with the Ice Truck Killer, moves in with Dexter, much to his annoyance as it hinders his freedom to kill. Unexpectedly, the bodies of eighteen of Dexter's victims are found when a local scuba diving team discovers his underwater grotto of corpses in Bay Harbor.

This begins what is known as the Bay Harbor Butcher Investigation. Soon every person in the department is searching for the elusive " Bay Harbor Butcher. When Dexter finally eludes Doakes, he attempts to kill a blind voodoo priest named Jimmy Sensio but finds that he is unable to do so and he lets him go. The next morning, Dexter arrives at a crime scene still frustrated about the previous night.

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There he sees that a young gang member has been killed. His mother, who is present at the crime scene, runs to her dead son and says a few words in Spanish to Dexter.

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Batista interprets and says that her son was killed by someone named Little Chino and that she wants Dexter to kill him like a dog. To overcome his performance issues, Dexter targets Little Chino as a challenge - "a mountain to climb. Dexter stalks Chino to a tattoo parlo, kidnaps him, and takes him to Jimmy's shop.

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Dexter ties him to the same table where he had tied Jimmy and takes a blood sample, but Chino suddenly awakens and breaks the plastic wrap due to his strength. Although Little Chino escapes this time, Dexter later recaptures and kills him. His relationship with Rita starts to become shaky.

To conceal that he is a serial killer, Dexter tells Rita that he has an "addiction. When he starts having sex with his sponsor, Lila West , his relationship with Rita temporarily ends. Lila thinks that Dexter is emotionally shut down and attempts to help him "get in touch with his feelings.

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Eventually, Dexter ends up killing her because she is a murderer and an arsonist. When Sgt. Doakes discovers that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher, Dexter captures him and keeps him locked in a cage for nearly a week. Unfortunately for Doakes, he doesn't make it out alive. By the end of the season, Dexter is in a good place. He said a final goodbye to his brother, rekindled his relationship with Rita, framed the deceased Doakes for his own crimes, and escaped the justice system. Dexter begins to think that the people in his life aren't just disguises and that he needs them.

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