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University of Delaware and Ph. She is on faculty at St.

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Petersburg College. Madden has resided in Spain, Brazil and Costa Rica. She has taught for many years educating adults in Spanish and Portuguese languages and Hispanic culture, in both academic and professional environments.

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I love this course! The material covers a wide array of Spanish vocabulary for the novice. I thoroughly enjoyed the audio practice and how to speak effectively with co-workers in a housekeeping setting. I was a beginner Spanish speaker and I thoug I was a beginner Spanish speaker and I thought I knew enough to get by, but I was quite surprised at how much I learned just from this course!

The modules provided in-depth detail on how to annunciate words and how to put them into proper sentence structure. I couldn't be more pleased with this course, it will certainly help you in the workplace! Annamarie Sisson, M. SLS Publications has produced a valuable resource for the busy hospitality industry manager. Neither over or underdone, this educational video course is an engaging gateway to bi-cultural understanding and cooperation.

Strategic Spanish for Housekeeping Supervisors. Features The Strategic Spanish program was developed to incorporate a full range of learning styles. Video and audio materials cater to visual and audial learners. Language training short-cuts get you started quickly in instructing your Spanish-speaking staff in their duties. User-friendly strategies help you quickly learn pronunciation and key expressions to maintain productivity and safety.

Communicating with Spanish Speaking Maids & Housekeepers

The program entitles the user to special bonus resources. These resources will help you implement your learning long after the program is concluded. What's included? The company also provided video games for the children on the company computers, often providing a first-time computer experience.

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Preparing employees for management. The Hispanic culture carries an ingrained respect for authority and an employee would dare not challenge a boss for fear of causing him to "lose face. Yet, there is no reason why your immigrant employees cannot become the next members of your management team. Some industries have especially high numbers of Hispanic employees and know that their future success depends on moving some of these employees into leadership roles. Landscaping companies can have as many as 95 percent Spanish-speaking employees.

The industry is one where managers traditionally move up the ranks, as there is so much to learn by hands-on experience. Environmental Industries in Calabasas, Calif. Some leaders emerge naturally, but Environmental Industries has realized that adding cultural insights to their management practices can help them to nurture more Hispanic supervisors. Michael Lawson, operations manager of North Texas Healthcare Laundry, Grand Prairie, Texas, makes extra efforts to encourage professional growth in his workforce and understands that employees need recognition as well as financial rewards.

Spanish for Housekeeping

Two of his employees, both from Mexico, worked hard to complete an industry-related technical course. This was a special accomplishment for them as their grasp of the English language was limited and they had little formal education. The message was clear to other employees that the company promoted and rewarded staff members who make an extra effort. Cultural differences of communicating can go beyond language. Americans tend to separate work and personal functions, so these invitations can be problematic. The consequence may be work that is poorly or dangerously performed, which can be expensive, dangerous and illegal.

When giving instructions, try to have them repeated in Spanish and clearly demonstrate the work to be performed. Warmly and openly ask them to show the process back to you and encourage them to ask for clarification. In the U.

For example, if we ask a supervisor if the shipment will go out on Friday, we expect him to report any problems or hold-ups so we can help solve the problem or alert the customer to the delay. Culturally, Hispanics often prefer to be diplomatic and agreeable and would generally prefer to give a positive reply, even if they know the shipment is delayed. Politely make it clear that accountability is more important than diplomacy, but don't expect this ingrained communication style to change overnight.

For example, one company had a worker whose lack of personal hygiene offended the other employees.

Instead of calling attention to the individual, management asked Procter and Gamble to provide a training session on personal hygiene for all the employees. Following the session, the individual was no longer a problem and no one was personally offended. Cross-cultural training can be a benefit for your employees, too. Besides imparting valuable cultural insights, the experiences that each person shares can help provide information and solutions.

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