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Crystal Spheres

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Seeker Clear Quartz Sphere. Enchanting Rose Quartz Sphere. Divining Rose Quartz Sphere. Exact Item. The main character takes part in an expedition to a newly discovered habitable solar system with a shattered sphere. They discover the remnants of an alien civilization, the Nataral. From studying the Nataral's artifacts and writings, they learn that the only way to break the crystal spheres is from the inside.

The Crystal Spheres

It is also discovered that the Nataral chose to go into a kind of suspended animation around a black hole , joining two even earlier species, to wait for the other civilizations of the universe to develop interstellar flight capabilities. In the author notes for this story, Brin outlines both sides of the Fermi paradox.

He contrasts the Uniqueness view of Frank Tipler with the Contact view of Carl Sagan, and records some of the acrimony that surrounds the debate on the subject. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.